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August 2018 Ratings

UserPic for mcberko mcberko 702
UserPic for Scopey Scopey 437
UserPic for mR_fr0g mR_fr0g 384
UserPic for madmitch76 madmitch76 342
UserPic for Theydon_Bois Theydon_Bois 281
UserPic for Desverger Desverger 271
UserPic for kermis kermis 231
UserPic for gyllenbock gyllenbock 224
UserPic for Camons Camons 219
UserPic for melush melush 204

New Users

UserPic for leejacob leejacob British Columbia
UserPic for nielhbpg nielhbpg Cavite, Philippines
UserPic for BreweryScout22 BreweryScout22 Centennial Park, Australia
UserPic for topshape topshape Quebec
UserPic for Maxvdoort97 Maxvdoort97 Suffolk
UserPic for rkc538 rkc538 Scotland
UserPic for roelbrull roelbrull Amsterdam, Netherlands
UserPic for readydocs702 readydocs702 kiev, Ukraine
UserPic for BineMonger26 BineMonger26 Finland
UserPic for pourmans pourmans Ephrata, Alabama

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