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“It's a brewdog in Iceland. I was there off season so it was mostly locals and a few expats. Staff was nice, prices were $$$$$, but didn't expect anything else. Selection was ok from the Icelandic beers and very boring from the brewdog ones.“
FinnIckler 7 days ago
“Not really a brewpub, but made look that way. Nice food, and OK selection of beer. The food is good and nice service.“
bjakk 47 days ago
“A nice place, that focuses on the food, beside the beer. Good service and great food.“
bjakk 47 days ago
66 /100 BANKASTRÆTI 14
“A nice craft beer bar. The setup is a little cold, but the people friendly.“
bjakk 47 days ago
“8 taps of Malbygg beers, and a cooler full of cans and bottles, and barrel aged bottles. Staff was super-nice and knew their beers. Just a taproom, no other things to add, really. But, Malbygg makes excellent beers and they had some special ones available there.“
GodOfThunder 78 days ago
86 /100 AÐALSTRÆTI 9
“Cosy place with wooden floors and furniture plus a small room in the back with darts and a game machine. 14 beers on tap and good selection af bottles with quite a lot of Belgian sours. Fair prices, especially when happy hour is on and friendly service too. Food is served, but I did not see the menu. The restroom features three urinals, but only one crapper which may be insufficient on busy days.“
SlackerMads 430 days ago
76 /100 LAUGAVEGUR 20B
“Cozy spot in downtown. Pity they don't have a tap list board. Icelandic craft scene showroom apparently, think was no single beer from abroad. Helpful staff yet not too much into beer. Decent on a pubcrawl.“
mieszal92 657 days ago
80 /100 SKÚLAGATA 28
“An extraordinary spot with a sea view. Food is a strong brach of this business. Fancy selection of local Icelandic snacks. Moderate selection. Unique interior, oldschool.“
mieszal92 657 days ago
98 /100 AÐALSTRÆTI 9
“Just the best craft beer bar in the city. Staff are super friendly and helpful, the selection of beer was broader and better than anywhere else, the place was cosy and warm when the weather was Baltic and the selection of music was far superior to any place we visited over the 5 days we were there. I am genuinely surprised to see this place below Mirco Bar in the list of top craft beers bars in Reykjavik as I thought it was way ahead in terms of just about everything. There are 14 taps on and when we were there, they were all Icelandic beers on, with a great range from session beers, lagers, sours and a BA imperial stout. Given this is Iceland, the beers are not cheap so I'd recommend taking a flight of 4 samples (20cl each) which can make some of the pricier beers come in at a much more reasonable cost. They also have a Happy "Hour" which actually lasted from midday to 1900. This reduces the cost of 3 of the Icelandic draft beers on sale by about 20%-30%. The selection of which beers usually changes each day and isn't always just the cheapest 3, so you can get a decent discount. I really can't recommend this place enough. If you're visiting, do make a trip, I strongly doubt you'll regret it.“
SaladBoyLee 660 days ago
80 /100 AÐALSTRÆTI 9
“Situado en pleno centro de Reikiavik, dimensiones medianas y acojedor, estética nórdica, 14 surtidores, la mitad de ellos de Borg Brugghús, tambien había algo de Founders, de Malbygg y alguna cervecera más islandesa que desconocía. La happy hour hace que los precios sean más aceptables, pero sigue la línea de precios islandesa. Aquí probamos una Ulfrun de Borg y la Djus Kristur de Malbygg.“
Suco 661 days ago
“Beautiful place just at the sea/harbour. Staff is fun (specially the polish girl). Beer is alright, recommendations honest. Havent tried the food. I am on a diet while in iceland anyway, thanks to the iceland foodprices! Cool place, i recommend a stop during happy hour!“
kiwianer 717 days ago
“I've been to so many Brewdog pubs, and that was my worst experience ever. Mostly because of the service, the guy behind the bar did actually d not know what on draught he had, and advised me to change the place if I really would like to have something good. Then the other guy from behind the bar was playing with the other mate by throwing rubbish to eachother... over the costumers heads. Really childish. And the argument that made me to write this comment... they did not have jack hammer in stock, and that was too much 😉“
Piotr 749 days ago
“This is the place to go to stock up for a road trip. Nice cooled selection of craft beer, mostly icelandic, but also some other countries. Prices are reasonable for icelandic (high) standards.“
MarcoDL 761 days ago
“Modern place in the centre. Good selection of usual and more special brewdogs and some nice icelandic brews. Of course it's very expensive. Food is very tasty and reasonably priced. People were friendly and knowledgeable. Good place.“
MarcoDL 769 days ago
“Pressed for a place for dinner in expensive Reykjavik, we settled on Bjor Gardurrin. Smart move. 30 beers on tap, all low abv offerings I saw, I had a Brewdog and a Leffe. The food was quite good, my wife and I split a hamburger and wings. Friendly servers. Happy hour and a coupon for the meal were quite helpful.“
