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The greater terror threat

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11/29/2015 12:59:14 AM

[quote]Originally posted by Reid
[quote]Originally posted by Macegan75
[quote]Originally posted by bhensonb
"We will return to an era where we care about our n...

The greater terror threat

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11/28/2015 12:00:25 PM

"We will return to an era where we care about our neighbors" Social media and reality TV will disappear? [:31]

A silver lining?

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11/27/2015 9:14:28 AM

[quote]Originally posted by Naven Amazing. This man may be our leader. [/quote] If he is elected, just imagine the type of Congressmen/Senators who will have ridden on his coattails.

Interesting article in Time

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11/26/2015 5:30:34 PM

[quote]Originally posted by DuffMan [quote]Originally posted by JK We have been hearing for years, from Democrats, that Republicans need to me more like Democrats. [/quote] So you’r...

New Hampshire for the presidential WIN!!

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11/24/2015 3:55:23 PM

[quote]Originally posted by joet everyone wants to be the new emperor norton [/quote] So Almanac is issuing Vermin Supreme Sour?

A vote for The Donald is a vote for a fascist piece of shit.

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11/22/2015 11:51:05 PM

[quote]Originally posted by SarkyNorthener If this guy wins it will be the biggest disaster in U.S history. International relations and co-operation will grind to an halt and only countries wi...

Democrat wins in Lousiana!

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11/22/2015 9:27:20 AM

Maybe people are starting to like the idea of having health insurance? "The Democrat is expected to bring Medicaid expansion to Louisiana shortly after taking office, meaning thousands of more...