Events, Leighton

Upcoming EventsLocationDate
Pigs Ear Beer FestivalHackney, England 12/1/2015
Brew By Numbers 3rd Birthday Bash & Gyle 100 Beer LaunchBermondsey, England 12/4/2015
RateBeer Best Awards CeremonySanta Rosa, California 1/30/2016
Cotteridge Convention IIBirmingham, England 3/5/2016

Past Events AttendedLocationDate
White Horse 33rd Old Ale FestivalLondon, England 11/19/2015
Moncada Brewery Tap Opening & Bourbon Barrel Aged Blizzard LaunchLondon, England 11/19/2015
Redchurch taproom anniversary partyBethnal Green, England 11/14/2015
Beavertown tap takeoverLondon, England 10/31/2015
Route CBCClapham, England 10/2/2015
Other Half at the Kings ArmsLondon, England 9/30/2015
Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) 2015London , England 8/11/2015
Chris & Ruth’s pre-GBBF ShindigLondon, England 8/8/2015
Fourpure beer launch at Mother Kelly’sLondon, England 6/11/2015
Craft Beer Co. Covent Garden 1st BirthdayLondon, England 5/30/2015
Wiper & True tap takeover at the FoxLondon, England 5/28/2015
Mondo Brewery launch at the Three JohnsLondon, England 5/26/2015
London Brewers Alliance Spring bank holiday festLondon, England 5/22/2015
Mondo Brewery launch at the Kings ArmsLondon, England 5/21/2015
Grand Taproom OpeningLondon, England 5/2/2015
Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2015Copenhagen, Denmark 5/1/2015
Garett Oliver visits Mother Kelly’s with Brooklyn Brewery Ghost BottlesLondon, England 4/10/2015
Craft 100Clapham, London, England 4/2/2015
7th Annual Orval Appreciation Day(s)Anytown, Equatorial Guinea 4/2/2015
The Cad’s 10-Year ShindigLondon, England 3/29/2015
Dapper Ales launchLondon, England 3/28/2015
London DrinkerLondon, England 3/11/2015
Wild Beer Co. Tap TakeoverLondon, England 2/28/2015
Ratebeer Winter Gathering 2015Tampa, Florida 2/19/2015
Hopcraft Tap-TakeoverLondon, Greater London 1/29/2015
Cotteridge ConventionBirmingham, England 1/24/2015
Qudos AnimationsLondon , England 1/22/2015
2pac day 2015Newcastle, Australia 1/20/2015
Pigs Ear Beer & Cider Festival 2014London, England 12/2/2014
Weird Beard Tap TakeoverLondon, England 10/31/2014
BrewDog #COLLABFEST2014! , Scotland 10/25/2014
One Mile End Brewery Launch PartyLondon, England 10/24/2014
Theydon’s 40th BonanzaLondon, England 10/11/2014
Green Hop Festival at the Snooty FoxLondon, England 10/9/2014
Stillwater Tap Takeover and Meet the Brewer at the Kings ArmsLondon, England 10/7/2014
Dieu du Ciel Tap Takeover and Meet the BrewerLondon, England 9/27/2014
Zwanze Day 2014 London - Kernel BreweryGreater London, England 9/20/2014
Craft 100London, England 9/18/2014
Isle of Wight Jolly Boys and Girls Day OutPortsmouth / IOW, England 8/24/2014
Tap East Open Brewhouse Beer FestivalLondon, England 8/22/2014
Worldwide 10k Beer Release CelebrationWashington, Washington DC 8/19/2014
Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) 2014London, England 8/12/2014
RBESG 2014 - London London, England 8/7/2014
Beavertown Brewery Taproom Grand OpeningLondon, England 7/5/2014
Cask Pub & Kitchen 5th BirthdayLondon, England 7/5/2014
Bank holiday festival chez Chriso London, England 5/25/2014
Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014Copenhagen, Denmark 5/2/2014
London Bimble (Hickster Invasion)London, England 4/26/2014
An Evening With Sierra NevadaLondon, England 3/10/2014
Siren 1st Anniversary PartyFarringdon, England 3/8/2014
Mikkeller Tap TakeoverBethnal Green, England 3/7/2014
Free Beer Week 2014everywhere on this planet, n/a3/3/2014
Ratebeer Winter Gathering 2014 Asheville, North Carolina 2/6/2014
Bamberg Post Xmas Blues JollyBamberg, Germany 1/24/2014
UK & Ireland Mass Online Good Beer TastingAnywhere, England 12/3/2013
Pig’s Ear Beer & Cider Festival 2013London, England 12/3/2013
Wandsworth Common Halloween Beer Festival 2013London, England 10/31/2013
Colours Of The Rainbow IPA ChallengeLondon, England 9/21/2013
Zwanze Day - 2013 (London, UK)London, England 9/14/2013
The Gun IPA FestivalLondon, England 9/13/2013
Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) 2013London, England 8/13/2013
chriso’s Pre-GBBF ShindigLondon, England 8/10/2013
Memorial to Simon Mass ONLINE tastingDerb, England 7/26/2013
