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RateBeer.com is widely recognized as the most in-depth, accurate, and one of the most-visited source for beer information. RateBeer is a world site for craft beer enthusiasts and is dedicated to serving the entire craft beer community through beer education, promotion and outreach.

Since May 2000, RateBeer has remained an active forum for beer lovers to come together and share opinions of beers, and beer retailers in a free environment. Established and maintained by dedicated volunteers, RateBeer has become the premier resource for consumer-driven beer ratings, features on beer culture and industry events, weekly beer-related editorials, and an internationally recognized, annual RateBeer Best competition. A vibrant community of hundreds of thousands of members from more than 100 countries have rated hundreds of thousands of different beers around the world. Our mission is to provide unbiased, consumer-driven information about beer and breweries and to enhance the image and worldwide appreciation of beer.


Joseph Tucker
Executive Director: Joseph Tucker
Phone: +001 (302) 476-BEER
Joe Tucker runs the site from Portland, Oregon in the United States. His professional calling has been the application of social science to building more user-focused Internet and software applications. He has worked on projects for CNET, CNET-International, Microsoft, T-Mobil (Germany), Hewlett Packard, Toyota, Intel, Sony-Europe and other companies around the globe.

RateBeer's true workhorses are the more than 120 worldwide volunteer administrators who keep our data quality the finest in the industry. All our compliments to their assiduous, important work.

Our Mission

RateBeer is a community of beer enthusiasts dedicated to the pursuit and appreciation of good beer. Our mission is to continue to serve the craft beer community as the premier resource for unbiased, consumer-driven information about beer and breweries worldwide and to enhance the image and worldwide appreciation of beer by:
  1. Providing a forum for beer enthusiasts to share their opinions of the beers they are drinking, discuss beer and brewing, and discover new beers and breweries;
  2. Encouraging our members to support and promote their favorite brewers and retailers of craft beers;
  3. Conducting targeted outreach to brewers, distributors, and retailers; and


The RateBeer licensing program was established to protect the organization's ownership interest in its trademarks and to generate royalty fees to support the organization's development and services. Any product bearing the name, logos, trademarks, or having and implied association with RateBeer must be licensed with the RateBeer Licensing Program. Licensing is subject to the following requirements:

RateBeer name and trademark: May appear in color and style as they appear on RateBeer.com, or in black and white.

RateBeer Best name and trademark: May appear in color and style as they appear on RateBeer.com, or in black and white. Must be accompanied by season and date (e.g. Summer 2003). May be accompanied by beer and/or brewery ranking as it appears in the corresponding RateBeer Best competition.

Ratings: Percentiles of individual beers and rankings of beers and breweries may be used, but must be used in conjunction with the RateBeer name and/or trademark and the posted date of the rankings. This can be given as month/day/year or month/year.

Fair Use

User Ratings: RateBeer retains the rights of publisher for all user ratings. RateBeer does not endorse content found in the ratings. RateBeer reserves all rights to editorial content, aggregate ratings, percentiles, rankings, and all other information, content, processes, displays, and lists. No part of this content may be reproduced in any manner, except as brief quotations in articles or reviews, without written permission. For written permission contact .

RateBeer name and trademark: The RateBeer name, trademark, and URL may be used without restriction for journalistic purposes. Use of the RateBeer name or trademark for commercial or promotional purposes is subject to the terms of the RateBeer Licensing Program. For information, contact [email protected]

Statement on accuracy:
No information contained in the website has been verified, confirmed or likewise legally bound to accuracy.

RateBeer is a consumer-driven Web site. We strive to remain unbiased in our ratings and editorial content. We rely on revenue from our memberships and other services and from non-restrictive contributions, grants, and fees. The site is owned exclusively by Joe Tucker and managed by him and volunteers. Revenue generated by the Web site is largely re-invested in the Web site and in public relations efforts to promote and enhance the image of beer and the beer industry, as a whole. Contributions to RateBeer by people who support our efforts to make beer tasting a legitimate and respected pursuit are kindly appreciated.

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