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August 2020 Ratings

UserPic for alex_leit alex_leit 88
UserPic for Beerwithwings Beerwithwings 66
UserPic for djd07 djd07 54
UserPic for DeanF DeanF 44
UserPic for Desverger Desverger 32
UserPic for FatPhil FatPhil 31
UserPic for Jerseyislandbeer Jerseyislandbeer 29
UserPic for Wim Wim 28
UserPic for joergen joergen 28
UserPic for tiong tiong 28

New Users

UserPic for rushcrew rushcrew Perkasie, United States
UserPic for Ashana Ashana Ingelmunster, Netherlands
UserPic for the-monk-of-beer the-monk-of-beer Merced, California
UserPic for titiangel titiangel China
UserPic for KegMaestro46 KegMaestro46 St Paul, Minnesota
UserPic for woody2132 woody2132 Northampton, Northamptonshire
UserPic for AleMaestro55 AleMaestro55 bloomfield, Connecticut
UserPic for Ollus Ollus Austria
UserPic for maarten81 maarten81 Vlissingen, Netherlands
UserPic for bar.quai.brumes bar.quai.brumes tournus, France

Latest User Pics

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