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Ratebeer News - July 10, 2005

A Weekly Roundup of the World’s Beer News
Brewers/Industry July 8, 2005      
Written by Oakes

Richmond, CANADA -

Texas’ own Saint Arnold Brewery has decided to invest in order to increase their capacity. The demand for their beer is growing, 2004 was a record year and sales in 2005 are still growing. With the six figure investment they will add a new beer tank, extra refrigeration and two fermenters. With this investment the production capacity will rise to more than 300 barrels per week. Saint Arnold’s founder, Brock Wagner stated that the brewery’s increase in popularity is due to the fact that craft beer’s popularity is growing in Texas.

Last week we reported that Anheuser Busch was launching it’s energy beer, Be, in the UK market. This hasn’t been done without media and public reactions, both are worried that it will fuel binge drinking and that the beer is aimed at young, heavy drinkers. Anheuser Busch has rejected these criticism stating that they are marketing the product responsibly.

On July, 5 another step has been taken to raise the maximum alcohol level of beer in North Carolina. The State Senate commitee has voted to raise the cap from 6 to 15 percent. The next step is to get the “Pop the Cap” bill approved by the Senate.

On July 16 Phoenixville, PA will see a new brewpub open its doors, the Destiny Brewing Company. There will be seven beer on tap for the opening including two seasonals. The owner and brewer, Emerson Haines, declared that the advantage of brewing on site is the freshness of the product. He’s intent on buying only the freshest ingredients and maintaining a proper stock rotation.

Heineken has announced that it has agreed to buy all the shares of Russian brewery Stepan Razin. The Russian anti-trust autorities will have to approve the deal that is estimated to $120 million. Heineken has been investing heavily in the Russian beer market recently.

Believe it or not a German company has lauched a nicotine beer to help smokers to stop smoking. The beer is named NicoShot and has 3 milligrams of nicotine in it, 3 cans of this beer equal a pack of cigarettes. They advertise it as “cigarette satisfaction without the smoke”. All the world need after that is a cigarette that helps to stop drinking ...



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