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“Oh, unless someone's driving, getting to MMX is a bit of a pain. Masochists may take 311 from Zličín (the ones going to Řevnice) and ride for more than an hour to the Karlštejnska station in Lety. Otherwise S7 to Dobřichovice or Řevnice and either walk or luck out into catching the local bus (448 or 451 or something). So, MMX. A brewery, restaurant and a hotel in one. The others described it well, odd dark grey appearance, it looks closed even when open. Spacious, modern restaurant hall reminiscent of a hotel eating area, which is because it is one. Dog friendly and kid friendly (with a nice play/drawing area). Service... mostly distant, unsure that much English is spoken, but helpful and quick. 4 beers on tap, nothing too memorable (other than the Red Ale being very much not red). Well made food, not the most generous or cheapest portions around but tasty, at least my svíčková na smetaně was. Huh, a sign on the fridge asked patrons to order beers to go one day in advance, and the bottles inside seemed for show. Odd. Plenty of MMX paraphernalia to purchase, but their logo is likely the least visually appealing logo in the country, so I don't see those being top sellers. Dunno. It's not a bad place, but it didn't make me want to revisit it any time soon - it's just not a standout. Combine a visit with other breweries, especially if you're mobile, maybe use it as the "base" of a beer exploration of the area on bikes, and you'll be fine.“
Marko 549 days ago
“4 brews, OK but nothing more than that.“
Sokolov 2221 days ago
“very modern place, accurately described by pivnizub, on a main road from Prague to the Brdy region. Strangely enough, I somehow like the atmosphere of the place. 4 different beers were on tap, they also fill PET bottles and have souvenirs for sale. Staff were very friendly, 3 people made sure I got bottles filled, coasers, a glass etc. Nothing touristy nearby, you have to go there if you want to try their beers.“
Quack-Duck 3105 days ago
“Odd place! Located in a village between Dobřichovice and Řevnice (the birthplace of Martina Navrátilova!), this newly erected brew-pub looks like a modern coal-mine!! The whole building , the small tower included ,( plus brewery, pub & ohotel) is covered in black; the restaurant itself looks like a church hall or like a gymnasium; pure concrete and rough furniture… Regarding the mediocre beers and the "cold" service , this place is not really worth a visit “
pivnizub 3199 days ago
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MMX Světlé Výčepní Pivo 10°
Minipivovar MMX330 days ago
MMX Polotmavý ležák
Minipivovar MMX330 days ago