Woodman's Foods - Appleton

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Beers At Woodman's Foods - Appleton

BlackStack The Great Blackstack Bakeoff: Blackberry French Toast6.4%3/4/2021
Aslin / Hidden Springs Totally Cannon5%3/4/2021
Fox River Sweater Vest6.7%3/2/2021
Deschutes Royal Fresh9%3/2/2021
Hacienda Tropi-Choco6.5%3/1/2021
Nightmare Mancuerda10.2%2/28/2021
Hacienda Divine Herb: Oolong Tea6.8%2/27/2021
Tripping Animals Ever Haze7%2/26/2021
Founders Panther Cub8.7%2/26/2021
Bell's No, Yeah4.5%2/26/2021
Southern Grist Pineapple Blueberry Hill5.4%2/24/2021
BlackStack Tinseltown7%2/24/2021
Southern Grist Hoppy Timbs7.9%2/18/2021
New Belgium Voodoo Ranger - Captain Dynamite 7.7%2/16/2021
Abita Office Party6.8%2/15/2021
Bent Paddle Lollygagger Pale Ale5.5%2/15/2021
More Desert Dessert 6.5%2/11/2021
Rogue Newport Daze5.5%2/10/2021
Great Lakes Hazecraft IPA6.7%2/10/2021
Samuel Adams Wicked Hazy6.8%2/7/2021
Toppling Goliath ZeeLander5.5%2/6/2021
Equilibrium Fractal Vic Secret/Galaxy6.8%2/6/2021
Hop Butcher For The World / Aslin Karate In The Garage 8%2/2/2021
More Peaches & Cream Marbles6.7%2/1/2021
Lupulin Lateralus - Chocolate Orange11%1/20/2021
WeldWerks Robo-Boogie8%1/20/2021
Lakefront My Turn #037 Ryan (Imperial Porter with Coffee & Coconut)9.2%1/16/2021
Equilibrium Harvester of Science8.5%1/6/2021
Rogue Dreamland American Lager4.8%1/5/2021
More / Saint Errant Repartee8%1/5/2021
1840 Want a Fresh Cut? 6%1/5/2021
Sierra Nevada Big Little Thing9%1/4/2021
O'so Doe In Heat4.6%1/3/2021
Great Dane Crop Circle Wheat0%1/2/2021
Surly Fourteen11%12/26/2020
Surly / New Belgium Culture Collab8.8%12/26/2020
Aslin You Call That A Knife?8.3%12/25/2020
Aslin Bunk Beds8%12/23/2020
Aslin Sexy Time... I Like6%12/23/2020
Aslin Johann Needs A Bigger Broat9.4%12/23/2020
Ale Asylum Apocalypse Bingo: Murder Hornet Pale Ale6%12/21/2020
Virtue Pear5%12/21/2020
Blake's Berry Cranders6.9%12/20/2020
More To the Trees7%12/20/2020
MobCraft Hyperspace8.6%12/10/2020
Saugatuck The G.O.A.T.6.5%12/8/2020
Rahr & Sons Blonde Lager4.6%12/8/2020
Rahr & Sons Rahr's Original4.5%12/8/2020
Ale Asylum Serenity5.1%12/5/2020
More Blueberry Marbles6.5%12/4/2020
WellBeing Heavenly Body Golden Wheat0.4%12/4/2020
Bare Bones Feed the Dog Scotch Ale9%12/2/2020
Bare Bones Happy Tail Cream Ale4.9%12/2/2020
Bell's Old Fashioned Holiday Ale10.2%11/30/2020
Hinterland Black is Beautiful10.1%11/30/2020
Surly Periscope5.5%11/30/2020
Paulaner Natur Grapefruit2.5%11/30/2020
Bull Falls Dunkelweizen5.6%11/29/2020
Cigar City Margarita Gose3.4%11/28/2020
Hillsboro Don’t Sweat It!6%11/26/2020
Hillsboro The Big Guy7.5%11/26/2020
Hillsboro Joe's Beer5.8%11/26/2020
Hillsboro Everyone Loves a Blonde4.3%11/26/2020
Hillsboro Just the Tails4.9%11/26/2020
Founders Moon Rambler IPA6.4%11/20/2020
Third Space Baby Yo3.9%11/20/2020
Blake's Fido6.8%11/18/2020
Southern Grist Vanilla Black Currant Boysenberry Truffle Hill5.4%11/16/2020
Bell's Juicy Gossip4.7%11/13/2020
Terrapin Magic Brownie6.6%11/12/2020
Terrapin Jazz Cabbage6%11/12/2020
Lakefront My Turn #036: Hopgood (Vienna Lager)5%11/9/2020
Brewing Projekt Things of that Nature: Their, They're, There7.5%11/4/2020
More Dark Lager4.8%10/30/2020
Zambaldi Good Dog Porter5%10/29/2020
Zambaldi Yard Games5.3%10/28/2020
Three Floyds Black is Beautiful7.5%10/28/2020
More DDH Double Space Boots8%10/27/2020
Lupulin DDH Hooey6.2%10/21/2020
Bearded Iris Escape Artist7.6%10/20/2020
Barrier Ocean Pocean7.7%10/19/2020
More DDH Loose Candies8%10/19/2020
Sierra Nevada Dankful IPA7.4%10/18/2020
WeldWerks Juicy Bits6.7%10/7/2020
Bell's Larry's Latest Juicy IPA6%10/4/2020
One Barrel Gentry's Hard Cider - Champagne6%9/12/2020
Bell's VII: Spontaneous Me (Leaves of Grass Series)6.5%9/11/2020
Elysian Dark O' The Moon Pumpkin Stout7.6%9/7/2020
Toppling Goliath / Barrel Theory Dolphin Sparkles7.3%9/6/2020
Bearded Iris Chief of Chiefs - Double Dry Hopped7.5%9/5/2020
Lupulin Oktoberfest5.7%9/5/2020
Bearded Iris Double Homestyle8.2%9/5/2020
Revolution Tropic Hero7%9/4/2020
Revolution El Dorado Hero7.2%9/4/2020
Rhinegeist Whiffle5%9/4/2020
The Brewing Projekt Leo12.32%9/3/2020
Stone Ruined Again Triple IPA10.8%9/2/2020
Bell's Mango Oberon Ale5.8%8/21/2020
Lupulin West Coast Bias8%8/19/2020
Bearded Iris Ever Clever - Double Dry-Hopped8.5%8/18/2020

