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100 /100
PIR ŠOP (Beer Store)
“First rating is from me - the owner. I gave my store best grades because it's currently the only one in town and what you see is what you get - and you can get some really cool beers like local Lobik, Bevog, Reservoir Dogs... And from EU and above - Collective Arts, Pohjala, Pomona, Verdant, Stigbergets... Hope to see you in near future!“
HopsGotSoul 700 days ago
“Nice and cosy little pub right behind the national theatre with a great mix of lagers and ales on tap.“
GregorK 831 days ago
42 /100 DUPLEŠKA 34A
“Small pub with "very local" atmosphere. Beer kinda okay and available for takeaway“
surething_ii 908 days ago
56 /100 GRAJSKI TRG 6
“An OK looking restaurant in the centre of Maribor. Nothing special regarding beer - 4 house beers (lagers of various sorts) and a couple of macros. The food does look better here. The terrace is also a nice place to sit and just let the day pass. Good for food and new ticks, nothing to write home about.“
MarkoNm 1023 days ago
58 /100 GRAJSKI TRG 6
“Pizzeria with house beer. Yup that's pretty much it. Beer is mediocre, meals were okay“
surething_ii 1026 days ago
82 /100 TYRŠEVA 7
“Interestingly and charmingly decorated place. Old vinyl records everywhere. Good selection of bottled beer, only one macro and two crafts on tap.“
Zindre 1140 days ago
74 /100 POŠTNA ULICA 3
“Offers local Slovenian craft IPAs from Bevog & Human Fish and more conventional Slovenian beers. Great food is the key to this place.“
ottokhera 1228 days ago
44 /100 DUPLEŠKA 34A
“It's asmall, local bar just a bit outside of the Maribor centre. Basically, the only thing that distinguishes it from any other bar is that they make their own beer - light, dark and special Christmas one. Would really make a detour, but iif in teh area or passing by, why not. Nothing special really.“
MarkoNm 1377 days ago
“For czech gambrinus beer lovers.“
djoeye 1582 days ago
“Good dinner. Limited beer selection. For a newbie in Slovenia it's possible to find some though.“
djoeye 1582 days ago
48 /100 GLAVNI TRG 9
“Hard to find a new tick here, maybe one though. The main thing here is the quintet place tick option - within less than 100 metres on Postna Ulica: Repvbblica, Patricks, HudaKava, Isabella & LivingRoom.“
djoeye 1582 days ago
50 /100 POŠTNA ULICA 10
“It looks a bit irish-english, village pub like. Not that wide beer range, but fair enough. The main thing here is the quintet place tick option - within less than 100 metres on Postna Ulica: Repvbblica, Patricks, HudaKava, Isabella & LivingRoom.“
djoeye 1582 days ago
52 /100 POŠTNA ULICA 3
“Not that much craft beers at my visit, but notice the full name of the place. The main thing here is the quintet place tick option - within less than 100 metres on Postna Ulica: Repvbblica, Patricks, HudaKava, Isabella & LivingRoom.“
djoeye 1582 days ago
70 /100
Rokaj (Bar)
“Ambience rock ay roll = Rokaj! Buddy Holly - AC DC.... Gave me foot! Found a Tektronik. PA as IPA. Laminated craft beer list. Dark budvar and three austrian Stiegls on taps. Satisfaction...let's rock the garage!“
djoeye 1582 days ago
46 /100 POŠTNA ULICA 3
“A very nice little hipster bar in the center, on a street where lots of similar bars are situated. Six taps, nothing to interesting on them. I asked about the bottles, but they said they had only their macros: Laško and Union. Disappointed, I ordered two of the local craft beers which were overpriced.“
hrabren 1832 days ago
74 /100 POŠTNA ULICA 3
“We lived close, so we spent quite some time here. Had a great Panini and a few very good beers. Bevog on Tap, two HumanFish, Zmajska as well. Taplist seems to vary a little, as well as bottles available. Service was great, the waiter was nice, described the beers we asked him about well and gave good recommendations. On the weekend, this place, as the whole street, becomes crowded, and service becomes slower and less focused on quality, but quantity - which i sto be expected, they wouldn’t be able to serve everyone otherwise. Just know: if you’re here for easy craft drinking with good recommendations, come early.“
