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If you get confused just listen to the music play... Brewmaster & President High Water Brewing

added a new Sour/Wild Ale: High Water Nyctophiliac Dark Sour (6.2%, 25 IBU) 2 months ago
added a new Scotch Ale: Band of Gypies (2014) Whiskey Thief (9.2%) 4 months ago
added a new Imperial/Double IPA: The Aristocrat - A very Large IPA (9.8%, 98 IBU) 6 months ago
added a new Imperial/Strong Porter: Aphotic Imperial Porter (9.3%, 38 IBU) 20 months ago
High Water Old & In The Way Barley Wine 2012 29 months ago
High Water Left Handed Monkey Wrench 36 months ago
High Water Mild Wild, AKA Berliner "Rice" 39 months ago
High Water Campfire Stout 39 months ago
High Water Anniversary Dopplesticke 39 months ago
The Bacchante 40 months ago