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70 /100 CALLE EL HIERRO, 1
“Cozy bar located in a food courtish kinda place fairly far from the center. 4 taps (all macro, lots of locals hanging around with their cana of Estrada or whatever), and 2 or 3 fridges packed with Belgian classics, Spanish crafts (think Basqueland, Naparbier [are they still in business?] and the likes) and local/Canarian craft. The widest selection I’ve seen in town. Prices are not shown anywhere (I hate this shady move), managed to pay 9 bucks for a NEIPA from Tenerife (44cl can for full disclosure), so expect mainland western EU prices I reckon.“
midovark 187 days ago
“The place is a bit out of the center of Corralejo, still worth a stop though. Nice selection of Belgians. Most likely nothing you have not seen before. But it's still nice to be able to get some Orval, some sours or some Trappists here. Nice patio. Overall recommended“
Werckmeister 1936 days ago
56 /100
King of Drinks (Grocery Store)
“Liquor store that has three fridges with beers. Mostly Macro swill. They had some belgian stuff though. Most noticeable Saison Dupont, Cuvee des Jacobins and some Trappists. Do not expect any new ticks here.. Decent prices“
Werckmeister 1936 days ago
76 /100 CALLE EL HIERRO, 1
“Some international macros + some brewdog. But the thing to come here for are the local craft beers. They had two local (fuerteventurian) client brewers that did not even have rb entries. About 15-20 beers from the canary islands, also some stuff from mainland Spain. Quality of the beers was mixed, but judging by the dates, I assume all the beers were pretty fresh. Nice service, they have an outside patio where you can get some afternoon sun. Relaxed place. Probably the best place in Corralejo, also the best place to get some new ticks. Pretty good prices too. Definitely recommended.“
Werckmeister 1940 days ago
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Tacoa Kalima
El Lúpulo Feroz187 days ago