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Weekly Ratebeer Rundown

Monday 2/16/2009 through Sunday 2/22/2009
Features February 23, 2009      
Written by 3fourths

Boulder, COLORADO -

A healthy mix of classic and new releases continue to populate the best-of lists this week. Though these days it appears that the collective dialogue of beergeekdom remains exclusively focused on the experimental and the rare, the old world and the classics of craft beer continue to remain respected and well-loved.

<h3>What’s Hot This Week</h3> <small>(min 10 ratings)</small><ul>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/2360/>Rochefort Trappistes 10</xxyxx> (4.39)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/43181/>Russian River Pliny the Younger</xxyxx> (4.36)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/94349/>Russian River Consecration</xxyxx> (4.25)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/97034/>Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel</xxyxx> (4.19)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/35488/>Bells Hopslam</xxyxx> (4.15)</li>

</ul>Other notables: <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/81812/>Southern Tier Choklat</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/30812/>Tröegs Nugget Nectar Ale</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/624/>Victory Old Horizontal</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/65635/>Left Hand SmokeJumper</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/139/>Youngs Double Chocolate Stout</xxyxx>

Russian River Pliny the Younger and Consecration finally made it to the Pacific Northwest and Colorado, the latest batch of Smokejumper continues to impress people throughout the country, and Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel spends another week among the top-rated beers on the site.

<h3>This Week’s Overachievers</h3><ul>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/29842/>Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock</xxyxx>, <font color=red>+0.28</font> (3.8-3.52)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/98806/>New Belgium Lips of Faith (Dark Kriek)</xxyxx>, <font color=red>+0.24</font> (3.6-3.36)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/139/>Youngs Double Chocolate Stout</xxyxx>, <font color=red>+0.2</font> (3.98-3.79)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/82639/>New Belgium Mighty Arrow</xxyxx>, <font color=red>+0.16</font> (3.48-3.33)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/96186/>Lagunitas Cruising with Ruben and The Jets</xxyxx>, <font color=red>+0.12</font> (3.65-3.53)</li>
</ul>Other notable overachievers: <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/30812/>Tröegs Nugget Nectar Ale, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/59261/>Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/55758/>AleSmith My Bloody Valentine</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/43181/>Russian River Pliny the Younger</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/81812/>Southern Tier Choklat</xxyxx>

New Belgium Dark Kriek seems to have found some more fans this week, AleSmith My Bloody Valentine made it’s first appearance since the middle of last year, and a slew of fresh-release IPAs (Nuggest Nectar, Torpedo, Pliny the Younger) continued to climb.

<h3>This Week’s Underachievers</h3><ul>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/64627/>Lost Abbey Judgment Day</xxyxx>, <font color=darkgreen>-0.28</font> (3.54-3.82)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/94952/>Terrapin Side Project Dos Cocoas Chocolate Porter</xxyxx>, <font color=darkgreen>-0.2</font> (3.31-3.51)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/84022/>Anderson Valley 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA</xxyxx>, <font color=darkgreen>-0.15</font> (3.43-3.58)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/97034/>Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel</xxyxx>, <font color=darkgreen>-0.15</font> (4.19-4.34)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/91230/>Alesmith Mikkeller Stone Belgian Style Tripel Ale</xxyxx>, <font color=darkgreen>-0.13</font> (3.48-3.61)</li>
</ul>Other notable underachievers: <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/59862/>Surly Coffee Bender</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/67360/>Founders Double Trouble IPA</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/93009/>Nøgne Ø Dobbel IPA</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/83765/>Port Brewing Midnight Sessions Lager (Moon Lit Sessions)</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/717/>Pilsner Urquell </xxyxx>

Notice the inclusion of Beer Geek Brunch Weasel on this list, and you’ll realize that even though it’s under-performing compared to previous weeks, the rating average is so high that it remains one of the best-scored beers of the week.

<h3>What’s New (and Good) This Week</h3> <small>(avg. rating)</small><ul>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99452/>Avery Voltron</xxyxx>, (4.05)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99330/>Odell Red Ale</xxyxx>, (4)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99454/>Emersons Brewers Reserve White Label Old Cascade</xxyxx>, (3.8)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99593/>Cigar City Maduro Oatmeal Brown Ale</xxyxx>, (3.78)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99332/>Avery Brabant</xxyxx>, (3.75)</li>
</ul>Other notable new beers: <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99471/>Avery Out of Sight Stout</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99437/>Birra del Borgo My Antonia</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99530/>St. Stans Bill’s Brown Bag</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99433/>Smuttynose Schmutzig Hopfen Weisse</xxyxx>

Three new Avery beers debuted at a recent release party (Voltron, Brabant, Out of Sight Stout), a new old ale from a prominent New Zealand brewery made a good impression, and early reviews of a new brown ale from Cigar City have been good enough to push it towards the top of the style.


tdtm82 says:

I bought a beer friend the Mikkeller Breakfast Beer Geek a long tme ago and very pleased they are doing well here. For me the Rochefort 10 is the echelon of beer. Better than Westy (now I'm getting complaints!).

126 months ago
DaSilky1 says:

mj, you're hot!

135 months ago
JMerritt says:

Great weekly feature. Also love the ability to comment!

135 months ago
jason says:

Great idea for an weekly article!

135 months ago
auerbrau says:

Wow. I just discovered this series. And love it. It should be made more visible.

135 months ago

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