  • AMBIANCE 3/5
  • SERVICE 6/10
  • SELECTION 11/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 7/10
  • OVERALL 11/20
Drake  (1051) Appleton, Wisconsin | March 19, 2017| Updated March 27, 2020
Like the other Woodmans, just a gargantuan grocery store. Separate room for liquor, beer surrounding the outer walls. Plenty of singles, including locals. Nothing rare, but a solid selection. Decent prices. Decent place to stock up on ticks. Gotta downgrade this place a tad bit. Old score 4/5/11/12/64. Still my regular go-to, but they've remodeled and in doing so the BYO single section has gotten smaller. And also, I think that ambiance score is a little unreasonably high.
  • AMBIANCE 1/5
  • SERVICE 3/10
  • SELECTION 12/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 12/20
HopScripts  (2) Appleton, Wisconsin | April 10, 2013
The ambiance is non existent as its a ghetto grocery store. The service is horrible as the people at the counter are not helpful and down right nasty at times. But the Selection rocks, the values are amazing, and you can find some rare beers that you may not find elsewhere. Good state selection, good domestic selection, and recently expanded.
  • AMBIANCE 2/5
  • SERVICE 6/10
  • SELECTION 10/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 7/10
  • OVERALL 14/20
arkurzynski  (102) Combined Locks, Wisconsin | December 2, 2011
Not one of the better Woodman’s I’ve been to. A bit disorganized and some fairly bad turnover. Smaller and older than other locations.
  • AMBIANCE 1/5
  • SERVICE 2/10
  • SELECTION 11/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 5/10
  • OVERALL 13/20
homebrewlover  (11) | December 8, 2010
Great selection but the parking and atmosphere leave a little to be desired.
  • AMBIANCE 4/5
  • SERVICE 6/10
  • SELECTION 13/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 8/10
  • OVERALL 17/20
dekester1  (29) Town of Maple Creek, Wisconsin | May 8, 2010
For a grocery beer/liquor store, Woodmans has a great selection of both beers and wine - national, local and international. Everything is priced very well relative to other comparable stores. The staff is helpful, but are by no means experts or overly knowledgable. Definitely a good value with a great selection!
  • AMBIANCE 2/5
  • SERVICE 4/10
  • SELECTION 8/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • OVERALL 11/20
BB64  (10) Wisconsin | January 1, 2010
Definitely grocery store liquor department ambiance. Paying with cash, check or ATM is a bit of a pain, especially when on a serious beerrun. Selection isn’t too bad, decent mid-western selection plus reasonable imports. Other Woodmans have larger liquor sections - not a bad stop if you are in the area, though.
  • AMBIANCE 3/5
  • SERVICE 4/10
  • SELECTION 12/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 6/10
  • OVERALL 15/20
satan165  (102) River Grove, Illinois | April 22, 2009
very similar great selection as janesville. tons of wisconsin brews, plenty of new glarus and even a nice selection of belgians: chimay, delierium tremens/nocturnum, even 375ml of chouffe dobblein tripel. amounts of wine and liquor is ridicolous!
  • AMBIANCE 2/5
  • SERVICE 3/10
  • SELECTION 6/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 5/10
  • OVERALL 11/20
IlanMan  (7) Appleton, Wisconsin | October 6, 2008
Nice sized place that mostly focuses on the cheaper beers. Their craft beer selection has increased over the last year with brands like new glarus, lakefront, stone, fullers, weltenburger, unibroue, and many more wisconsin craft beers. Their singles selection has most of their worst craft beers available so don’t go there expecting to find much value in anything other than their 6 packs and single bottles that can’t be put in a 6 pack. Their prices are cheap which in a way compensates for their lack of selection. Not a bad place to find a couple good brews but you will soon buy all their beer that is worth buying there.
  • AMBIANCE 3/5
  • SERVICE 4/10
  • SELECTION 7/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • VALUE 3/10
  • OVERALL 12/20
That1Guy  (22) Colorado | July 31, 2008
One of the better places in my area, but the build-your-own six pack is crap. Just a bunch of nothing imports and crap domestics. A few nice bombers and at least they have Bells, Stone, and Flying Dog, but no real diamonds in the rough as people say.
  • AMBIANCE 3/5
  • SERVICE 5/10
  • SELECTION 10/15
  • FOOD N/A
  • OVERALL 14/20
esjaygee  (262) Oak Creek, Wisconsin | July 7, 2008
Probably the bottom of the Woodman’s I’ve been to in terms of selection. A very small build your own section sits below a small selection of Belgian and foreign beers. Plenty of domestic swill and Wisconsin Micros here along with a lot of regional brands and sample packs. I guess it’s a pretty decent store, especially for the area with reasonable prices and a large selection but the aforementioned lack of build your own and foreign beers leave it a step behind the rest.

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