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Beartown Creme Bearlee 3.3  
Beartown Brewery Congleton, Cheshire
Cask at the Queens Head, Stourbridge. Pours very dark brown with a small head. Aroma is sweet creme brulee and chocolate yoghurt. Taste is sweet with creme brulee and roast to start with a chocolate yoghurt finish. A bit watery.

Schlossbrauerei Au-Hallertau Castle Imperial Stout (2018-) 3.5  
Flascherl (Díky, pane profesoře!): Very deep chestnut-amber coloured, presumably clear, small tanned foamy layer, moderate sweet and mildly bitter aroma of roasted malt and dried fruits, only molecular leathery traces; moderate sweet-bitter flavour, very soft and nearly full bodied; lingering and warming fruity-vinous and toasty-roasty finish with a certain bitterness in the aftertaste. A goody...

Les Grands Bois Impérial Gros Tigre 3.1  
Les Grands Bois - Microbrasserie Saint-Casimir, Quebec
I Aged sample /I Frothy, pitting-in whipped eggwhite head over clear golden beer, not very carbonated. Lactic acid, dry herbs and kernels, bit of citruspeel, but also some oxydation. Oxydation, spicy-herbal. Old hops' flavour, just a little cheesy. Impression of wheat. Still hopoil slickness, medium carbonation. Was probably better fresher. I Thanks to Stef! /I

BFM Cuvée Alex le Rouge 4.0  
BFM (Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes) Saignelégier, Switzerland
This bottle of 2015 is coming from les produits du terroir, Lausanne, Geneva street. Drinking this beverage, at home, at the balcony before to sleep and finding the stars. The body is as usual deeply black, normal carbonation for the style, thin white and brown foam. This imperial stout is ok, I could say that it is not on the American way, a similarity with a rochefort 10. This one is a bit too boozy, warm alcool even though you get a rich side of cherry, porto, liquorice with notes of roasted malt, fruity for this kind of beer, hop at the final and behind the scene, a bit unbalanced, good one to drink step by step with a book of Proust.

New Image One More Time 3.9  
New Image Brewing Company Arvada, Colorado
Pint can. Bright pineapple aroma with notes of mango, melon, grapefruit and passionfruit. Pours hazy golden colored with a large off white head that has excellent retention and some lacing. Starts with juicy pineapple, mango and melon flavors. Finishes dry with grapefruit and passionfruit flavors. Really nice hazy IPA.

Mt. Rushmore Dont Fire till you see the whites of their IPA 3.6  
Mt. Rushmore Brewing Company Custer, South Dakota
Slightly hazy and deeply coppered bronze coloured body with a thinnish, single centimetre tall off-white head. Aroma of relatively piney and grassy hops that don't show too much hop bitterness, but do show more grain and malt notes that almost make this seem more of an APA. Light to Medium-bodied; Strong malt backbone with a biscuity and almost grainy bite that shows some light cardboardie notes and a little bit of a punch from the yeast along with a piney hop note with a bit of grapefruit and zest quality that does actually show a little bitterness. Aftertaste shows a fairly nice balance of malts and hops with the flavours leaning more heavily on the malt and grain side of things with a big kick of alcohol and even some nuttiness almost showing more complexity than the fairly stale hops that only show pine and a hint of citrus. Overall, a good enough IPA that shows more nice scents than flavours and a slight boost in complexities in the palate than in the initial flavours, which are sadly more focused on the malts than the hops. I sampled this sixteen ounce, pint pour on draught for US$5,00 at the brewpub here in Custer, South Dakota [upstairs] on 27-June-2020, after sightseeing for the day at Mount Rushmore with my wife and three kids - a great sight to see!

