Allen Park, Michigan
Joined: Aug 15, 2001
Last seen: Oct 8, 2001

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Avg Score Given: 3.2 · Avg Beer Rated: 1.81 · Favorite style: Malt Liquor

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Mickeys Fine Malt LiquorMalt Liquor3.910/8/2001
Camo High Gravity LagerMalt Liquor3.48/19/2001
Miller Genuine Draft (MGD)Pale Lager0.88/15/2001
George Killianís Irish Red Amber Lager/Vienna4.38/15/2001
Labatt BluePale Lager3.68/15/2001
Corona ExtraPale Lager3.98/15/2001
Steel Reserve 211 High GravityMalt Liquor2.58/15/2001
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Pale Lager
Malt Liquor
Amber Lager/Vienna
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i like drinking a lot, itís fun. i am not an alcoholic. (lies) I keep trying to change this thing to say that iím a girl, cuz i am, but it wonít change it...but yeah i am definitely a chik...