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“Partly open-aired bar in hidden gardens of Thamel. Unfortunately without tap, yet. Nice selection of cans and bottles: Australian and American stars like Bruery Terreux, wide local macroproduction (Sherpa, Nepali version of Tuborg, Gurkha…), some Belgium. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff, well informated about craft beer situation in Nepal. Prices are a bit higher than in other Kathmandu bars, but this one is only one what can be called „craft bar“, so why not…“
Ascelja 467 days ago
“At last! A real beer gem in Kathmandu.Wonderful stouts from Great Divide, interesting beers from The Bruery, exotic cocoa-to-the-brim stout from Vietnam.I hear taps are on the way.Head and shoulders above Momo Hut.Keep it up dear Mr.Jones!“
purc 799 days ago
58 /100 Z STREET
“The Everest Irish Pub serves Guinness Daught Cans in a (mostly) proper glass. It is pretty much your typical Irish pub, that errs on the side of American music. They have pool tables and is in the heart of Thamel. Nice spot for a drink. You can also get Corona beer, and French 1664 along with all of the local light lagers.“
jimjonesdenver 1391 days ago
76 /100
Thamel MoMo Hut (Restaurant)
“I found actual American Craft Beer in Nepal. The selection is small compared to the U.S., but, hey, you are at the top of the world!! They carry a solid American IPA, a saison and Yeti Stout. There is also a locally produced craft Kolsch. It made for a pleasant surprise after hiking. Be aware that they charge western prices for the craft beer, but it was worth it instead of the local light lagers. I spoke with the manager, and he said it’s quite expensive to bring into the country, but they hope to expand the variety in the future. The food is excellent, and the service was good. Nepali momos (sort of like a Chinese dumpling) make a great pairing with beer. You can get vegetarian, but I had the chicken, and buffalo, then chocolate momos for dessert. You can get other food on the menu, but I recommend the momos.“
jimjonesdenver 1391 days ago
74 /100
New Orleans Cafe (Restaurant)
“If you need your Belgian beer fix while in Nepal, this is the place. It’s not a big selection (Chimay, Duvel, Westmalle, Liefmans, Hoegaarden), but all are good. They charge western prices, but that seems to be the standard for imports around Nepal. The service was good. They have a nice quiet courtyard where we sat outside away from the noise and chaos of Kathmandu. We only had a snack, but the food was enjoyable. It’s a bit hard to find down a pedestrian shopping street across from the Kathmandu Guest House. Ask a local for directions if you can’t find it.“
jimjonesdenver 1391 days ago
“empty at lunchtime. carlsberg, san miguel, everest, tuborg, and corona in bottles, carlsberg, san miguel, tuborg, and an unspecified, but possibly murphy’s, irish stout in cans. no yak steak. left and went to Everest Steak House.“
zebra 1712 days ago
72 /100
Fire and Ice (Restaurant)
“Absolutely delicious restaurant, with the best beer in Nepal: Coblenzer Marzen. Highly, highly recommended.“
zdunseth 2378 days ago
“Yeah we’re stretching it here for international places. Come here specifically for the apple pie dessert momos, holy cow. Giant yak steak with huge fries is certainly a major change from Nepali food. Ambiance is pretty Americanized and expect expats rather than locals. Only reason I have for adding this to ratebeer is that they have Murphys Irish stout in cans along with Tuborg, Everest, Gorkha, and San Miguel if I recall correctly. They may have a different selection now and it’s probably at the mercy of haphazard gray market suppliers. Main point is that since it’s an expat hangout, you can find some non macro pale lagers here. However, there seems to be a new local craft brewery in Kathmandu that is probably worth tracking down. And if you don’t want yak steak and dessert momos, you may be able to score Murphys cans at the Irish Pub in Thamel. Again, really tough to find craft beer in Nepal so this is about the best I found... And believe me I was looking. This place is very pricey for Nepal so be warned.“
GT 2571 days ago
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