Rate Beer Black Country Bus BashWolverhampton, England 7/6/2013
Wandsworth Common Beer Festival London, England 7/4/2013
24th Ealing Beer FestivalLondon, England 7/3/2013
Craft Beer Co Second BirthdayLondon, England 6/29/2013
Dark Star Meet the BrewerLondon, England 6/3/2013
Magic Rock Un-Human Cannonball LaunchLondon, England 5/16/2013
Pizza Port Tap TakevoerLondon, England 4/20/2013
Schremser MTB at Earl of EssexLondon, England 4/10/2013
De Struise Tap TakeoverLondon, Greater London 4/6/2013
5th Annual Orval Appreciation Day(s)Anytown, Equatorial Guinea 4/4/2013
Brodie’s Bunny Basher 2013London, England 3/29/2013
Spring Saison SessionLondon, England 3/21/2013
RateBeer Winter Gathering JacksonvilleJacksonville, Florida 2/21/2013
Magic Rock Tap Takeover London , England 12/9/2012
Pigs Ear beer festival 2012London, England 12/4/2012
Zwanze Day 2012 LondonLondon, England 12/1/2012
The White Horse Old Ale Festival London, England 11/23/2012
Euston Tap 2nd BirthdayLondon, England 11/10/2012
JD Wetherspoon Autumn Beer FestivalVarious pubs thoughout UK, England 10/24/2012
The Old Fountain Beer FestivalLondon, England 10/13/2012
Buxton Brewery ‘meet the brewer’ London, England 10/8/2012
4th Borefts Beer FestivalBodegraven, Netherlands 9/28/2012
The Bricklayer’s Arms Kent Beer Festival London , England 9/26/2012
Hill Farmstead Harvest Festival VIP EventGreensboro, Vermont 9/21/2012
Revolutions Brewery ‘meet the brewer’ London, England 9/10/2012
Hackney Brewery Meet The Brewer & Tap TakeoverLondon, England 9/5/2012
2012 Festival of Farmhouse AlesGreensboro Bend, Vermont 8/11/2012
The Great British Beer FestivalLondon, England 8/7/2012
chriso’s Pre-GBBF ShindigLondon, England 8/4/2012
LocAle London Beer festival London, England 7/24/2012
Olympic themed beers & beers that your granny would not ask for!London, England 7/20/2012
The Duchess of Cambridge Does AmericaLondon, England 7/4/2012
23rd Ealing Beer Festival London , England 7/4/2012
Hop Studio Brewery LaunchLondon, England 5/17/2012
Copenhagen Beer CelebrationKbh. Ø, Denmark 5/11/2012
East Croydon Tasting: Pre-CBC Tune-UpCroydon, England 5/7/2012
Summer Wine Meet the BrewerLondon, England 5/5/2012
Beer, Bocce and My Local BoozerLondon, England 4/14/2012
Brodies Bunny BashLondon, England 4/6/2012
4th Wandsworth Common Beer FestivalLondon, England 3/29/2012
London Drinker Beer & Cider FestivalLondon, England 3/7/2012
Ratebeer Second Annual Free Beer WeekWorldwide, n/a3/4/2012
chriso’s Gales/Fullers tastingLondon, England 2/11/2012
Kelso Beer Company Night at Brouwerij LaneBrooklyn, New York 1/26/2012
Orval Mass online tastingAnytown, Wales 1/24/2012
Barleywine and Strong Ale Tasting at Brouwerij LaneBrooklyn, New York 1/20/2012
10 Years of 2pacBeermail for Directions, Iowa 1/20/2012
28th Pig’s Ear Beer & Cider FestivalLondon, England 12/6/2011
oh6gdx birthday bash @ chriso’sLondon, England 12/3/2011
29th Old Ale Festival at The White HorseLondon, England 11/25/2011
Worthington White Shield Mass tastingAnytown, Wales 11/15/2011
Caspar’s Bonfire send-off (with cider)Lewes, England 11/5/2011
Wandsworth Common Halloween Beer Festival 2011London, England 10/27/2011
East Croydon Beer TastingCroydon, England 10/15/2011
18th Croydon & Sutton Real Ale & Cider FestivalWallington, England 10/13/2011
The Grape and Grain Autumn Festivalcrystal palace, England 10/7/2011
Nicholson’s IPA FestivalUK, England 8/22/2011
Ghost Bottle Night @ The DiamondBrooklyn, New York 8/15/2011
RBESG 2011London, England 8/5/2011
Great British Beer FestivalLondon, England 8/2/2011
Pre-GBBF Extravaganza with Kernel BreweryLondon, England 8/1/2011
chriso’s Pre-GBBF ShindigLondon, England 7/30/2011
Alvinne Craft Beer Festival (ACBF)Outrijve (Avelgem), Belgium 3/4/2011
The Grape and Grain Spring Festivalcrystal palace, England 3/4/2011
White Horse Old Ale FestivalLondon, England 11/26/2010
Wandsworth Halloween Beer FestivalLondon, England 10/28/2010
Welcome to London Pub CrawlLondon, England 9/18/2010
London Brewers ShowcaseLondon, England 9/17/2010
’Very Cool Shit Event’ Shelton Brothers Take Over!New York, New York 8/24/2010
Belgium Comes to Cooperstown 2010Cooperstown, New York 7/30/2010