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Good company award

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8/27/2015 12:19:39 PM

[quote]Originally posted by t0rin0 From here it looks like you do have your gold medal. Congratulations.


At 11 years / 1000 pos...

Good company award

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8/27/2015 11:19:20 AM

[quote]Originally posted by solidfunk Did you not get it or not have the award show up on your newsfeed? I get the awards, if I go to that section, but no longer get notifications on newsfeed ...

Help about Travel Lists

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8/27/2015 6:12:25 AM

[quote]Originally posted by jercraigs [quote]Originally posted by Douberd I discovered today that the Travel Lists donít include beers with no ratings, they need to have at least 1 rat...

Uploading pics from mobile app

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8/26/2015 12:25:16 PM

Perhaps itís been disabled in view of the fact that pics uploaded that way seem to get rotated by 90 degrees?

What Happened to the Local tabs?

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8/26/2015 6:37:55 AM

[quote]Originally posted by joet
Iíd checked the logs before I made the change and My Local was one of the most unused menu items. Iím glad you all are appreciating the utility of the page...