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August 2017 Ratings

UserPic for Viper666 Viper666 958
UserPic for Beerhunter111 Beerhunter111 923
UserPic for Kalgat Kalgat 623
UserPic for j12601 j12601 473
UserPic for mR_fr0g mR_fr0g 411
UserPic for JStax JStax 390
UserPic for yespr yespr 379
UserPic for alex_leit alex_leit 377
UserPic for kermis kermis 376
UserPic for Desverger Desverger 363

New Users

UserPic for donghj donghj China
UserPic for BarleyChecker3 BarleyChecker3 Spokane, Washington
UserPic for annel annel Arizona
UserPic for Ognar Ognar Smith town, New York
UserPic for juliegb14 juliegb14 Texas
UserPic for NobleTun2 NobleTun2 Laos
UserPic for dnibbles dnibbles vancouver, British Columbia
UserPic for rdsbira rdsbira Brazil
UserPic for thiagobrescia thiagobrescia BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil
UserPic for Calvcall Calvcall Alhambra, California

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