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“What a place. We had 5 halfs in excellent condition. Great selection. Right at the station. Friendly with a great atmosphere. Cozy. Bangin!“
Dedollewaitor 502 days ago
“Sometimes you find a pub that just clicks with you. I love a nice railway pub, and this one is well-respected and well-loved with a fairly full crowd on a Saturday afternoon. There are eight cask of mostly Northern breweries (Stancill, Nomadic, Timmy Taylor) with a handful of keg in using a Kernel (this far North!) and a few bottles (mostly German and Belgian but there were a couple of UK craft as well). I would posit that this rivals the beat railway pubs (Sheffield, York and Piccadilly Taps), even more so for being in a town far from famed for its beer pubs. Excellent.“
jjsint 662 days ago
“Cracking bar on the station platform..“
Wirralbeerveg 1461 days ago
“Bardzo przyjemna knajpa. Ok 20 piw na kranaxh plus dobra whisky. Cenowo tez sensownie. Polecam“
acemilan 2084 days ago
“Visited with JFE at The Ale Trail 19.01.18. At the Dewsbury Staion. Nine beers on cask. Nice atmosphere, with a good mixture of people of all ages. No background music is a plus!“
Holmen2 2231 days ago
“Great selection of craft“
deepdrinker 2278 days ago
“Visited on 25th June 2016. Pub on the Huddersfield bound platform. 3 large rooms with the bar in the middle one plus a large outdoor space. Music on during the day on my visit and the place was busy. A good range of cask beers from the local area plus a decent array of keg beers and a small can and bottle selection, including a £3 mystery bottle. Service was good, I again arrived just ahead of a huge party which slowed things down a bit but all well handled. Good prices and beer quality. Worth a stop off.“
WingmanWillis 2803 days ago
70 /100
Leggers (Bar)
“A fair walk from the town centre on its south west side. You’ll need to go past the bus station and then to the far end of the ASDA car park across the river. Here industrial units line both sides of Mill Street East on the opposite side of a four-way junction, it’s about 10 minutes walk from here, but a rewarding one after you arrive. The pub is in a small pseudo warehouse building right by the Dewsbury basin of the Calder and Hebble Navigation and is full of narrow boats moored up. Considering it’s a very industrial area this is somewhat of a beauty spot for the town and the adjoining ground floor cafe brings visitors here. The pub is in the upper part of the building and there’s two similar sized rooms either side of the central staircase, however unless you’re here for a function or their annual beer festival you’ll end up in the main room on the left. The design uses the building to full effect with exposed brick walls and a ’v’ shaped wooden roof with exposed beams. To accompany this the decor looks similar that of an American roadhouse bar but is certainly not overdone. The bar is at the rear of the room with a part wall separating it in two, although it is essentially all open plan - dogs are welcome in the first area which also includes a pool table. This is very much a real ale pub with a rotating selection over six hand pumps. Food is served here and dinner and evenings but not inbetween. There’s a fair number of bottled ales of interest here too.“
ManVsBeer 3450 days ago
“If you arrive in Dewsbury by train hoping to undertake a real ale tour of the town’s pubs then you might be better simply staying here and sampling their fine rotating range as there’s little else on offer in the town centre except of course at the Wetherspoon pub. Of the two others only one has pumps and more often than not it is empty of ales. This pub occupies several rooms of the main train building on the west bound platform (i.e not Leeds bound) and also has doors leading out to it from here so you can take your final sips of your drink as soon as you see the train pulling in and still get on before the overly eager conductor closes the doors. If you’re prepared to walk a little Leggers is your next best option. Although there is a feeling of coffee shop waiting room about the place it has a fine atmosphere with the bar central to the three drinking rooms which are all open plan. All the ale pumps rotate and there’s a chalkboard that clearly marks what is on and what is soon to be on that pump, but if you prefer something out of a keg there’s a few obscure options available from them too. Leggers is perhaps the next best option if you're prepared for a good walk.“
ManVsBeer 3748 days ago
“Just north of the railway station and viaduct on the hill on the road up to Cleckheaton, this is a Sam Smiths pub with a cosy three room traditional setting that this brewery’s pub chain is known for. It’s not that difficult to miss this all white building as there’s very little signage or adverts to attract you in like many other pubs, but once inside you can choose a modest enough selection from the brewers own ales and lagers. The main front room is popular and you may get to watch a game of dominoes happening in here, although the rear room which is also serviced by the same bar may be of preference given its large roaring open fire and more lighter airy feel to it with plenty of soft furnished long bench seats and stools on a carpet. The third room is similar but not serviced by the bar so feels slightly more detached but no less of a place to be in. There are a couple of tables by the main door and a patio area to the side of the building where a car park exists as well. Food is served here for a few hours in the early afternoon.“
ManVsBeer 3748 days ago
“In a town devoid of real ale places away from its station and Wetherspoon, this is only one of two pubs north of and walkable from the commercial centre where you can get hand pulled cask ale. It’s in a slightly odd place at the bottom of a hill surrounding by light industrial units but it’s a nice enough place inside with two cosy rooms either side of its central door in a traditional design and furnishing.“
ManVsBeer 3748 days ago
64 /100
Poacher (Bar)
“Possibly the nicest pub in terms of interior in Dewsbury and worth visiting for this reason alone, although it has a very good range for the cider drinker too. It’s located on the main road between Dewsbury and Batley a few minutes walk beyond the viaduct by the station. It’s quite an ordinary stone brick building for the area but attractive enough with a couple of picnic tables outside and a large enough car park next to it, but inside it’s very cosy with its low ceiling irregular Tudor style beams and elevated wood burning stove It’s soft furnished throughout and makes for an enjoyable place to sup even before you start to take into account the unusual decoration. The owner is a big Jean Harlow fan and has numerous pictures and photographs of her (some signed) on the walls in one area whilst another is devoted to the greatest of American rockers - Elvis. There’s a few other oddities including at the foot of the fireplace a 20 inch model of what looks like two Harrison Ford’s riding a motorbike and sidecar. The owner is also very friendly and happy to discuss all these, the state of the pub business and life itself!“
ManVsBeer 3748 days ago
“One of only two walkable cask ale options north of the town centre this pub is located on the hill above and to the east of the railway line. It’s beautifully decorated inside with a single separating two defined areas to drink on the ground floor with the service area common to both. There’s a warming carpet and plenty of soft furnishings including on the seats and walls full of typical traditional pub paraphernalia such as gold plated and ornamental ceramic plates and jugs. Copper Dragon has a presence here and there should be a couple of offering available from this brewery.“
ManVsBeer 3748 days ago
“Wonderful place in the station. Excellent being 2 seconds away from your train. 8 mainly local casks, a couple of interesting kegs and an eclectic bottle range. Small, but good atmosphere for a small place at a station.“
sic1314 4008 days ago
64 /100 1-15A NORTHGATE
“Small Wetherspoon pub on two levels with an elevated small garden area at the back. Fairly cosy, especially around the fireplace in the winter. My simple vegetarian sausage bap breakfast arrived as meat after a 25 minute wait, but they did manage to pour the drink I ordered correctly. Serves a decent range of ales.“
ManVsBeer 4120 days ago
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