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“Rare and odd place even in Norwegian matters. Highest point on the railway line between Oslo and Bergen. Snow and rain 365 days a year. Ok maybe only 360. Not possible to drive by car here. You have to take the train. Shortest and cheapest is from Haugastøl. Only 80 kr. Get off at the Fine train station. The Hotel there is not the right place. It is the place you see at the back beside the lake. Normally two or three beers on tap and a cider. The cider is quite good. The others…..hmmm they have some improvement to work out. It is possible to go here with bicycle. 30 km with stunning nature! And then you are so thirsty that even the beer get a good rating.
Absolutely well worth a visit! And do not miss the rallar (railroad workers – 100 years ago) museum on the other side of the station.“
Cunningham 1044 days ago
“Takes more than a walk in the park to visit this place. Hard way is by foot or ski, several km from south or north, or an easy stroll from the railwaystation at Finse. Be prepared to walk on snow, easier than it sounds, building up some thirst for those beers brewed at the premises. Inside its more like an old traditional cafe with lots of pine, even furniture. Service was the best there is, cheap sample tray with 3 beers and one cider, if hunger gets to you, there is some light meals to be had as well.Beers were mediocre, but the company of five thirsty men more than outweighted the dull beers. Recommended visit.“
gunnar 1474 days ago
“This was quite a journey! We took the train (Bergen-Oslo) from Voss to Finse. At the train we enjoyed Haandbryggeriet Dresin, a beer made exclusively for NSB long distance train.1 hour and 23 minutes later we arrived at Finse 1223 meters above sea level. From green grass in Voss to full winter and mountains covered in snow! We were the only passengers who left the train without ski and clothings made for a winter hike! But the sun was shining and the brewery was in sight about 800 meters straight ahead. Five beer geeks (Inbreak came from Bergen with the same train) braved the snow. New beers from a new brewery were ahead! When we entered we had to take off the shoes. My first brewery visit on socks. We got a sampler tray each, three beers and one cider. 130 Nok is not bad, but the beers were not good at all. Damn! But I had to enjoy a full glass "Finse Spesial" barefoot in the snow outside the cabin. Well worth a visit for serious beer hunters. The scenic trip outweighs the dull beers. (Visited May 7th 2016 with Gunnar, Holmen1, Holmen2 and Inbreak)“
Bryne 1485 days ago
“Finsehytta is run by Norsk Turistforening, an organisation that offers accomodation in both serviced and self-service lodges and cabins all over Norway. Finsehytta must be the only one of its kind with their own micro brewery on the premises! Well worth a visit for the dedicated beer hunter, as it’s an easy 10 minute walk (even across the snow) from Finse train station. We had their sample tray of four beers + their cider.“
Holmen1 1486 days ago
“First of all: Finsehytta is a hut, not a restaurant, but they have their own brewery for its guests who wants to explore the beautiful Norwegian nature, both summer and winter. That said, how was the beer? Everything taste well in such environments. Five different beers on tap are also impressive. All were ok, but they were all a bit watery in my opinion.“
Bjarte1 2141 days ago
“Finsehytta er et fantastisk utgangspunkt for turer både sørover på Hardangervidda og videre inn i Skarvheimen. Hytta ligger sentralt plassert midt imellom Hardangerjøkulen og Hallingskarvet. Med tog nesten til døra er Finse stedet for skiturer til lang ut i mai. På sommerstid er hytta et fint startsted for Rallarvegen. Eget mikrobryggeri 1223 m.o.h. med eget brygg: Finse 1223 Ale Finse 1223 Bayer Finse 1223 Cider Finse 1223 Lager “
Gorm 2305 days ago
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