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68 /100 676 WARWICK ROAD
“A gastropub in a chain of two in the heart of Solihull, occupying the former Sadlers Arms building. They have 12 beers on tap of which half are craft. They do seem to specialise in locally brewed beers too which is an added bonus. I didn’t eat here but the Indian food did smell gorgeous. Prices are not cheap but it’s not Wetherspoons. Friendly staff. I need to come here more often.“
jmgreenuk 196 days ago
74 /100 40 STATION ROAD
“Opened in 2021 in Solihull’s rapidly developing Station Road entertainment area. The place has a modern decor with a community feel and seating for around 30 people. They have 16 beers on tap which are mainly their own and several guests too. In addition there are a number of cans and bottles in the well stocked fridge. Friendly service and WiFi. The best craft beer bar in Solihull in my very humble opinion.“
jmgreenuk 201 days ago
84 /100
Left Field Beer (Internet-based)
“Огромный выбор крафтового пива из Англии, есть немного крафта из Скандинавии и немного классики из Бельгии и Германии. Цены неплохие, сайт средний по дизайну, новинки очень быстро появляются. Доставка быстрая и гибкая. В целом просто хороший сайт.“
biilz 210 days ago
88 /100
Left Field Beer (Internet-based)
“Fast deliver, good selection of beers, well priced.“
Stuu666 259 days ago
76 /100
Left Field Beer (Internet-based)
“Have been buying from Left Field since early on in the lockdown. The have reasonable prices and tell you if a beer is getting close to its BBD, better than many online stores in that aspect. Shipping is quick, I've literally made an order and received my beer the next day. Worth checking out if you want other options from the other main stream services.“
SHIG 298 days ago
80 /100
Left Field Beer (Internet-based)
“On-line shop. Nice frequently changing selection of craft beers. Good and quick service, decent packaging. Worth checking out.“
zvsn 308 days ago
“They serve Silhill Breweries products here but have a selection of other beers. If you are visiting earlier in the day, the breakfast menu is highly recommended. Service is good and the staff are friendly.“
jonny_bond 587 days ago
80 /100
Left Field Beer (Internet-based)
“I was put onto this on line beer seller through gillhalfpint since we were in lock-down, mostly due to the number of dark beers they sell, which are favoured by many of us. The website is simple enough, there are many ways you can go through the beers but as I tend to look for new Breweries to me I went through the alphabetical list of Brewers. A little frustrating where they leave all the sold out beers in place but hey ho, I had plenty of time.I picked up 8 new Breweries, which is pretty good for me now, many American, English and a surprise Hungarian brewery. Everything I ordered arrived, no last minute changes, the packaging was sturdy, so no damage, they used DHL, which is fine by me. All in all a decent service, will use them again.“
imdownthepub 753 days ago
100 /100 676 WARWICK ROAD
“We went for a few drinks whilst watching the champions league, good beers and decent food. Big wave was the best.“
WortMuse45 868 days ago
76 /100
Left Field Beer (Internet-based)
“Fairly standard website, the usual options for browsing beers, but no account functionality though for seeing previous orders or saving your address etc. Pretty good selection of UK beers and some international, well over 400 in total, although out of stock beers seem to kept on site for quite some time in some cases. Pricing of said beers is very competitive, definitely one of the cheaper sites for the majority of beers they sell. Packaging is decent, sturdy box with dividers. Communication not the fastest but I didn't have any problems so it's fine. Recommended.“
LazyPyro 883 days ago
72 /100
Left Field Beer (Internet-based)
“Really good selection with craft beers from different parts of the UK as the main focus. They ship internationally and I look forward to buying from here again, if they rotate their beers.“
Rasmus40 930 days ago
52 /100 21 POPLAR ROAD
“Surely an ok place for party people But NOT a place for beer people Quite horrible selection Take a walk around the corner to Tap & Tandoor! “
Cunningham 1008 days ago
60 /100 173 HIGH STREET
“Looks like a Spoon and felt like that Decent cask/tap and bottle/can selection But not the best beer destination in Solihull Just a place tick for me About 15 min walk from The Train Station Choose Tap & Tandoor if you are in this area “
Cunningham 1008 days ago
72 /100 676 WARWICK ROAD
“Excellent place really. And by far the best beer place in Solihull Quite central location in Solihull. Ok Solihull is not a big place Just a 10 min walk from The Train Station Ok tap and bottle/can selection. Also possible to eat here. And sit on the outside when the sun shines Helpful and friendly staff. Clean toilets “
Cunningham 1008 days ago
