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70 /100 30 HIGH STREET
“Finally got the chance to visit the first micropub in the area. Until the 60's the building was a cottage turned pub called the Horse and Groom. It was then subdivided into shop units, one of which has at least returned to its prior use. Shared doorway with an estate agents, you turn right into the pub which is the size of a small lounge. Decor is trad pub. Perhaps 5 tables? A rear walled yard with another 3 tables - I understand that they've now had some sort of rear extension so have more tables. I sat here and pretty soon the drawback was that 6 or so locals came out for a fag. They specialise in local beer which stretches to Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and, based on aprevious beer, also London (at least a Toast keg was on when they opened). Thurston's beers and Tutts Clump ciders (two ice ciders in bottles as well for a future visit when I am not driving) on permanently. Then the likes of Ascot (inc their Distruption Is Brewing faux craft stuff), Hogs Back and Crafty. Up to 4 casks, 6 kegs and up to 4 bag in a box ciders in the cellar. About 10 people on a Saturday afternoon but they mentioned that they were less busy today. Run by a married couple - the woman served me and was welcoming. So far they have had a series of new local ticks for me so will definitely return. Especially when I fo back to the office shortly as it's on my way home. And I want the ice ciders. No food. Definitely a place for anyone after Surrey ticks. Currently all pints are £4.50 which is a good deal around these parts.“
BeardedAvenger 525 days ago
54 /100
Surrey Wine Cellar (Beer Store)
“Have driven past this ’posh’ wine shop numerous times and recently spotted some beer bottles in the window. No mention of beer on their website but some references to local beer on their Twitter feed. They seem to do pretty pricey wine and also advertise pop-up food events. Dropped in today and couldn’t spot any beer. However the lady behind the counter explained that they were setting up for an event that evening so shelves had been moved. She fished out various beers for me - full array of Thurston’s plus a couple of Little Beer Co and Descent. However they also had a random Italian pilsner, Via Priula Loertis. This was reasonably priced. I mentioned I was ticking off Surrey breweries and whilst I can’t remember her exact response it did sound like this place may be worth keeping an eye on in case they get more beers in. Across the road from the White Hart too. On a complete sidenote, also spotted that the Co-Op down the road have a good range of Ascot beers.“
BeardedAvenger 1723 days ago
60 /100 58 HIGH STREET
“Visited in mid week at lunch time and very busy. All the pumps were available. Food was reasonably priced and a good quality.“
joe19612 1882 days ago
60 /100 58 HIGH STREET
“Update: been looking to tick off Hop Art Ruby Kiss. Saw they had it, dropped in but refused service because I had a pram. I’d spent 20 min walking around to make sure that the boy was asleep and the toffs were baying louder than any noises he’d make. To add insult to injury they pointed me to the pub down the road that sells Doom Bar. I like this place. The food feed keeps the Mrs happy and then I can also have some good beer on the side. I did ponder adding The White Hard as a restaurant, the focus is on the food but it still has an area for drinkers out front. Well trained and attentive staff. There is a permanent house beer, Brunning & Price Original Bitter, brewed by Phoenix in Manchester, and 3 guest ales (often one from Thurston’s in nearby Horsell, Surrey Hills and XT). They also have Lowenbrau Original on tap, amongst the macros. Always lively and in a nice village setting as well.“
BeardedAvenger 2037 days ago