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60 /100
Saj Saj (Bar)
“The place is directly located at a busy junction and therefore it's too loud. You can have Myanmar beer...drink two pay one and the staff is absolutely wonderful. Take care the food is spicy. You can have a delicious free soup without limitations“
wontan 1017 days ago
34 /100 9, 73RD ST, BETWEEN 26TH AND 27TH
“When I entered the shop 5 directly 5 people run to me and wanted to sell me wine, whiskey or other spirits. In the fridge there are some beers that you can find everywhere. The visit in this shop is senseless when you're looking for beer“
wontan 1018 days ago
40 /100 9, 73RD ST, BETWEEN 26TH AND 27TH
“I tracked this place down on the basis of kermis’ earlier review. Certainly a clean shop but unfortunately their focus is very much on wine and spirits rather than beer. Just one fridge now with the only beer I hadn’t seen anywhere else being Budweiser. Also some Tuborg, Heineken, Hoegaarden and Tiger beer but these are all fairly available across Myanmar these days. Their range of Myanmar beers was actually more limited than what is on offer at supermarkets such as Oceans or City Mart. Not worth tracking down in my view, unless you’d like some imported wines and whisky.“
dmarsha4 1948 days ago
42 /100
Dimple Restaurant (Restaurant)
“Spirulina Anti-Aging Beer available. If you are in Mandalay you will probably visit the U Pain Bridge. You’ll find this restaurant next to this brigde. If you are on the bridge walking in the direction of Mandalay get off the bridge at the end and turn right and directly right again to go down the stairs to the parking place. It is the first restaurant on the left, you’ll see signs on front promoting the beer.“
Koelschtrinker 2037 days ago
32 /100
Saj Saj (Bar)
“Spirulina Anti-Aging Beer available. After searching for that beer I asked my hotel staff to do some research on that beer and they finally found this place who has the beer on draft next to the normal Mandalay Lager. Easy to find, you will see large signs in front of the bar promoting the Spirulina beer.“
Koelschtrinker 2037 days ago
38 /100 9, 73RD ST, BETWEEN 26TH AND 27TH
“First off, ignore the map on Ratebeer, it can’t cope with a Mandalay address but the location is 73rd street, between 26th and 27th street. There’s no craft beer scene in Myanmar at the time of writing and this liquor store with a couple of fridges filled with around 20 different beers is about the best you can hope for. They’ve got a fair few of the (few) Myanmar ticks, along with a few other SE Asians, some international stuff (think Heineken, Hoegaarden etc), some German cans I’ve never seen before and a few ciders. All in all, not very good. But as I say, you don’t visit Myanmar for the thriving and upcoming craft beer scene. This place also wins the prize for the cleanest and most "shop" like looking place in Mandalay. It’s clean, bright lit and has windows rather than being a dark dingy hole in the wall. But hey, the dark dingy holes and numerous beer stations in the city have more charm, especially with a bottle of Black Flag stout.“
kermis 2328 days ago
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