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70 /100 BARFÜßERSTRAßE 10
“Visited October 2021. Very small bottle shop in the city center of Augsburg, but not so easy to find. Only one customer is allowed due to some reason, which is a let down and annoying. However after waiting some 10 minutes I could enter. It is pretty clean and modern, some local lagers and Fanconian beers, local crafts and many more upstairs. However the shelves were rather emptied, but nevertheless the available selection was pretty good. High prices for both craft and traditional beers. Nice staff. Overall not bad.“
tgrtnr 90 days ago
76 /100
Der Commerzienrat (Restaurant)
“We visited here Saturday 4th July 2020, we were staying at Campsite Bella Augusta which is on the very outskirts of of town, we walked in and back, in fact we walked 26km today. I am surprised that this place was not already on here, it's a grand building, has very close connections to Riegele Brewery and I understand was many, many years ago the original site of the brewery. We sat outside on the street, but I understand from the website that they have their own Biergarten. The choice of beers is all from the Riegele Brewery on tap or bottle, there is a fridge literally inside the door. Other than looking at the contents of the fridge I never really ventured into this place, which is a shame as reading about it now it appears that it has quite a history. I would certainly revisit, staff were friendly, prices good and it's well located.“
Fin 556 days ago
86 /100 BARFÜßERSTRAßE 10
“We visited here Saturday 4th July 2020, we were staying at Campsite "Bella Augusta" on Mühlhauser Str. which is about 6km out of town, we walked in and back, in fact we did about 25km walking today. Anyway onto the shop, this was a surprise find, it is very centrally located in fact just a stones throw from their bar. I spoke with one of the guys who was super friendly and understand it opened last December. It's a small place and at first seeing just a counter, fridge and a few local beers on shelves I was starting to feel a bit disappointed, but then I was told that most of the beers were upstairs. I am not sure of the total amount of beers but the selection was great, mostly new craft and with a lot of cool stuff. There must have been 20+ Pohjala bottles and really well priced, there was a lot of beers from Scsndanavia, Italy, UK and of course the local market. The young chap serving me knew his stuff, I really liked the shop. To give you an idea of pricing I got a Brewheart Beer Gees, Duckpond Frooty Froots, Frau Gruber Genetically Green, Pohjala Karneval and Pohjala Szechuan Banger for €29.91 incl: deposits **Please note COVID-19 restrictions means that the usual opening hours listed above are not manageable, I understand that it's only open Wednesday and Saturday currently, please check their Facebook site for further details**“
Fin 562 days ago
72 /100 FRÖLICHSTRAßE 26
“We visited here Saturday 4th July 2020, we were staying at Campsite "Bella Augusta" on Mühlhauser Str. which is about 6km out of town, we walked in and back.The brewery and Biergarten is very close to the train station, it really is a very short walk from the centre, if you were walking from the centre it is just off too the right hand side. We sat in the courtyard Biergarten, it was mostly laid with gravel with the self serving area off to the right towards the bottom end. There is plenty of shade with one particular chestnut tree which was absolutely enormous, it was a magnificent specimen. The Biergarten didn't open until 3pm, we hadn't realised this but luckily arrived at 2:55pm. There beer choice appeared to concentrate on just the core beers, we had a Hefe Weisse and a Helles. It's a nice garden and a quiet spot considering it's in a very urban area. As we sat people from what we can only presume was a rock climbing club were absailing into the garden (actually not absailing just coming down a rope) into the pub garden. The brewery shop is well worth a visit, it's well stocked.“
Fin 563 days ago
68 /100 FRÖLICHSTRAßE 26
“Brewery complex with shop and restaurant. The restaurant also has a beergarden and a páteo. Good selection of available locally produced beers (tap + bottle). German prices. Service was OK. Good food. Good ambience.“
efeesse 573 days ago
“Not a brewpub anymore despite still having the trappings of one, serve beer from Meckatzer and Gutmann. Slightly lived-in interior, Bavarian/schwabian fare. Live-musik location.“
jonas 956 days ago
“Brewpub located in the city center of Augsburg (close to townhall square). Very good traditional food and good prices. Their beers are decent and their bread is just great.“
tgrtnr 1240 days ago
96 /100 AUF DEM RAIN 5
