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“I popped in here yesterday (Mon 2nd Nov 2015) I was on my own and travelling back from Eardisley in Herefordshire to see my mum in Worcester. However the journey was quite tortuous as it was so foggy and that 2nd or 3rd cup of tea before I left Herefordshire made me realise that a quick loo break would be quite handy. I was driving so wasn’t really up for a beer, besides it was only 10am, so I nipped in, used the facilities and purchased a bottle of Hearth Warmer (I guess as a sort of payment) which is one of the better of their beers I think. Having driven past this place but never actually stopped here I was quite surprised as to how big the place is. I entered the bar on the right as you go through the main entrance, but this room was being cleaned so I was instructed to go to the main bar on the left, this was a large room which was sort of divided up by a fire place and other areas but there was a lot of seating here and there for those intending to dine here. I noted that about 3-4 core beers from Teme Valley were on tap though nothing new. They also do accommodation here and the toilets (to the rear) also led to the reception area for the hotel/accommodation part. I guess that I really should pop in again at some point as we tend to drive past the place occasionally depending on the route the route that we take to Eardisley. It is just inside the Worcestershire border and in a sort of valley area. I note that they do at least 2-3 beer festivals a year and someone mentioned to me that they also do camping or there is camping very close by (not sure how true that is) so maybe I will be back sometime for a longer visit.“
Fin 3157 days ago
“Outstanding 14thC Coaching Inn, good food, good beer (they have a brewery round the back) stunning location. Every October they have a Green Hop Festival with 40 or so green hopped beers. The breakfasts are especially good, with home made black pudding.“
mym 4878 days ago
“Superb brewpub not far from Worcester which brews it’s own Teme Valley beers out the back. The pub is famous for it’s home-made food and also does accommodation which is great value and very good. Can be reached by bus from Worcester but check the times back! Holds a festival of "green hop" beers once a year with beers brewed with unkilned hops from a local farm - superb stuff. Overall a great pub and well worth a visit.“
Gazza 6166 days ago
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