“Just another large Spoon....ehh no. It is not. But very similar And also next door to a Spoon Nothing wrong with that Always possible to find something But nothing to recommend either Just 10 min walk from The Train Station Choose Tap & Tandoor if you are in this area for a Limited time “
Cunningham 1008 days ago
60 /100 32-34 STATION ROAD
“Just another large Spoon Nothing wrong with that Always possible to find something and ok food But nothing to recommend either Just 10 min walk from The Train Station Choose Tap & Tandoor if you are in this area for a Limited time“
Cunningham 1008 days ago
60 /100 52-54A STATION ROAD
“Very central location in Solihull. Ok Solihull is not a big place Just a 10 min walk from The Train Station One big room and a decent bottle/can selection Not a brew pub at my visit Ok food at a decent price If you are in this area for a limited time. Choose Tap & Tandoor“
Cunningham 1008 days ago
72 /100 52-54A STATION ROAD
“Opened in June 2019, the second West Midlands bar in the Indian Brewery “empire”. A rather large open plan place, reminiscent of a tastefully decorated school dining area. Lots of Indian posters. Loved the bright colours. They have 15 taps but only just over half were available on my first visit and just three from the Indian Brewery which was a little disappointing. Now there are two things to watch here. Firstly the kitchen closes at 8pm and secondly, they don’t stay open until “late” as they advertise on their Facebook page. On my first visit on a Monday night they called last orders at 20:45 and said they were closing at 21:30. They say that they will only stay open late on Friday and Saturday and perhaps Thursday. With these variable opening hours they are unlikely to succeed. I was essentially thrown out of this place along with everyone else who was happily drinking in here, only to end up in the Wetherspoons down the road. I had planned to come here later this same week too, but if they close so early then sadly I won’t be spending so much time in here. You have been warned. Shame really as I thought the place had some promise.“
jmgreenuk 1079 days ago
“Called in here on Sunday and got a lovely surprise as there was a beer and cider festival on. Managed to get seats and enjoyed our ales in this friendly micro bar. Chose Bedlam Benchmark, Hawkshead Damson Stout, Mad Squirrel Hoodwink, Purple Moose The Cob, Stealth Recluse, and Wylam Macchiato. On the X2 bus route from Solihull station.“
gillhalfpint 1091 days ago
70 /100 379-381 WARWICK ROAD
“Small but well chosen beer selection in this wine shop in the Solihull area. Located in a row of shops with some parking available out front. Friendly service. Worth a look.“
UKBeerGeek 1228 days ago
“This is very much in the mould of the latest Stonegate town centre pubs going right up against Wetherspoons toe to toe, this one is next door to the Wetherspoons. Really cheap cask beer with a further discount for CAMRA members. The staff are friendly and helpful in here but the cleaning left a little to be desired. There is a pleasant outdoor seating area to the front. They appear to get some choice on the local beer front, which makes it a little different from some in the chain. All in all worth a look even if it does loose out a little to the very good Spoons next door.“
imdownthepub 1689 days ago
64 /100 32-34 STATION ROAD
“A Wetherspoons within a 60's type shopping development reasonably close to the Railway Station. There is a narrow frontage but it goes a long way back. There is outdoors seating to the front, which is quite a sunny spot, then plenty inside to the standard Wetherspoons set up. Where this outlet scores over many others in the chain is the friendliness and efficiency of the staff, really very good and an example to the rest. Quite busy but my food was quickly delivered and in good order. There are only 5 hand pumps available and only 3 in operation, so it was a keg route for me on the day. Surprisingly decent.“
imdownthepub 1689 days ago
78 /100 379-381 WARWICK ROAD
“19-07-2016 - The beer range has greatly expanded and they have been true to their word of sourcing plenty of top quality locally brewed ales. Still one of the best beer shops in Solihull. The store has recently opened in Solihull and when I saw that it had been added here I checked out their website and there was no mention of beer! It’s really local to me though, so I popped in to take a look. They were still working on the newly opened shop, so i’m sure things will improve, but already they have a very decent selection of beers, mainly from the UK and Belgium, but some from the US and the rest of Europe too. They aim to concentrate on locally brewed beers, but clearly, this is going to take time to put in place. They already have a decent stock of Purity and Two Towers beers though and others will be arriving. This is perhaps already the second best beer shop in Solihull and it’s only just opened! From what I hear, it will probably soon be the best.“