KevinReddirt 783 days ago
“Mooie bar met leuk terras aan de haven. Café gedeelte prima, restaurant gedeelte niet geweest. Muziek wel hard. Service voor buiten en café gedeelte geen service; minpunten. Beperkte bierkaart, eten prima.“
Bosbouw 796 days ago
“Right next to Bastard Brewpub, this is a much quieter place that seems to appeal to locals more. Comfortable, intimate spot with an ovular bar in the middle. Small taplist of 10 beers, 5 of which were Borg, the rest being shitty macro stuff. Come between 3 and 8pm for happy hour pricing, which will still set you back 1000-1200 ISK per beer - only one size per beer. Not a great ticker spot, but I found two Borgs here I haven’t seen anywhere else. Friendly Irish bartender.“
mcberko 830 days ago
“The widest selection of draught beer in Reykjavík. Mostly Icelandic beers on tap, mostly stuff you can find elsewhere, but they’re all together here. Flights available, but they’re stupid expensive: 3 for 1950 ISK, 6 for 3600 ISK, 12 for 6000 ISK, and 24 for 10,000 ISK. Otherwise, you can order all beers in 0.2, 0.4, and 0.5L pours. During happy hour (3-7pm everyday), the 0.5L pours are 500 ISK off (so you can order a 0.5L Ölvisholt Lava for 2400 instead of 2900 ISK, lol). Extremely friendly service, though not terribly knowledgeable. Definitely worth a stop.“
mcberko 830 days ago
76 /100 SKIPHOLT 31
“About out of the centre, but still only about a 15 minute walk from, say, Mikkeller. Cute, intimate place, with a few long tables. They had 8 house taps, plus a cask, a couple guests when I went. Flights of 4 available for 2400 ISK, ridiculous but standard for Reykjavik. Bartender was fine to do additional free samples. Lots of interesting styles on tap - the highlights for me were the passionfruit sour and a coconut impie. One of the better stops in Reykjavik.“
mcberko 831 days ago
74 /100 BANKASTRÆTI 14
“Centrally located, a block from Mikkeller, and situated upstairs. Comfortable and well-designed. Great beer list, one of the best in town: mostly Icelandic stuff, but also some Norwegian special rarities. Flights of 4 for 3400 ISK, or 6 for 5000 ISK, probably the most absurdly priced flight I’ve seen in Iceland. Bartender was nice enough to do smaller pours for us. Worth it for the excellent beer selection - just be forewarned about the wallet damage.“
mcberko 831 days ago
“Cool little place just off the main strip (Laugavegur). Smallish downstairs with an upstairs and small patio. Only two house beers on tap, one of which was out when I visited, plus some mostly uninteresting guests. Flights of 4 for 2800 ISK; at that price, not worth it - just get some 0.2L pours for a more reasonable price. The house amber they had on was very solid. Friendly service. Might be worth a quick stop, but not a good ticket spot.“
mcberko 831 days ago
58 /100 KRINGLUNNI 4-12
“Located within Kringlan shopping centre, it’s on the bottom floor. Reasonable selection of Icelandic and import craft, some refrigerated, but not as wide a selection as the Skútuvogur or Heiðrún locations. Not worth going out of your way, but if you’re nearby, this is a good one.“
mcberko 832 days ago
“Located very close to the harbour, where cruise ships dock. Looks nice from the outside and is even rather comfortable inside. 6 house beers on tap, plus some guests. Flights of 3 for 1,990 ISK or 6 for 3,800 ISK - one of the most ridiculously priced flights in Iceland, perhaps only second to Brewdog. My flight of 3 featured 2 that were infected with butter - bad beer quality in general. Bartender was alright. Was not impressed at all with this place.“
mcberko 832 days ago
“Nicely setup, in a typical Brewdog character. 10 Brewdog beers on tap, plus another 7-8 guests. Flights of 4 for an outrageous ~3200 ISK, the steepest I’ve seen in the country other than Session Craft Bar a couple blocks away. Glasses are between 1000 and 1800 ISK, but they’ll do smaller pours than what’s indicated on the menu, and will do free samples. Worth a visit when in town.“
mcberko 833 days ago
68 /100 SKÚLAGATA 28
“Centrally located, with a full bar and kitchen upstairs, with some pretty stunning views of the water and mountains. 4 Kex beers on when I visited, plus another 10-12 guests. No flights, not even smaller pours than 0.4L. Happy hour between 3 and 7pm, but those prices still aren’t good (1000-1100 ISK on the Kex beers). Beer quality is decent, with most of what I tried being solid enough. Service was very friendly. Worth a stop if you have time, but it’s not a top tier spot in town.“
mcberko 833 days ago
68 /100 SKÚTUVOGI 2
“This has got to be the best government store I visited, even better than the Heiðrún location. Walk-in fridge, with an extensive selection of Icelandic and import beers. Some nice lambics even. If you only visit one government store, visit this one.“
mcberko 833 days ago
“Certainly one of the better government stores in the country, with a walk-in fridge and fairly extensive selection. Organization is a bit strange, with seemingly no real method to where the beers are. Found a couple of one-off Borgs here. If you have a car, it’s worth checking out.“
mcberko 833 days ago
