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Upcoming EventsLocationDate

Past Events AttendedLocationDate
Anacortes Bier on the PierAnacortes, Washington 10/2/2015
Seattle International BeerfestSeattle, Washington 7/10/2015
Portland International Beer FestivalPortland, Oregon 6/26/2015
RateBeer Summer GatheringPortland , Oregon 6/18/2015
Brouwer’s Cafe 10th Anniversary Celebrationseattle, Washington 3/28/2015
Brouwer’s Cafe 13th Annual Hardliver Barleywine Festseattle, Washington 3/14/2015
Struise and SoundersSeattle, Washington 5/11/2014
Liquid Sunshine XIVLynnwood, Washington 6/8/2013
FredFest 2013Portland, Oregon 5/5/2013
LS XIII: Saint Sunshine’s DayBrier, Washington 3/2/2013
Parkway Tavern Pro-Am: Tapping #2Tacoma, Washington 10/24/2012
Elysian 8th Annual Great Pumpkin Beer FestivalSeattle, Washington 10/19/2012
Liquid Sunshine XIIKirkland, Washington 12/10/2011
Great Pumpkin Beer FestivalSeattle, Washington 10/8/2011
Portland International BeerfestPortland, Oregon 7/15/2011
Tacoma Beer FestivalTacoma, Washington 10/1/2010
Clearing the cellar: Part 5Bothell, Washington 9/4/2010
Liquid Sunshine XIBrier, Washington 8/21/2010
Clearing the cellar: Part 2Bothell, Washington 6/26/2010
Clearing the cellar: Part 1Bothell, Washington 6/12/2010
Sour Beer FestSeattle, Washington 5/20/2010
Back In Black Stout FestSeattle, Washington 5/14/2010
Seattle Beer WeekSeattle, Washington 5/13/2010
2nd Annual Orval Appreciation Day(s)Anytown, Equatorial Guinea 4/1/2010
8th Annual Hard Liver Barleywine FestSeattle, WA, Washington 3/20/2010
ExBeerienceWoodinville, Washington 3/13/2010
Liquid Sunshine X - Olympia EditionOlympia, Washington 2/27/2010
WABL BelgianfestSeattle, Washington 1/23/2010
Winter Beer FestivalSeattle, Washington 12/4/2009
Brouwer’s Big Wood FestSeattle, Washington 12/3/2009
Clint got a house. (Liquid Sunshine IX)Bothell, Washington 11/28/2009
The 5th Annual Great Pumpkin Beer FestivalSeattle, Washington 10/10/2009
Enumclaw Oktoberfest Enumclaw , Washington 10/9/2009
Liquid Sunshine VIIISeattle - Ballard, Washington 8/9/2009
Seattle International BeerfestSeattle, Washington 7/3/2009
Liquid Sunshine VIIKirkland, Washington 6/27/2009
Liquid Sunshine VIKirkland, Warwickshire 5/30/2009
FredFest 2009Portland, Oregon 5/9/2009
Seattle Beer WeekSeattle, Washington 5/7/2009
Liquid Sunshine VBrier, Washington 4/4/2009
Liquid Sunshine IVSeattle, Beacon Hill, Washington 2/21/2009
Liquid Sunshine IIIBrier, Washington 1/10/2009
2008 Winter Beer FestivalSeattle, Warwickshire 12/5/2008
Big Wood FestivalSeattle, Washington 12/4/2008
Liquid Sunshine II, BSAsKirland, Washington 11/1/2008
The Great Pumpkin FestivalSeattle, Washington 10/18/2008
Liquid Sunshine in SeattleKirkland, Washington 8/2/2008
Seattle International BeerfestSeattle, Washington 7/4/2008
Washington Brewers FestivalKenmore, Washington 6/13/2008
Cascade Brewers Cup ExBeeriencWoodinville, Washington 6/7/2008
Brouwer’s Sour FestSeattle, Washington 5/9/2008
Hop Scotchp:aSeattle, Washington 5/2/2008
Deschute’s Brewery Night at FlOak Harbor, Washington 4/24/2008
Beer Festival Event at Cooper’Seattle, Washington 4/5/2008
Cask Night @ The Park, AprilSeattle, Washington 4/1/2008
First & Only Winter in July BeFederal Way, Washington 7/1/2007
Seattle International BeerfestSeattle, Washington 6/29/2007
Washington Brewers FestivalKenmore, Washington 6/16/2007
Hard Liver Barley Wine FestivaSeattle, Washington 3/17/2007
8th Annual Washington Cask BeeSeattle, Washington 3/10/2007
Beveridge Place Pub BarleywineSeattle, Washington 3/2/2007
Hops & Propsp:/Seattle, Washington 2/10/2007
Strange BrewfestPort Townsend, Washington 1/27/2007
Ellensburg Winterhop BrewfestEllensburg, Washington 1/20/2007
Grand Opening Party - SchoonerSeattle, Washington 1/20/2007
Vintage Holiday Beer FestivalSeattle, Washington 1/17/2007