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70 /100 10 DELPH ROAD
“Another place on our heritage pub tour. Seems like a big place spreading over several rooms, not sure if all of them are to be used by guests. The place was quite crowded, seems very popular with locals as lunch destination. We had our beer in front bar room. Classic pub interior. Selection was limited to Bitter and Mild. Both were good, but more choice would be nice. Good for a short stop.“
Iznogud 1429 days ago
“Large pub close to the bus station at Merryhill. Expected more from this one, but poor beer selection as the only guest beers out of JDW usual range Exmoor Gold and Oakham JHB“
gillhalfpint 1539 days ago
74 /100 10 DELPH ROAD
“Legendary home of Bathams Brewery, immediately noticeable by the lovingly decorated lettering that adorns the Victorian pub facade, proudly boasting of the quality of their ales. It's a deserved reputation, as anyone who's supped a pint or two of cask Bathams bitter will attest. Inside it's a comfortingly traditional set-up, basic wooden furniture with a fair amount of rooms throughout. Just two beers on draft, Bathams best bitter and the mild. A good stack of cobs typical of the area in a bartop fridge, plus some pork pies which were decent. I imagine the atmosphere in this place gets quite raucous on a weekend evening, but on this Monday evening it was quite relaxed. A must visit in the area.“
minutemat 1578 days ago
76 /100 10 DELPH ROAD
“A stones throw from my front door, and what a place it is... The selection is limited to their own beer produced from the brewery to the rear of the pub. Those beers though are executed with near faultless precision; one thing I would recommend though it to try the offerings both sparkled and none sparkled as the later to my mind makes one hell of a difference.“
CitizenCained 1773 days ago
70 /100 10 DELPH ROAD
“Visited on 22nd November 2014. Been to this pub quite a few times over the years, It has lots of rooms and it retains a lot of Victorian features and a traditional feel. 2 handpulls dispensing Bathams finest. Food is great value with rolls and other fayre also available at the bar. Prices are low. Service great. A lovely old pub.“
WingmanWillis 2707 days ago
72 /100 10 DELPH ROAD
“Visited as part of the blackcountry brewpub tour with Travlr, Richthevillan and jmgreenuk. Good to visit this place again especially as I haven’t been since my RB days. Just the two casks, as it should be here. Really nice traditional place with some excellent Victorian features.“
SarkyNorthener 2966 days ago
70 /100 10 DELPH ROAD
“Part of the Black Country pub crawl organized by SarkyNorthener, RichTheVillan and jmgreenuk. Well preserved older place with a large car park across the street. Front room is small and was crowded when we visited, but the back room is very large with traditional style leather seats and plenty of tables. Dog friendly, three in attendance. Nice place.“
Travlr 2972 days ago
72 /100 10 DELPH ROAD
“A must visit place for any Ratebeerian in the area. A classic Victorian boozer that has not changed in many years. There are multiple rooms, all classically decorated. It’s amazing that places like this still survive. The Bathams bitter and mild are two of the nicest beers you will ever find. I wished this place was my local! What more can I say.“
jmgreenuk 2973 days ago
82 /100 10 DELPH ROAD
“Tradiional multi roomed boozer at the top of the Delph run (sadly the other pubs are pretty hum drum). Just Bathams beer but as that is so good you can’t complain. "Down to earth" barmaids and this place is a cracker. Home for me as I was brought up on the Delph! Bull and Bladder refers to it’s previous encarnation as a slaughterhouse.“
niquillis 3153 days ago
“A small Wetherspoons in a purpose built complex next to the canal basin. Obviously it takes its share of customers from the barges in high season but attracts more from the surrounding area and those shoppers leaving the Merry Hill Centre across the road. There’s a few other places close which attract people wanting to eat out so this part of the chain is no different in the customers it wants to attract, but a row of ales is available at the small bar.“
ManVsBeer 3953 days ago
“A shopping centre Wetherspoons that feeds off the shopping fraternity. There’s no shortage of people in here in the daytime and food is very popular. All the main traits of this chain are however to be found including real ale pumps with a good choice, the modern and eye-pleasing soft furnishings and an appealing open plan room.“
ManVsBeer 3953 days ago
66 /100 176 HIGH ST, PENSNETT
“Bathams brewery pub They only serve three cask ales and one of those is winter only. But that is how it should be. You go here to drink these beers. I have only been to the pub on a weekday and it is quiet with a few pensioners having a pint. But I like it that way on a weekday afternoon.“
SarkyNorthener 4027 days ago
“Weatherpoons in large shopping centre. Great to go for a couple of pints while the wife goes shopping. The longer she takes the more you can drink and then blame her for taking so long.“
SarkyNorthener 4110 days ago
86 /100 10 DELPH ROAD
“I finally visited this place last night and it was worth the wait, and then some. Multi-roomed, super comfy, super friendly. Choice is limited to the 2 Bathams beers - Bitter and Mild, but as both are fabulous, that is nay problemo. Traditional, interesting and brilliant. I love this pub. Cheap too.“
DanielBrown 4264 days ago
78 /100 10 DELPH ROAD
“This isn’t a pub, it is more of an institution, loved by locals and travellers alike. Always full of life, often overflowing with characters, this is a serious drink place. On one occassion the little front bar, which can hold about 20 people, had an Irish Folk band playing. They were standing on each others heads in there, I am sure the floor would have given way, if everyone had danced in tune! The other rooms are not so much fun, but still good drinking rooms, but try and get into the little front bar on the right, people will move up for you, they are a friendly bunch and love to chat to visitors. Service is fast and friendly, often with some cheek, no pretty barmaids here to drag the punters in, the locals want someone who can pull a pint! Batham’s beers, obviously cask conditioned, are as you would expect at the brewery tap, always in excellent condition. Hot or Cold Pies are what I eat here, I think there is a bigger choice, but I get ’target fixation’ on the beer pumps whenever I visit. A Black Country Classic, and long may it be so. “
BlackHaddock 4264 days ago
80 /100 10 DELPH ROAD
“One of my all time favourite drinking venues. I don’t think that you will find a pub on this planet where there is more beer love. Bathams Bitter starts relatively sweet, but after a few pints, a very decent fresh hop profile comes and bites you in the butt. I can’t think of a pub that I find more upsetting to leave. Probably the friendliest pub in the world.“
bobinlondon 4589 days ago
78 /100 10 DELPH ROAD
“Not much more that you can add to Gazza’s comments. The beer was of a very high standard, as you’d expect, the atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable, the sandwich was massively overfilled and tasted great, as did the ’proper’ pork pie and I just wish I’d had more time there!“
RichardW 5252 days ago
66 /100 10 DELPH ROAD
“A classic. The smallest remaining Black Country brewery from the last century brews in many people’s opinion (not mine, but they are good!) the best "Black country" beers around. If yoiu like sweetish beers then you’ll probbaly love Bathams! The pub itself is a classic place with various rooms and suchlike, but the main draw is the beer. The rare winter ale appears in December - sometimes!“
Gazza 5958 days ago
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