Mt. Rushmore Dirty Politics Oatmeal Stout 3.4  
Mt. Rushmore Brewing Company Custer, South Dakota
Deep brown coloured body with a slightly milky look and a touch opaque towards the bottom, all with a very thin, barely single centimetre tall just off-white, microfoamed head. Aroma of oatmeal, light grain, a dash of molasses, cream, lactose and a heavy hand of hazelnuts and even a hint of both chocolate and brewed coffee. Medium-bodied; Very roasty malt notes dominate with a lot of lactose, vanilla, cream and earthy nuttiness all around, but the oatmeal and caramelised sugars shine through, leaving some coffee bitterness at the end, but no hop flavours at all. Aftertaste is dry and very roasty with the oats, grain and light creaminess seeping through on top of the sugars, which are noticeable and give a nice complexity at the finish. Overall, a pretty respectable stout that's made with nitrogen that helps in the looks and velvety texture, but not so great in the nose. Good to sample as something different than hops, and nice even in the relatively strong South Dakota summer heat! I sampled this sixteen ounce, pint pour on draught for US$5,00 at the brewpub here in Custer, South Dakota [upstairs] on 27-June-2020, after sightseeing for the day at Mount Rushmore with my wife and three kids - a great sight to see!

Mt. Rushmore Roosevelt's Trust Buster 2.9  
Mt. Rushmore Brewing Company Custer, South Dakota
Copper and deep brown coloured body with a lighter brown glow towards the bottom and even hints of golden tints throughout, all with a very small single centimetre tall tan head. Aroma of toasted malt, light caramelised sugars, nuts and a dash of light hops with some alcohol in the mix as well. Light to Medium-bodied; Strong toasted malt notes with a lot of earth, grain and nutty flavours with a touch of caramelised sugars that show a lot of sweetness, and a bit of an alcohol bite at the end, but relatively straight-forward. Aftertaste is dry, very toasty with malts and grain and a softer earthy, rustic nuttiness that doesn't show much else, just the malts and light sugars. Overall, a fairly plain and simple scotch ale with some extra malt and nuttiness, but nothing unusual here and nothing over-the-top, this is a fairly mundane beer, but not badly executed. I sampled this sixteen ounce, pint pour on draught for US$5,00 at the brewpub here in Custer, South Dakota [upstairs] on 27-June-2020, after sightseeing for the day at Mount Rushmore with my wife and three kids - a great sight to see!

Levante Extra Tickle - DDH Tickle Parts 4.0  
Levante Brewing Company West Chester, Pennsylvania
Well, I had already put the kids down after and epic July 4th bender and was about to hit the hay myself, but who can say no to an Extra Tick (le). Rallied my ass up for one more. Cloudy yellow gold pour with a huge persistent white head. Aroma is tropical mango and pineapple with some gooseberry notes. Flavor is juicy, goosey, tropical. Medium-light sweet with light bitterness. Feel is very creamy, silky smoof. Good haze

Zipline Milk Stout 3.6  
Zipline Brewing Company Lincoln, Nebraska
Deep dark brown coloured body with a very fast-dying off-white head. Aroma of roasted malt, oatmeal, nuts, earth, light anise, fennel and a touch of cream and lactose. Medium-bodied; Assertive nuts, oatmeal, grain and toasted malt with some pitted fruits, raisins and figs all noticeable, but the deep spices show through all of that with the anise and fennel by far the strongest, all ending with a pungent and deep lactose and cream note. Aftertaste is nice and complex, yet very easy-drinking with a bunch of lactose, cream, roasted malt, oatmeal, grain and especially sweet flavours that show nicely and balance things off without any bitterness - the pitted fruits and raisin flavour hows very strong throughout. Overall, a nice and robust sweet stout with a ton of flavours, but still somehow easy-drinking-ish and showing a lot of flavours. I sampled this twelve ounce bottle purchased a few hours ago from Hy-Vee in Lincoln, Nebraska on 20-January-2020 for US$1,67 sampled a few hours later in my hotel room here in Lincoln, Nebraska on 20-January-2020.

