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RateBeer Best, Winter 2004

The best beers in the world as named by the world's beer drinkers
Features January 29, 2004      
Written by Staff99


RateBeer.com is pleased to announce the results of its fourth semi-annual world beer competition, RateBeer Best, Winter 2004. RateBeer Best is once again the world's largest beer competition -- over 28,000 different beers from over 4000 brewers in 120 different countries are listed in our database. Over one quarter million ratings from beer lovers the world over were tabulated to determine the results.

The judging was done by thousands of amateur beer enthusiasts from 65 countries around the world with America's beers being most rated. Several of the world's most avid amateur beer enthusiasts participated in the contest including
Per Samuelsson (Sweden), Josh Oakes (Canada), Philippe Corbat(Switzerland), Joe Marjancik (Arizona, USA) and Scott Johnson (New York, USA). Because of their amateur status there are no minced words in the reviews -- beers were rated frankly and freely and with commercial samples.

We've done this all for love of beer and we've chosen the only the very best beers and brewers in the world for recognition. We hope our committment to quality has paid off by listing what we firmly believe to be the finest beers available in the world. Congratulations to all those recognized for their achievements in the craft of brewing.


Joe Tucker, Executive Director




Awards were given to world's top brewers, in World and North American categories.

<a href=/documents/TopBrewers_2004a.asp>RateBeer Best Brewers


Awards were also given to the world's best 50 beers.

<a href=/documents/Top50_2004a.asp>RateBeer Best Beers

Additionally, awards were given in fifteen style categories in five regions of the U.S. and Canada, outside North America, and overall.

<a href=/documents/TopWest_2004a.asp>West

<a href=/documents/TopMidwest_2004a.asp>Midwest

<a href=/documents/TopSouth_2004a.asp>South

<a href=/documents/TopEastern_2004a.asp>East

<a href=/documents/TopCanada_2004a.asp>Canada

<a href=/documents/TopOutside_2004a.asp>Outside North America

<a href=/documents/TopOverall_2004a.asp>Best Beers Overall

About RateBeer

RateBeer is based out of Austin, Texas. It was created in April 2000 as place for beer enthusiasts to share beer notes, trade and rate beer and has blossomed into the largest beer information source in existence. If you wish to have your beer's score on a 5 or 100 point scale for bottle "necker" or other promotionals, or if you'd like to make a donation to RateBeer, or have other comments or questions please contact <a hrefhttp://www.ratebeer.com/Feedback.asp>Joe Tucker, Executive Director.



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