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September 2017 Ratings

UserPic for SinH4 SinH4 570
UserPic for Stuu666 Stuu666 473
UserPic for Piepenhenrich Piepenhenrich 431
UserPic for yespr yespr 408
UserPic for cgarvieuk cgarvieuk 389
UserPic for 77ships 77ships 357
UserPic for Viper666 Viper666 322
UserPic for ToddPGingerich ToddPGingerich 311
UserPic for Finn Finn 289
UserPic for slowrunner77 slowrunner77 289

New Users

UserPic for vansteer vansteer NEW YORK, Alabama
UserPic for documentationink documentationink London, Greater London
UserPic for michalmarry michalmarry fasialabad, Pakistan
UserPic for whiskeychaser whiskeychaser Australia
UserPic for CapnPappyH CapnPappyH Tuscaloosa, Alabama
UserPic for Hopman85 Hopman85 Bedfordshire
UserPic for Nickfirecoont Nickfirecoont Australia
UserPic for Dw668 Dw668 Gillingham, Kent
UserPic for BineTickers2 BineTickers2 Ohio
UserPic for Larness Larness Murrieta, Alabama

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