herrklemann 1893 days ago
72 /100 POŠTNA ULICA 3
“Anothe place with decent craft beer choice from the so-called "pub street" in the centre of Maribor. Looks like a bit more upscale place with some place on the terrace as well. Decent place“
MarkoNm 2123 days ago
88 /100
Rokaj (Bar)
“Damn fine place. Open on Sunday (rare in this town at this time of year) until midnight. Bartender loves American music, with a good dose of rockabilly. Solid beer selection, at least 20 Slovenian bottles. Probably 40 bottles from the rest of Europe with a random American beer or two. Solid whiskey selection. Cash only. It’s here despite it not being present in Google maps. Right next to Šiš (which is in Google maps) and has food.“
goodgnus 2195 days ago
64 /100 POŠTNA ULICA 10
“An Irish style pub with a terrace right in Maribor’s "pub street" just a few steps away from the main square. Ok choice, some domestic and foreign stuff.“
MarkoNm 2195 days ago
70 /100
Rokaj (Bar)
“A decent place on the Drava river bank, just a few steps away. Nice terrace with the rock styled place. A decent beer choice.“
MarkoNm 2195 days ago
52 /100 GLAVNI TRG 9
“Pub like place. Not really very interesting though, they have a couple of fullers options on tap. And then some bottles, mostly internationals that are easy to find elsewhere too, only Slovenian beer was Mali Grad Pale Ale. Not worth your time.“
Werckmeister 2225 days ago
76 /100 POŠTNA ULICA 3
“the place is located on, I would call it "pub-street", very lively on a friday evening, no chance to get a table outside. inside was ok though. 5 taps, and then a fridge full of bottles (around 25-30 kinds). 3 of the taps were bevog beers, i think one humanfish (actually not sure now), the 5th tap handle showed Zmajaska, but actually they had a AleSmith Double IPA on. The fridge is mainly internationals, but still quite nice ones. I had a single of AleSmith Nut Brown Ale & Wicked Weed Tropicmost Gose. Service was quite helpful and friendly. Prices were quite good, I paid for each of the beers 5,80 I think. In all the european online webshops I saw the tropicmost gose it was like 10 euros, so rather a good deal. Overall nice place, selection of local beers could be better though.“
Werckmeister 2225 days ago
74 /100
Rokaj (Bar)
“Nice dive bar-ish place close to the river. biggest selection of the beers of the bars in maribor (isabella is close 2nd). also good selection of slovenian beers, about 10 beers, by mali grad, lila misa & humanfish. also 6-7 bevog options. apart from a good selection of rather well-selected international favorites. like ayinger urweisse, andechser dunkelweisse, de ranke xx, some de molen, brewdog, oakham & some fullers. overall about 60 bottles total, only tap is stiegl & stiegl radler. i found the beers not to be that cheap (around 4euroish), but i think my expectations were off. overall worth the visit, best selection of slovenian beers from any of the bars i visited.“
Werckmeister 2225 days ago
“A pub of a guesthouse with Staropramen beers on tap and some local (industrial) beers as well as Serbian and Staropramen beers in bottle“
Lore 2287 days ago
74 /100 POŠTNA ULICA 3
“Small bar in the old town. It also has a couple of tables on the street that are really cozy if the weather is fine. Small selection of both macro and micro brewed beers. 4 taps that are probably not fixed but when I was there they had one Bevog and one HumanFish beer. They also have some local and foreign (Danish, American, Belgian and Scottish) beers by the bottle. The saladas and sandwiches are also delicious. Nice place for sure.“
kapusil 2720 days ago
46 /100 DUPLEŠKA 34A