Tesco Lager 1.3  
Tesco Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
Can, 440ml from Tesco Express in Moreton in Marsh, Gloucs. Pale yellow straw with fizzed head. Thin metallic, strained malts, there is a chemical note, sharp soapy hints. Dull and boring beer.

Moody Tongue Steeped Emperor's Lemon Saison 3.0  
Moody Tongue Brewing Company Chicago, Illinois
Funky brown and ruby coloured body with a light pink and deep tan head. Aroma of very funky malts, bread, yeast, light hops with some grassy and dry notes around and of course, bunches of lemons and citrus throughout. Light to Medium-bodied; Strong, relatively pungent lemon and dry tea notes dominate with a good malt backbone and some softer hop notes that don't really lead to bitterness, but contribute to the dry flavours. Aftertaste shows the lemon, malt and almost herbal qualities from the dryness on the finish with some hay and pure grassiness at the end along with some hop bitterness. Overall, a fairly nice and very flavourful beer that is highlighted with the malts, tea, dry flavours and of course the lemon and citrus elements, which are seemingly everywhere. I sampled this twelve ounce bottle, purchased from Whole Foods in Chicago (Streeterville), Illinois on 24-June-2020 for US$3,00 sampled back in my hotel room here at Chicago O'Hare [airport] in Chicago, Illinois, later in the day on 24-June-2020.

Big Lost Hefeweizen 3.2  
Big Lost Meadery Gillette, Wyoming
Slightly hazy golden and raw honey coloured body that shows a little clear towards the bottom and a very thin, barely half centimetre tall pure white head. Aroma of pure wheat, coriander seed and a dash of bananas with some bubble gum noticeable on the edges. Medium-bodied; Strong wheat and yeast elements dominate with a good kick of coriander seed for freshness, but missing out almost completely from fruits, especially oranges and curacao with no real banana notes either and definitely no spices. Aftertaste shows some fresher wheat, yeast, bread and light coriander seed with a hint of citrus notes at the end. Overall, a nice and very refreshing slightly filtered Hefeweizen that hits the marks in terms of wheat and coriander seed, but leaves a bit missing towards the oranges and curacao notes with some spices desired for more of a complexity. While it's simple and refreshing, and not a bad option here in Wyoming, there are much better options if this is one of your only local choices for the style! I sampled this sixteen ounce pint on draught at Longhorn Restaurant in Sundance, Wyoming on 26-June-2020 for US$5,00.

Snake River Pako's IPA 3.8  
Snake River Brewing Co. Jackson, Wyoming
Fairly clear golden and peach coloured body with a thinnish, single to perhaps two centimetre tall just off-white head. Great aroma of pungent bitter and piney hops with a good grapefruit and citrus punch, but the alpha acids are evident and show very nicely - akin to an old school West Coast IPA with a good malt backbone and some alcohol noticeable. Medium-bodied; Nicely layered malt and hop flavour set with a good pungent malt and alcohol taste at first that gives way to a touch of sweetness and character from fruits, but then hits hard with a lot of highly bittered hops that show citrus, pine, flowers and a lot of resin. Aftertaste shows a lot of grass and resin notes with a fairly noticeable alcohol punch at the end, with some lighter sweetness, more noticeable malt backbone and a good deal of fruits noticeable as well. Overall, a very nice older school IPA that shows a ton of bitterness, a good malt backbone and some light alcohol to match - very refreshing and full of flavour - just what was needed after a hot day at Devil's Tower! I sampled this sixteen ounce pint on draught at Longhorn Restaurant in Sundance, Wyoming on 26-June-2020 for US$5,00.

Ale Asylum Fvck Covid 2.0 3.5  
Ale Asylum Madison, Wisconsin
Pint can. Grapefruit citrus aroma with notes of tangerine, floral and grassy hops. Pours hazy pale golden colored with a hazy off white head that has good retention and excellent lacing. Starts with juicy grapefruit and tangerine citrus flavors. Finishes dry with floral and grassy hop flavors. Decent APA.

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