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66 /100 MARKTPLATZ 2
“Nice biergarten, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Limited selection. Overall, quite okay.“
ekstedt 1738 days ago
74 /100 MARKTPLATZ 2
“Visited 7.10.17. OK, they like their swans there, that's for sure. Swan memorabilia, paraphernalia and ephemera all over the place - and the place is big, with inside rooms all well-furnished. Kinda reminded me of my late great-aunt Lola (or any generic old Polish Jew matron - not many of these left). Place was packed as it was the weekend. Beer was OK. WiFi for live rating was working. I was mainly amused by the place.“
kerenmk 2422 days ago
72 /100 MARKTPLATZ 2
“Gezellig restaurant met eigen bieren in het centrum van het dorp. Bier en eten zijn degelijk en goed. Bediening is vriendelijk en alert, weinig op aan te merken. Heb de donkere lager gedronken.“
Icedwarf 3223 days ago
68 /100 MARKTPLATZ 2
“3 great taps in very nice hotel-restaurant with brewery in the basement. Very cozy inside.“
Sokolov 3261 days ago
74 /100 MARKTPLATZ 2
“Monday 13.10.14. Arrived about 5 p.m after a hike totalling about 24 km in warm weather for October. This place seemed in some ways to be a brew- restaurant rather than a brewpub, and the other middle aged clientele were dressed for dinner whereas I was dressed for hiking. However service was prompt & amiable. Food (Carp/Karpf) was very good. Beer (Dunkel Lager) was acceptable. I had 2 glasses but might have been a little more critical of the beer had I not been so thirsty after my walk.“
moleha4 3525 days ago
62 /100
Rewe (Grocery Store)
“Just pick up your bottles, pay the cashier and place your beers in the back trunk of your car. But this no nonsense shop has a good portfolio with many regional brews and the expensive Nikl beers.“
bierkoning 3527 days ago
60 /100
Rewe (Grocery Store)
“Like most getränkemarkts in Oberfranken there is some overlap, usually of the bigger breweries. But there are also usually a few things not seen elsewhere. For this store it was more breweries around Buttenheim / Eggolsheim area (St Georgen Brau, Lowenbrau, Forst/Goldener Lowe in Druegendorf), and more from Pretzfeld (lots of barrel aged ridiculous beers from Nikl) and other areas east. An easy stop off the road on the northern edge of Ebermannstadt on the way to Heckel.“
3fourths 3838 days ago
64 /100 MARKTPLATZ 2
“Visited July 2013. I sat outside in the pleasant area on the market place. The service was good and friendly, but I couldn’t recommend the beer. Both the dunkel and pils were low in flavor and had metallic notes, although the hefeweizen was quite good. They have a keller outside of town that apparently has two beers not available at the tap: a kellerbier and a dunkleweizen. The Sonnebrau tap, which is around the corner, was closed because of illness, apparently for most of the year. The Resengorg is a few doors down and has Gunzendorfer Hell and Hetzeldorfer Dunkel.“
madthom8 3940 days ago
64 /100 MARKTPLATZ 2
“Visited a couple of times, when staying in Bamberg with my parents. Placed in the citycenter, easy to get to, and parking within walking distance. A very traditonel town brauhaus. both with seatings inside and outside, placed at the city square. When we visited in may 2013, we had 3 of their beers, served in good condition. Friendly staff. They do traditionel german food, and an excellent apfelstrudel :-)“
Brugmansia 3992 days ago
60 /100 MARKTPLATZ 2
“A restaurant inn brauhaus on the main street and public sidewalk area of Ebermannstdt. A tourist city vide to the whole area. Fish on the menu either baked or fried (because sometimes baked means fried breading). Average pils and dunkel on tap to go with lunch. The spargelcremesuppe was disappointing. Didn’t manage to try the weizen after the first two. Both clean and well-made but they suffer from their simplicity. Very lifeless flavor and mouthfeel.“
3fourths 4025 days ago
66 /100 MARKTPLATZ 2
“Hotel, restaurant and brewery in the centre of Ebermannstadt. Good food, good service, decent beers.“
TreinJan 4563 days ago
46 /100 MARKTPLATZ 2
“This brewpub is situated smack in the center of town just across from Sonnenbräu. The interior is very much like the 70’s, kept in brown, with light brown wood. The atmosphere was very smoky. 2 beers on draft and 1 in bottlle.“
Ungstrup 6136 days ago
62 /100 MARKTPLATZ 2
“Best beer place in town, all their beers were pretty great and the food was good too. Friendly staff and central location in the nicest region within Franconia that I’ve seen.“
voota 6172 days ago
62 /100 MARKTPLATZ 2
“Not really a brewpub, seems to be a "bourgeois" restaurant and hotel. All in all worth a visit, because their beers are well made...........“
pivnizub 6583 days ago
56 /100 MARKTPLATZ 2
“Next to Sonnenbräu. Lovely patio, especially in the evenings. More posh place and I liked the food at Sonnenbräu better. Beer is OK.“
bierkoning 6604 days ago
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