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Ratebeer Beer News - December 24, 2004

A Weely Roundup of the Beer World’s News
Brewers/Industry December 24, 2004      
Written by RateBeer

Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA -

Welcome to Ratebeer News, a roundup of the week’s beer news.

News and Notes

Beer lovers scored the first victory of the 2006 World Cup when a deal was made between Anheuser-Busch and Bitburger to sell the latter company’s beers at the World Cup. Bitburger was able to leverage a legal injunction barring the use of the term “Bud” at the event to get their beers into stadiums. Patriotic German drinkers, typically dismissive of American beer in general, were upset after the World Cup organizers struck an exclusive deal with Anheuser-Busch earlier this year.

Elgoods Brewery in Wisbech, England has reported a rash of break-ins. The thieves, twice entered via high-level windows, and when the windows were bricked up, they went through the wall. The latest incident resulted in £4000 worth of lager being stolen. Thankfully for local ale lovers, the thieves have no taste and left the Elgoods ales alone.

The Czech Republic expects to finish 2004 with a modest increase in beer production, owing to strong export gains of 12%. The major export markets are Germany, Slovakia, US and UK.

English beer marketer Cobra Beer, which makes lager with an Indian marketing theme, is looking to establish production in South Africa in the new year, and has reportedly spoken to independent breweries in the region. Currently, Cobra destined for South Africa is produced in Poland.

Cincinnati’s BarrelHouse Brewing is up for sale. There are reportedly a number of interested buyers, with varying plans for the site.

India’s Praj Industries announced three new orders for breweries – two in India, plus a microbrewery in West Africa, a region where microbreweries are heretofore unknown.


The pub at BridgePort Brewing in Portland, OR has closed for renovations. Work on the former rope factory is expected to take ten months to complete.

The Stone Lion in Chattanooga, TN has shut its doors. Known for its unique character as much as its beer list, the Stone Lion was a favourite of local beer aficionados.

New Beers

Fat Cat Brewing of Nanaimo, BC has a new Barley Wine, and their Porter has also been released bottle-conditioned.

Ratebeer News is a weekly roundup of the week’s beer news. If you have any news that you feel should appear here, send it to [email protected]



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