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56 /100 117 MAIN STREET
“The Library Tap benefits both from its name, and the fact that it is the most attractive building in the town that houses a hostelry. In reality it caters more for your general boozer than focused beer drinker. That said there is real ale in here and although not all the pumps were in use, there were ales from local microbreweries including the most local of all - Bingley. Housed in a fine, old stone-brick building, it’s an open plan venue with a high ceiling with the entrance in one corner, with the bar spanning most of the length of the opposite side wall, only split by a post which ensures two different service areas. It’s atmospheric enough, even with the television screens that show sports channels all day. I was here early, but I got the impression on weekend nights that loud music rules here.“
ManVsBeer 2101 days ago
“In the top corner of the open area outside the railway station, this is a micropub that uses a shop unit for its space. It’s an unremarkable brick building of commercial use, but the simple interior makes for a welcoming enough space. The bar is in the middle of the left wall, with seating against the exterior walls and window. There’s only cask ale here, with six hand pumps carrying the rotating selection, with the dispensing system on show behind the server. As the unit is set back from the road there’s enough room for several tables for outdoor supping.“
ManVsBeer 2101 days ago
56 /100 57 MAIN STREET
“The name of this pub suggests you’re going to find more than you actually do. It’s a very chain-like pub and set-up inside, with lots of well known lagers out of kegs, sports show on large television screens and durable easy to clean fixtures and furniture. There is however a row of real ale pumps by the floor to ceiling posts that splits the service area into two sides. Here you’ll find several ales sourced from the local area as well as nationally available ones. The odd special ale appears here too, but it’s not a true ale house. Guinness Golden Ale is currently on tap here.“
ManVsBeer 2141 days ago
“Opposite the train station entrance the bottom corner of one of the buildings across the car park, it’s not quite an underground bar but is below street level. The entrance brings you immediately into the bar area where a decent row of rotating ales (mostly from local micros) exists alongside some keg ale options and some craft ale bottle choices too. This is a small area with a couple of high level tables to sit at, which if you are only here to drink may be your best option, as the main room beyond this is more suited for dining. There’s quite a modern design to this place with a modern paint job on the walls.“
ManVsBeer 2218 days ago
64 /100 141 MAIN STREET
“Set opposite the former Bradford & Bingley offices that were being demolished as I walked into this pub for the first time. This is a small Wetherspoon bar that exists in just a fairly small, almost square room, which it would be apart from the curved service area in the corner on the right after you’ve walked in. It’s probably big enough for this small town and certainly attractive and comfortable enough to enjoy a few drinks either alone or with friends. The ale selection is decent enough with two rows of five pumps. The row closest the door has the rotating ales and the other set includes the regular ones. There’s no real features or historical information on the walls here that you often find in other pubs from this chain.“
ManVsBeer 2390 days ago
“This pub has the best location, down by the river on the opposite side to the main town where it gets leafy and pleasant, and the outside area is a definite must if the weather is good. The inside is a cosy affair too with an open plan ground floor area of the lonesome building below the town’s main road bridge. The bar is against the wall on the left after you walk in and is unusual as it’s only accessible from the public area. Here you’ll find the full cask list from Timothy Taylor supplemented by a couple of familiar but worthy bottle options. There’s open fires and and slightly worn leather backed sofa and single person chairs throughout and it’s also attractively wood panelled throughout too. It’s a great place to sample some Tim Taylor’s ales, but it’s a great place for a drink even if you’re not looking for ticks. Food is served and a big reason people come here.“
ManVsBeer 2390 days ago
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