“Nice bar a couple of streets down from the main tourist drag in Reykjavik. Nice atmosphere and very friendly and helpful staff. I liked this place because it was full of Icelanders and not tourists, well apart from me of course, but I'm special! Had food here and it was excellent. Don't think I have ever had poor grub in a Brewdog bar and Rejkjavik maintained the high standard amd then some. So great atmosphere, staff and food, so what about the beer? Ah yes the beer! BORING! Boring, boring. boring selection that didn't shift for the 5 days I was in town. Feckin PAs and Gose's and saisons and common Brewdog beers. I think I had 2 beers here in 4 visits, it was really hard to find something interesting to drink. If they can liven up the beer this will be a great bar, everything else is in place!“
madmitch76 874 days ago
82 /100 AÐALSTRÆTI 9
“A stone's throw or two from the Microbar, kind of offset and out the way. It was quiet on both my visit's here. Nice lighting and a cosy place with a good feel. Decent local selection on tap and a very good selection of Borg Imperial stouts. Service was attentive and friendly and I had a Borg impy made with donuts on the bar keeps recommendation. It was a good shout - excellent beer. Prices are of course Icelandic, ie ruinous. But still less than the Mikkeller bar. I liked Skuli a lot and would certainly return if ever I win the lottery and fancy another trip to Iceland.“
madmitch76 874 days ago
“A comfy spot that has a nice bar. Staff is nice and will ask and recommend beer options. Sadly beeryis local macro craft with nothing really interesting. Happy hour has good value, but not great beer and only large pours.“
Ferris 941 days ago
76 /100 AÐALSTRÆTI 9
“A really nice and pleasant modern atmosphere that is cozy. Decent staff with a few minutes of interest. 14 good taps and 6 beer flight of high quantity. A very solid spot.“
Ferris 942 days ago
“The only and therefore the best option. Not a big, but a decent collection of local craft. Prices are surprisingly ok and had I known would have gone here first and saved myself some crazy bar prices. Staff were nice and actually knew about local beers.“
Ferris 942 days ago
54 /100 LAUGAVEGUR 20B
“Sadly this place should be deleted and shame on the person who added it. Don’t go here unless you want kitch and cocktails.“
Ferris 942 days ago
78 /100 SKIPHOLT 31
“A very nice little spot out of the way. Hobbies and passions of owners are evident. Staff wash great, she made my day. Flights available of pretty solid beer. If you are a football fan, the play all the matches.“
Ferris 942 days ago
72 /100 LAUGAVEGUR 20B
“A nice cozy spot, with less than cozy staff. A bunch of Kodi taps and some guests. Small pours in nice glass wear but no flights. If you get the attention of the staff they can be quite helpful.“
Ferris 943 days ago
“A bit deceiving from the outside, the inside is quite comfortable. Bartender was awesome, letting me try 3 or 4 just to make sure I was ordering something I liked. Pricey of course, but flights. Lots of guest taps, mainly Borg. Nice spot.“
Ferris 943 days ago
“Sexy from the outside, but just lacking and uncomfortable inside. My bartender was a sick and actually argues with me when it wasn’t necessary. Then excuses came and pseudo beer knowledge. Tips on the machine which is always a pet peeve. Flights and reasonable prices, but mediocre beer. I was not impressed.“
Ferris 944 days ago
70 /100 SKÚLAGATA 28
“A nice comfy spot that screams high end hostel. Extensive tap list but only a few of their beers. Pints only and happy hour on just a few. Not very ticker friendly.“
Ferris 944 days ago
76 /100 BANKASTRÆTI 14
“A bit steril and nightclub like. 16 good taps with flights available. Pricey as usual. Decent spot. If you get in good with the guys who own the spot you are golden.“
Ferris 945 days ago
“A nice comfy stop. Pleasant nice staff. Crazy prices of course but they do flights which is nice.“
Ferris 945 days ago
“Awesome selection of BrewDog beers and local craft beers. Very impressive food menu & overall great atmosphere ??“
eggertgislason 1056 days ago
“It’s the only, hence the best high alcohol beer store downtown. Actually the state liquor store. Does singles. Has a decent selection. Worth a stop when in the “old town”.“
bhensonb 1085 days ago
“Crowded, crowded. Modern xd with industrial. 15 or more taps. 10 BD - 5 Guest. Service a bit oerwhelmed. Too small a place for the amazing number of customers- who seem more interested in food than beer. Lamb burger smells good. Buffalo wings look good. Guy next to me actually growled as he attacked his asparagus.“
bhensonb 1086 days ago
84 /100 AÐALSTRÆTI 9
“Currently obscured by construction. Modern compared to many. They have their “own” beer. Skúli. Knowledgeable bar guy. 14 taps. Good spot.“
bhensonb 1086 days ago
“Funky brick and wood decor. Three Viking beers on tap. Bondi was pretty new. Service at the bar was quick. Warm and comfortable venue. Nice place to stop.“
bhensonb 1086 days ago
82 /100 HAFNARSTRÆTI 1-3
“Downtown central. Looks like a well worn local with some strange glints of upscale. It’s all about swine and beer, but there’s an upscale wine list. Some good fish dishes too. Expensive compared to typical pub in suburban USA.“
bhensonb 1087 days ago