The India Pale Ale (IPA) is used to describe a hop-forward, bitter, dryish beer. None of these beers ever historically went to India, and many aren’t pale.The standard version generally stands for the American IPA and range between 5.0-7.0 ABV. The American IPA is a decidedly hoppy and bitter, moderately strong American ale, showcasing modern American or New World hop varieties, even more focussed in the case of the West Coast IPA. The balance is hop-forward, with a clean fermentation profile, dryish finish, and clean, supporting malt allowing a creative range of hop character to shine through. Stronger and more highly hopped than an American Pale Ale. Compared to an English IPA, has less of the English character from malt, hops, and yeast, less body, and often has a more hoppy balance and is slightly stronger than most examples. Less alcohol than a Double IPA, but with a similar balance. Color ranges from medium gold to light reddish-amber although many substyles exist, each having their own color tone. These other IPA substyles generally are closer-related to their base IPA substyle and should be listed with them, if the substyle is listed.

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Top Beers of the Style
AleSmith IPA (4.077302)
Bell's Two Hearted Ale (4.042724)
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA (4.009297)
Russian River Blind Pig IPA (3.987545)
Surly / Amager Todd - The Axe Man (Surly Version) (3.973582)