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October 2018 Ratings

UserPic for Rasmus40 Rasmus40 552
UserPic for saxo saxo 542
UserPic for NobleSampler19 NobleSampler19 388
UserPic for mR_fr0g mR_fr0g 368
UserPic for DSG DSG 343
UserPic for Leighton Leighton 330
UserPic for Scopey Scopey 293
UserPic for kermis kermis 275
UserPic for FlightLees22 FlightLees22 268
UserPic for BuckeyeBoy BuckeyeBoy 266

New Users

UserPic for Spacecraftpub Spacecraftpub Krakow, Poland
UserPic for BeerChamp17 BeerChamp17 Whitchurch, Shropshire
UserPic for Filippa72 Filippa72 Sweden
UserPic for LynnMan LynnMan Norwich, Norfolk
UserPic for darkseid5150 darkseid5150 Columbia, Tennessee
UserPic for AADesign AADesign HELSINKI, Finland
UserPic for handavinci handavinci Netherlands
UserPic for LocalTun19 LocalTun19 barcelona, Spain
UserPic for miku miku Praha, Czech Republic
UserPic for relate relate Auckland, New Zealand

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