“Light & Dark. Both surprisingly good. A side bonus - located just several hundred meters of the highway (towards Ljubljana)- nice place for a beer pit-stop.“
Sokolov 2757 days ago
56 /100
E.Leclerc Maribor (Grocery Store)
“A typical Leclerc supermarket, very big with sometimes a decent selection of beers: English, German, Belgian mostly, soemtimes some exotic too. The place to get beer in Maribor, outside the specialist shops.“
MarkoNm 2788 days ago
36 /100 DUPLEŠKA 34A
“This pub is located in suburb of Maribor. During our visit it was full with locals. Beers are mediocre, staff was OK. If you are in Maribor and somebody will drive you there give try, other ways not very worthy for a visit.“
Cuso 3028 days ago
36 /100 DUPLEŠKA 34A
“We visited this brewpub on 11.10.2013. It’s located in the suburbs of Maribor. First impression is a bit dingy. A small pub with a beer garden close to a noisy road. They have two beers (blond and dark), which are better than the beers of the other brewpub in Maribor, also service is nicer. You can also miss this place, however it seems to be the best choice in Maribor.“
Schlenkerla 3282 days ago
84 /100 POŠTNA ULICA 3
“Lovely small pub with far best selection of worldwide beers in Maribor. Beer selection is not fixed. Recommended.“
rok1024 3413 days ago
68 /100 POŠTNA ULICA 3
“Pleasant bistro in an alley of bars, north of the river, near the old municipal square. Good simple food - salads, soup, toasted sandwiches from mainly locally sourced ingredients. Two Human Fish beers, four Trappists and a couple of US craft beers. The best beer place in an interesting town. Encourage them.“
Tim Webb 3685 days ago
52 /100 DUPLEŠKA 34A
“Average pub in Maribor with own Beer.“
rok1024 3703 days ago
60 /100 POŠTNA ULICA 10
“Above average selection of beers for Maribor pubs.“
rok1024 3703 days ago
70 /100
E.Leclerc Maribor (Grocery Store)
“Best generic/macro beer selection in stores in Maribor.“
rok1024 3703 days ago
58 /100 POŠTNA ULICA 10
“I usually come here for the food and not the beer. Poor choice for an Irish pub. The only thing going for them is the Guinness and Kilkenny on tap. Everything else is pretty much your typical macrobrewery selection. The pub itself looks quite authentic, however the music is a roulette with Irish music rarely (if ever) heard. The food on the other hand is great with a large selection and fast service.“
mjakopa 3709 days ago
82 /100 POŠTNA ULICA 3
“A small but meaningful selection of beer. There are always new ones tried out and others phased out, but there are always Belgians available. Ambience is nice, small, calm and very homely. They also have amazing salads, paninis and desserts!“
mjakopa 3713 days ago
54 /100
E.Leclerc Maribor (Grocery Store)
“Like others mentioned, a large supermarket chain with a large macrobrew selection. Don’t expect any help from staff, you’re pretty much on your own. That said, it seems someone there does care a little. Every now and then there will be gems found. Recent surprises include a wide selection of Trappistes and BrewDog. Also keep in mind, at the moment, this is the only store that carries a half decent selection. Until a proper beer store opens in Maribor, this will also be your largest selection.“
mjakopa 3713 days ago
48 /100
E.Leclerc Maribor (Grocery Store)
“Typical place for Central Europe. Large grocery chain with row of mostly local macro beers. I am guessing best spot to buy beer in town.“
Radek Kliber 4033 days ago
48 /100
E.Leclerc Maribor (Grocery Store)
“I’ve been here several times and this is typical supermarket with slightly better beer selection than competition. There are 10-15 French beers and ciders but everything else is pretty standard.“
ogivlado 4231 days ago
66 /100 DUPLEŠKA 34A
“Looks like ordinary little bar. There is enough place for only 30-35 people, and it’s very difficult to find it, because it’s in surbub of Maribor.“
ogivlado 6269 days ago
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