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“Dépanneur avec une sélection respectable de bières disséminées un peu partout dans l’établissement. Prix correct et service habituel d’un dépanneur. Par contre, avec l’épicerie Lauzière à moins de deux kilomètres de là, le choix n’est pas difficile à faire...“
Whatup14 1041 days ago
64 /100 2400, RUE CANADIEN
“Visité lors du Rallye Bières et Plaisirs 2016. Petit local au look industriel chic avec vue sur les installations de la brasserie. Environ dix bières en fût dont quelques invitées. Service sympathique et efficace, les prix sont dans la moyenne. Les bières sont plutôt bien, mais rien d’extraordinaire.“
Whatup14 1268 days ago
80 /100 2015, RUE SAINT-PIERRE
“Classic convenience store, I walk around in the aisles a bit disappointed, I enter the beer cooler realizing that I was surrounded by big commercial names... When I was about to leave, I notice a long corridor with in the back that looks like a way to the toilets, but wait, there’s more racking there !!! I adventure in this long corridors, more craps, some frozen ice cream container cover with ice, looks like nobody is coming too often around here, I begin to feel creepy, I hope that I won’t be capture and tie in the basement. Then, an other frige with more big commercial name. Oh well, let’s go in anyway... Eureka, this small frig open up on a big and tall room with what ? CRAFT BEER !!! Up to the roof.... All bottle are at 14 degree Celsius... A woman is there to help, great and large selection. I found some St-Ambroise Russian Stout and Vintage from 2013-14-15 and 16.... WOW.“
Arcanor 1373 days ago
“Nice place good parking, employee are competent, the beat beer are there good selection“
blanchette 1473 days ago
68 /100 2400, RUE CANADIEN
“Located in an industrial sector of Drummondville, just a minute away from Highway 20 exit. Visited on a Thursday, just past lunchtime. I was the only client there - except the food truck guy who came in for a beer after his shift - and stayed for about an hour.The interior is medium sized with two large tables, bar seating, a few other small elevated seating and, each side for the entry door, two pairs of sofa on each side of a table and in front of a large window which is nice and comfortable. Service was friendly and knowledgeable of the beers available - especially the house beers. The owner and head brewer also took a few minutes to come talk to me about the brewery and future projects. There was 8 beers on tap when I visited, six where their own beers (all of their current line-up) and two contract-brewed beers in their installation (Lagabière Ta Meilleure and Griendel Prospero). Their house offerings are average, but the contract brewed beers were both pretty good. There’s no food available at the brewery, but there’s a food truck there twice a day so that’s a nice option. I haven’t tried it because I ate before arriving and also because it was closing when I arrived but it seems to be quality food. Prices for beers are good and you can get a 4 x 5 oz flight of any of their beers for 8,50$ which is nice. It will never figure among the top places in Québec, but it’s a solid addition to this area which is a beer desert. The invited beers was a really nice surprise to me and I like the idea of a food truck. I will be back for sure.“
tom10101 1537 days ago
76 /100 2015, RUE SAINT-PIERRE
“Beer section is located in the far corner, away from both streets. You need to walk through all the Molson Coors crap to get to the good stuff, but there is a ton of it. It is also probably the best stored craft beer in the province, the room has no windows and is kept at a constant refrigerated cellar temp. Organization is a bit messy which can make your beer hunting trip a little bit longer, but it’s also part of the fun right? Service is non-existant, complete self serve. They had some slightly harder to find bottles when I was there. Prices were very good. Definitely a worthy beer shop.“
JulienHuxley 1769 days ago
80 /100 2015, RUE SAINT-PIERRE
“Went with Tommy, loved the place, followed a cave to find a beer mecca. So many canadian craft beer options! Loved it.“
Ernesto987 2330 days ago
64 /100 2015, RUE SAINT-PIERRE
“Non-descript, dodgy looking place turns out to have one hell of an awesome corridor and room in the back with beer wall to wall. Haven’t had much experience with the staff, as I usually find myself completely alone in the beer "cave." great selection, obviously focused on Quebec breweries. Great place to stop when traveling on the highway. Just a stone’s throw away from the main drag, and worth the time to stop for sure.“
ipamonger 2377 days ago
76 /100 2015, RUE SAINT-PIERRE
“Hybride dépanneur/épicerie. C’est un peu une aventure pour trouver les bières de microbrasseries, mais lorsqu’on a découvert le corridor menant à la caverne d’Ali Baba on est récompensé. Toutes les microbrasseries du Québec sont représentées, plusieurs trucs un peu plus vieux, mais permettant de dénicher des trésor (CoHop V). Les prix sont excellents, mais le service est complétement absent.“
Whatup14 2490 days ago
78 /100 2015, RUE SAINT-PIERRE
“Nice place. It’s no easy to find the specialties beer room when it’s your first time here as it was for me. Service... which service? Pretty good selection of beer, though there’s a lot of old beer (some nice one like Rigor Mortis Abt who isn’t on shelves at this time of the year but there’s was also one year old IPA and stuff like that). Price are fair and probably a little under what you can find in other Quebec beer stores.“
tom10101 2823 days ago
60 /100 2015, RUE SAINT-PIERRE
“This place are near the hiway 20 between mtl a quebec, good choice, old stuff, low price, but a horible ambiance and service...“
GonZoBeeR 2867 days ago
70 /100 2015, RUE SAINT-PIERRE
“This is one of my personnal favorites. The fridge room for specialty beer is huge, you can buy single of in pack. The first time I got there I thought it was the Ali Baba’s cave for beer lovers. The selection is excellent and prices are good. But don’t expect to have service. Definetly a place to go.“
krinkle 3030 days ago
72 /100 2015, RUE SAINT-PIERRE
“Really nice place. Went there couple times. The place is really weird as you have to travel through a maze of fridges before you get to their "cellar". All their craft beers are stored in a big room surrounded by shelves. In the middle there is the special/new stuff and some gift packages (I got my beloved Charlevoix glass there). Selection is really good. Service is near absent as the employee have the store to run and this room is pretty isolated. While paying at the front I chatted a bit with a guy who seemed to be the owner and he seemed to be quite serious about getting good beers as much as he can and in the biggest quantity as possible. Once in a while I stop there on my way to Quebec from Montreal. Be aware that this place is not like La Barik or Le monde des bières where you can have great service and suggestions. Nice place though. Place rating #2“
Fred82 4023 days ago
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