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Figure Eight Bourbon Barrel Aged Date NightBarley Wine4.16/18/2015
Blakeís Cyser Mead3.46/13/2015
B. Nektar Dry Shiraz PymentMead3.76/10/2015
Fort Street LiquorishImperial Stout41/11/2015
Alt Brew Gluten-Free Farmhouse Ale Saison3.511/10/2014
Ipswich Choate Bridge Imperial StoutImperial Stout3.511/7/2014
Thirsty Dog Bourbon Barrel Aged CerberusAbbey Tripel4.511/29/2011
Hoppiní Frog Barrel Aged Naked Evil BBWBarley Wine4.311/29/2011
Kuhnhenn 9 BraggotMead4.41/16/2011
Kuhnhenn Shamaretto MeadMead4.412/22/2010
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Imperial Stout
Abbey Tripel
Imperial IPA
Sour Red/Brown
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Had over 32,000 different commercial beers and been to over 500 breweries, and am always looking for brews I havenít tried! My Wants & Gots are FAR from complete - so try me! Prefer big beers that keep (not just ícause they taste good, but so I donít have to worry about when I drink them as Iím perpetually 2-300 behind...). Also prefer trading currents for same and...
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added a new Mead: Kuhnhenn Ginnifer Juniper mead 1 month ago
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added a new Mead: Kuhnhenn Blue Raspberry Sparkling Mead 1 month ago
added a new Spice/Herb/Vegetable: Griffin Claw Beechwood-aged Pumpkin Peach Ale (8%) 4 months ago
is attending Hunahpu Day 2015 (3/14/2015 in Tampa) 6 months ago
added a new Imperial Stout: Fort Street Liquorish 6 months ago
added a new Stout: New Holland Reserve with Taspberries (11%) 7 months ago
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Sacajawea 8 months ago
added a new Spice/Herb/Vegetable: Dragonmead Devilís Knight Pumpkin Ale 9 months ago