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October 2019 Ratings

UserPic for BVery BVery 461
UserPic for Stuu666 Stuu666 430
UserPic for mR_fr0g mR_fr0g 297
UserPic for Beese Beese 279
UserPic for solidfunk solidfunk 255
UserPic for Beerhunter111 Beerhunter111 210
UserPic for gunnar gunnar 195
UserPic for tricksta_p tricksta_p 192
UserPic for sjogro sjogro 192
UserPic for kolemkoukolem kolemkoukolem 180

New Users

UserPic for healthvitality5 healthvitality5 Vancouver Island, British Columbia
UserPic for WortTun50 WortTun50 Alderley Edge, Bedfordshire
UserPic for KiDsar KiDsar Thailand
UserPic for MashSensei54 MashSensei54 Johannesburg, South Africa
UserPic for WildNightOut WildNightOut Vancouver, British Columbia
UserPic for FrothyTicks52 FrothyTicks52 Zaandam, Netherlands
UserPic for sofiamc6 sofiamc6 Portugal
UserPic for AllGrainRates52 AllGrainRates52 Budapest, Hungary
UserPic for koakoakoa koakoakoa Wilsonville, Oregon
UserPic for ColdBrewzr ColdBrewzr Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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