“Great craft beer place in Augsburg. They have a nice selection of beers from Bavaria, Northern Europe, some American ones (although I tend to locate Evil Twin in DK). No taps though, only bottles and cans. Reasonable prices, take away is lower. Very friendly contact, thanks a lot!“
fhlbrew 1429 days ago
86 /100 AUF DEM RAIN 5
“Located close to the oldtown of Augsburg. Nice rustic ambiente, the rock music which come out of the speaker is to loud though. Fine selection of beers, the menu is divided into many beer styles: Lagers, Dark lagers, Porters, Trappists, Stouts, IPA, Pale Ales, Scotch Ales and so on. The prices are quite fair and it is even possible to buy bottles to enjoy at home for an even lower price. Great that such pub exists in Augsburg!“
tgrtnr 1439 days ago
76 /100 AUF DEM RAIN 5
“Finally made it here. New (?!) bar with lots of beers. Everything from bottles it seems (=> no tasting sets). The menu is divided into ~8 styles (e.g. lagers, stouts etc) with a large selection (~20) of beers per style. Famous brewery names to be found here (Lervig, Evil Twin, To Ol...) and around 4-6€ per normal beer and maybe 10€ for the real high abvs. Not only "craft beers", I spotted some Franconian lagers as well. So selection is nice and prices are not too high. Let's talk about the style of the bar. After the entrance which is made entirely out of beer cans (very nice) there is no trace of beer decoration anymore. Instead a rather plain room with not that many seats (in Japan they would serve twice the crowd) large tables (what for? You are not going to put a lot of food there) and loud music that makes talking with the guy opposite to you really hard (see also: large tables). In short: not your average hipstery beer bar. You might want to go there for beers that you would otherwise only find online or so. PS I might be biased with the level of music, one of my acquiantances was very sensitive...“
Ritzn 1461 days ago
“Von aussen sehr unscheinbares Brauhaus. Innen klassisch. Hede Menge eigene Biere vom Fass und einige eigene Craftbiere aus der Flasche. Dazu befreundetes Craftbeer aus Bayern. Gute schwäbische Küche mit hausgemachten Spätzle.“
DrNosha 1740 days ago
56 /100 PFÄRRLE 2
“A food orientated bar just north of the Bayrisch Brau Pub. Only went in for the beers from Lauterbacher brewery. Alas when I got home research showed they’re contract brewed at local brewery Riegele! Nevertheless I still had the Hefe Weiss Hell on tap (ok) and a bottle of Stephanie Weisse Dunkel (poor). I think I had the biggest portion in my life of Scnitzel/eggs/bratkartoffel so if you are hungry well worth a visit!“
b727trijet 1764 days ago
“Although the landlord is quite chatty I dont enjoy the quality of the beer! All taste a bit homebrewish.“
b727trijet 1764 days ago
82 /100 FRÖLICHSTRAßE 26
“Fantastic and very scenic spot. The old brewery looks fantastic, and the ’wirtshaus’ is spacious, but also authentic and cozy. Service is prompt and pleasant (the waitress acknowledged my sub-par German, and also spoke some English). Big selection of their beers on, more than 20, with bottles included. For the tickers out there, they also offer 10ml pours of draught beer, for a reasonable price (you don’t pay twice as much for half a litre in samples as you would for half a litre of one beer). Also some very limited beers in bottles and the shop at the front is a good place to get them Food was very nice, and the menu caters from very reasonably priced Bavarian specialities through to quite premium cuts of steak. You can have a €8 meal or a €30 meal. Drink prices are quite fair for the product. Around €3.50-4.00 for a half litre. Definitely a must if you are in Augsburg!“
Beese 1844 days ago
“Not a bad spot for a beer. Came here quite early on a snowy weekday late morning (hey, I’m on vacation). Have three of their own beers on, and a few typical guests. Weißbier was solid hefe. Had a weißwurst brunch, which was very good, and other food on the menu looked nice. Clean and spacious, if a little impersonal. Considering that it’s fairly posh and right next to the station, the prices are quite reasonable. €3.60 for a half litre of their beer. Nothing stellar, but by no means a bad place.“
Beese 1844 days ago
“Cozy traditional bavarian (or svabian?) "wirtshaus". Some beers from tap, some from bottle. Nothing exceptional here. Exceptional however is the proximity to the train station. You can maybe leave only 5 minutes before boarding your train. Also they have 0,3 liters of everything on the taps. So you can buy your train ticket 15 minutes before boarding, go into the pub, tick some beers, and finally still get your train.“
Ritzn 1880 days ago
72 /100 FRÖLICHSTRAßE 26
“Best beer place in Augsburg we found, with a large attached bier garten, really nice place to end Augsburg´s visit.“
Lowenbrau 1966 days ago
70 /100 FRÖLICHSTRAßE 26
