(Out Of Business)

Beers are now brewed at Brasseurs Illimités in St-Eustache after years of being brewed here and there in Quebec.
Bièropholie Alt (retired) 7.17/22/2008Rate 3.38889456
Bièropholie Azimut (retired) 6.812/14/2005Rate 3.25754754
Bièropholie Bock Émissaire (retired) 6.012/13/2003Rate 3.6396100118
Bièropholie Brune de Septembre (retired) 6.09/3/2005Rate 2.99449012
Bièropholie Calumet (retired) 6.44/22/2003Rate 3.769898183
Bièropholie Calumet Grand Chef (retired) 7.84/21/2007Rate 3.789999192
Bièropholie Calumet Grand Chef (unfiltered) (retired) 7.86/13/2007Rate 3.66979618
Bièropholie Cascade (retired) 6.04/1/2005Rate 3.459179108
Bièropholie Cascade Plus (retired) 7.09/3/2005Rate 3.52938784
Bièropholie Double (retired) 8.29/26/2008Rate 3.55949638
Bièropholie Golding (retired) 6.06/19/2004Rate 3.469180115
Bièropholie Impériale Stout (retired) 7.71/20/2004Rate 3.99992305
Bièropholie IPA (retired) 6.012/14/2003Rate 3.549490139
Bièropholie MacKroken Flower (retired) 9.53/10/2005Rate 3.689797126
Bièropholie Na Zdravi! (retired) 5.03/14/2004Rate 3.49849854
Bièropholie S (retired) 12.512/16/2005Rate 3.58957985
Bièropholie Scotch Ale (retired) 7.54/10/2008Rate 3.22744153
Bièropholie Triple (retired) 8.210/18/2008Rate 3.04452434
Bièropholie Vin dOrge (retired) 8.01/25/2008Rate 3.25767356
Marie Stuart (retired) 7.912/14/2008Rate 3.01472120
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