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70 /100 594 11 AVE
“A reasonably large and airy tasting room setup with some snacks available, seven pretty good beers on tap including nitro versions, and good service. They do one off rotational taps as well. Price was kind of expensive given Campbell River isn't downtown Vancouver or anything but the quality was pretty good for the beers. Busy place, seems to be the happening locale in the area these days. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area.“
DeanF 261 days ago
18 /100 #205- 489 S. DOGWOOD ST
“I stopped into this place a mere 12 years after the last review and there's a fair bit that has changed... or hasn't. It's still this dingy dark pub that was past its prime in 1993 and there is indeed brewing equipment there but the bartender told me that they hadn't brewed beer in "quite awhile". Based on her tone of voice I'd say that meant years. They need a new brewmaster to lead the charge, so consider this a job ad for those in the area. They need all the help they can get.“
DeanF 261 days ago
56 /100 84 DOGWOOD ST
“Campbell River isn’t exactly a craft beer hotspot. The Royal Coachman might be all you’ve got up here. It’s a classic faux Tudor "neighbourhood pub" - in the 1970s BC model. They have a couple of IPAs (Phillips, Red Racer) and a couple of lesser micros. It’s not much, but this far up island the pickings start to get slim and we were pretty happy to find this place.“
Oakes 1896 days ago
36 /100 #205- 489 S. DOGWOOD ST
“Poor quality brewpub beers with average quality food. I had the Beef Dip sandwich which was fairly good with the pan-fried mushrooms - but the 4 beers need a lot of improvement. The chicken wings were good however and $2.75 for 10 wings. The off-sale has Unibroue and a couple of others but all in all not worth travelling out of your way for...“
CapFlu 4740 days ago
42 /100 #205- 489 S. DOGWOOD ST
“Standard suburban strip mall pub, in the small town of Campbell River. So not much to offer in terms of atmosphere nor cuisine. They basically inherited the brewery from previous owners and have re-started brewing after something of a lapse. The brews are iffy, to say the least. With some food, the flaws are washed over a bit, at least on the Nut, which leaves that one as a decent brew. Certainly not worth going out of your way for, but there’s nothing else up island so if you’re in the ’hood, check it out. Worse comes to worst they have about 20 bottles, with some decent beers like Unibroue that you can dip into.“
Oakes 5089 days ago
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