“Very nice renovated brewhouse, nice restaurant and a terrace located to the railway station. The Foodlist is interesting but with a little lack in quality. Beer is very fine, also the new craft series from riegele.“
mmaaaas1 1986 days ago
“Visited about 10 years ago. Good traditional food and nice house beers in this cellar bar. Convenient to the center of town, lively and popular. Beers were good.“
KyotoLefty 2004 days ago
“Visited about 10 years ago. Don’t know why I never rated it. Nice location by the park of the old city wall. Friendly, traditional place with a few beer on tap and some more in bottles. Beer were ok without being super impressive. Nice enough.“
KyotoLefty 2004 days ago
“Visited on the afternoon of Friday 06/02/15. Street corner bar with beers from Hasen Brau. Wood and nick nacks, typical German bar, service was fine. Not must visit for Augsburg but after the top 2 then no harm trying Kalberhalle next.“
Theydon_Bois 2070 days ago
58 /100 ULMER STRASSE 43
“Visited at lunchtime on Friday 06/02/15. Located just across the square from Oberhausen station (3 minute ride from the Hbf) Auxburgers taproom is located in the site of the fromer Charly Brau. Wod floors and a rock bar theme ... beers with the word Fuck in them that don’t deliver much. 2 on tap and a couple of bottles. Service was just fine. Lower down the pecking order on an Augsburg tour if you miss this place - no worries.“
Theydon_Bois 2070 days ago
“Visited on the afternoon of Friday 06/02/15. City centre cellar bar, typical wood pannels and marble floor, cellar partioned into a couple of different areas. 3 or so beers on tap plus a couple of bottles. We had some snacking plates of food which were decent, as was the service. Overall a decent enough brauhaus.“
Theydon_Bois 2070 days ago
“Visited on the afternoon of Friday 06/02/15 - a clear and snow laden Bavarian day. Medium sized bar with lots of dark wood. 5 or so beers on tap plus half a dozen or so bottles of interest also. Our server was very helpful, steering us to our next venue via the easiest route and also having a good luck through the bottles to find us a new tick in the form of an Auxburger beer. Overall a solid stop and as per the current rankings for Augsburg Thorbrau definately deserves number 2 spot for the city.“
Theydon_Bois 2070 days ago
78 /100 FRÖLICHSTRAßE 26
“Visited on Friday 06/02/15 in the mid afternoon. Located just a few minutes from the Hbf, Riegele Wirsthaus was the number one stop from my crawl of Augsburg. Medium to large sized brauhaus with getting on for 20 taps pumping out their own beers over a range of styles from trad Deutsch to modern hoppy numbers. Small pours/tasters are available. Beers are generally of a good standard. There are also a number of rarer/limited edition bottles for sale in the smart shop. Didn’t eat here but the menu looked good. Service was decent and friendly. Solid stop.“
Theydon_Bois 2070 days ago
80 /100 FRÖLICHSTRAßE 26
“A very cool place. There was a good amount of people there in the late afternoon and they had a good amount of staff working. The selection on draft and in bottles is amazing for a German brewery. There is also a store there to take home bottles, buy glasses, books and other things. The prices are very fair for the area and the food looked pretty good. The ambiance is very nice.“
sturmthis 2304 days ago
84 /100 FRÖLICHSTRAßE 26
“A great addition to a lucky town blessed with beer choice. Riegele are one of my top 5 German breweries. They are solid when brewing olde wolde beers and at the same time embracing the new world. 3 bocks on tap on my visit but I still prefer their top Herren Pils which is jam-packed with Hallertauer hops it stands up to many IPAs. Beer reasonable to cheap prices... probably subsidised by food which is higher than average. My friend Romford would love this place as one can even trainspot from the beer patio!“
b727trijet 2328 days ago
“Nice look of a typical beer hall. Beer is very good and the food is as well. Service is the main thing lacking at this place. No English speakers here. I would recommend this place. Very enjoyable time.“
Itzjerm 2342 days ago
82 /100 FRÖLICHSTRAßE 26
“Really good brewpub. Full range of Riegele beers, friendly service and locals. Good traditional Bavarian fodder. Good place.“
niquillis 2465 days ago
“Light & dark, both very good. Place is real nice.“
Sokolov 2494 days ago
88 /100 FRÖLICHSTRAßE 26
“9 drafts + 8 bottles. Very good & creative stuff. For example: if you considered Snickers inappropriate pairing to beer - those guys have a brew for you that will make you change your mind ;-)“
Sokolov 2494 days ago
“Situated a couple of minutes walk from Konig von Flandern this is a nice traditional corner bar. Service was good, beer from Hasen Brau was served. Nice place.“
WingmanWillis 2537 days ago