jmgreenuk 2135 days ago
“Opened in Feb 2016 and Solihull’s only micro pub. It’s situated in a former shop in a residential area south of the Borough. They have six, often locally brewed cask ales and several ciders. There are no bottles here normally, apart from wine and soft drinks. It seats about 40 people on two levels and has proved to be very popular. Great service and well kept ales. I hope this place continues the way it has started. “
jmgreenuk 2286 days ago
52 /100 21 POPLAR ROAD
“Update 17/2/2016. No longer a Spoons. It has been acquired by Stonegate Pubs. They still have cask ales, but they don’t appear to rotate and the selection is limited. A rather nice JDW in the centre of Solihull. It’s a late opening place that generally caters for a younger crowd. The decor is rather tasteful and pleasing to the eye. They generally have 3 or 4 rotating real ales plus the regulars and a selection of "premium" lagers for a price. The service is sometimes poor, but generally ok. I drink here often and keep coming back, so that’s the best compliment I can pay this place. The wi-fi has not worked for months though, which is a big shame and generally means that I will leave earlier than I might have done.“
jmgreenuk 2288 days ago
74 /100 32-34 STATION ROAD
“Visited on a very wet Tuesday evening on 22nd Dec 2015 before The Mighty Mariners played football up the road against Solihull Moors (we won 3-2 with our fringe and youth players in the FA Trophy). Steak Night in Spoons, so we had steak with our beers. Generic Wetherspoons design, usual old photo’s of host town and local stuff. More staff that I am used to in a Spoons’ helpful and friendly too. Beer quality was fine, as was the steaks. Local Silhill beer available (and taken). All in all not bad, a Wetherspoons trying to do things correctly with happy staff and customers.“
BlackHaddock 2341 days ago
76 /100 379-381 WARWICK ROAD
“Situated Dovehouse Parade, B91. Thanks to jmgreen for pointing to this. Small selection of beers brewed in or close to Birmingham plus Belgian and American. Paid under £25 for 12 bottles.“
Pudding 3254 days ago
70 /100 173 HIGH STREET
“I’ve been drinking here since I was knee high to a grasshopper, but i’ve finally added the place on RB because it’s certainly gone up in the world very recently. Along with a nice and shiny new website, they now have lots of nice new Cask Marque beers and reliable O2 wi-fi! They have dabbled with the real ale scene for years, but now seem to be taking it seriously with some quality real ales from micros all over the UK. The staff actually seem interested in pushing it too and are very willing offer a taste. The bar is split into two, with the old original Masons to the left as you walk in and the new, "sports bar" to the right. It’s a great place to watch football if that’s your thing. So, congratulations to the Mason’s finally and I hope they keep up the good work.“
jmgreenuk 3319 days ago
64 /100 32-34 STATION ROAD
“A typical JDW in the centre of Solihull. There are six regularly rotating real ales plus the regulars and the occasional mini festival. It’s looking a little tired these days, but its always a decent place to hang out and it’s popular with people from all age groups. They are clearly passionate about their real ales which is why I keep coming back. My only minor criticism is that the real ales are sometime a little too mainstream, but their beers are always well kept and served. Worth a visit if you are in the area and there are about 10 other pubs within crawling distance too!“
jmgreenuk 3379 days ago
64 /100 32-34 STATION ROAD
“More traditional in look than its closest sister pub up the road and open plan on ground level, this is a popular high street Wetherspoon with the usual selections. Ale is on two rows of pumps. It is possible to sit out front if the climate allows. Although not as big as its sister it stretches back far enough to be big enough for its purpose.“
ManVsBeer 3399 days ago
66 /100 21 POPLAR ROAD
“The grander of two Wetherspoon pubs in close proximity in the town centre. This one occupies a grand building well converted on two levels including a small upstairs bar. The seating area upstairs which includes a dance floor is arguably bigger but certainly more detached from the comfier soft furnishings downstairs that include some bookshelves at the back. The bars have enough real ales to keep you going, mainly on two rows on the lower level.“
ManVsBeer 3399 days ago
60 /100
Dingle (Bar)
“They have two regular handpulls, Greene King Abbot Ale and the excellent Tim Taylor’s Landlord plus up to three guests. Caters for families and football fans it must be said and it could do with a lick of paint. There’s quite a music scene here too. The beer is well kept and i’ve never had a bad pint at the Harvester. Worth checking out every once in a while to see what’s available.“
jmgreenuk 3506 days ago