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Beer trading and bartering (no selling!).

European Local swap 2/2016 Pairings and hauls
ISO: Donations for Brews for New Avenues 2016 FT: Cantillon, Uli blend, hugs, high 5s
FT Cayman Islands tick (pre), ISO beer, ticks ?
FT: 2 x LPF, ISO: Other Lambic
ISO: Treehouse/Trillium IPAs/TG FT: The Veil IPAs/Hardywood/FW
ISO: Cantillon, 3F FT: Other 3F, Stouts, Sours (OGV, MBP, MD, Handjee...)
IP Trade Copenhagen 29-31 FT: Hommage, St.-Lam, LPG, ..
FT: Double Barrel Hunahpu ISO: Quantity Heady Topper, Focal Banger, Sip of Sunshine
Local swap May 2016--tl;dr edition POST YOUR HAULS
Iso:rare scoop FT: Trump and pump
ISO: Locals FT: CCB and Angry Chair
iso-ardea-insignis ft-list
FT: Cantillon Fou Foune, Iris & Lou Pepe Framboise ISO: Heady & Pliny
ISO: HF Anna, Earl // FT: List
ISO: Hill Farmstead Anna FT: List
ISO: Cantillon FT: Omnipollo, Prairie, Bruery, Sahtipaja...
ISO: Cantillon FT: Omnipollo, Prairie, Bruery, Sahtipaja...
ISO: Lambic FT: Lots of options (MBP, SP, Leaner, etc)
IP NYC: Sep 6 till 20th. FT:Geuze/Lambics ISO: Stouts
FT: Existence + Curious 6 ISO: Lambic
FT: Lambic DAunis ISO: Marshmallow Handjee +
FT: BA Sexual Chocolate & Blen Fn Diculous #3; ISO: Fuzzy, Smooth, Juicy, Flora variants
(EU) ISO: Alvinee Cuvee Sofie Kriek/Framboos 2015
FT Pliny, supplication, KBS, and Supa Dupa fly ISO list
ISO: Older St. Lam, Lambic DAunis, Older Cantillon & 3F FT: Apple Brandy Stouts, BVDL, +
FT:2012 BC Coffee Stout 22 oz bomber ISO:Tree House IPAs

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