“Large keller bar in the centre of town a couple of minutes from the Dom. Had the range of beer on, in decent condition, food was good. Service quick and small pours available. Nice place, worth a visit.“
WingmanWillis 2537 days ago
“Visited on a snowy February afternoon this is a nice, traditional place in the city centre a couple of mins walk from Senkelbac tram stop on route 2. Sat at the bar and tried all the beer available, staff were very helpful and even dug us out a AuXburger beer that they had in bottles. Decent venue. Been in Summer before and open a place in the park and the main Braustuberl is closed.“
WingmanWillis 2537 days ago
64 /100 ULMER STRASSE 43
“The former Charly Brau has been renamed as AuXburger City brewery. The pub is a short walk from Oberhausen station and on the No.2 Tram route. Pub is rock themed with AuXburger Fuck Rock and Roll Pale Ale featured, it wasn’t great but 2 beers on tap available, 3 beers from Thorbrau as well so maybe a partnership. Staff were friendly but didn’t know much about beer, mixed but sparse crowd. Pizza looked decent but too many ratings to be had!“
WingmanWillis 2537 days ago
“Big place, modern interior in an old building. 8 of their own beers available, either in draught or bottle. Service was excellent, really friendly and quick. Food was awful, not often the kids will refuse a schnitzel.... Overall not a bad place, just do something about the food.“
culchiem 2711 days ago
80 /100 FRÖLICHSTRAßE 26
“Visited over Easter 2014. (Catching up on backlog). A 5 minute walk away from Augsburg Hbf, this is a huge taphouse within the brewery site, patio overlooks the railway for those wanting to drink and watch trains. Full range on plus the odd craft special. Bottles and on tap. Really nice venue, toilets are a little special too. Well worth a visit in Augsburg if you’re passing by.“
WingmanWillis 2769 days ago
“Cozy place, lots of nooks and crannies and a terrace out back. The standard Bavarian menu. The beers are ok, the bock is far too sweet. But if you are in town, pop in.“
KnutAlbert 3092 days ago
“By all means, make this the last stop before you board the train. Just one house brew when I was in. Cavernous, not very cozy. Outside seating, but no a beer garden. If you market yourself as a brewpub, you should try harder.“
KnutAlbert 3138 days ago
“Nice surroundings in which to imbibe. Beers good especially the Meckatzer Zwickel. Food typically Bavarian and in huge portions! Prices are lower than most places yet still good quality.“
b727trijet 3142 days ago
“Situated in the Altstadt to the north of the centre of Augsburg. It was quiet when we were there but the owner was very welcoming and chatty. Beers were good quality; weizen, pils, braun and stark. If coming by public transport get off at Augsburg Oberhausen and catch tram 2 toward Haunstetten and alight just after going through the Fischer tor. Much easier than coming from the Hbf which involves a bus and tram.“
steamfreak 3158 days ago
“Well, not the best place I was during my Bavarian trip, but since Thorbrau and Bayrisch Brau were closed that day, I ended up drinking my daily three beers there. I had the zwickel and the dunkles, which were not bad. This restaurant is located right inside the Hauptbahnhof, you can’t not see it. Before your train departs, it could be a nice option to have a beer“
rauchbierlover 3450 days ago
“The dunkel and the seasonal doppel-bock, Alliga-tor (!) both excellent. Food ok. In the middle of town so gets crowded.“
b727trijet 3469 days ago
“Been here a few times. Hard to find - get a map and do your homework before you go! But it is worth it as, by German standards, there are lots of beers to try! Some good bog standards and several seasonal beers aswell as bizarre bottled beers, all from this brewery, such as Celtic Bier. The doppelbock was amazingly golden/coppery. Food good.“
b727trijet 3469 days ago
56 /100 ULMER STRASSE 43
“Visited 5 years ago but remember it well (as was 1st pub that evening!) Food good and beers in general good albeit just the usual unfiltered hell/weiss/dunkles! Worth a visit.“
b727trijet 3469 days ago
“Brewpub in a large Keller, under a big bookshop (Pustet) in one of the main streets of Augsburg. The usual trio of beers Hell -Dunkel-Weizen are on the safe side. In season there is a bock. Decent food. Nothing special.“
TreinJan 3682 days ago
“Faimly-run brewery and large Gaststätte on the edge of the old centre. Full restaurant menu, good service. Somewhat out of the ordinary beers, generally of good quality.“
TreinJan 3694 days ago
“Pub in a rather quiet street in the old centre of Augsburg. Beers from the Memminger Brauerei, but also one own brew, Hausbräu. The brewer will be behind the bar most evenings. His own beer is a very good Zwickl. Simple food, good value.“
TreinJan 3694 days ago
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