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72 /100 DREHERGASSE 42
“We visited this place Thursday 21st and Saturday 23rd November 2019 on both occasions after a long walk from Campingplatz Banwaldsee. It was a busy, modern little café/bar. On Thursday it was a little quieter however it still seemed the busiest of the places that we'd seen in town. It is centrally located and just a very short walk from one of the Bier Souvenir shops. It is somehow connected to Lila Haus which can be accessed from the main road and which also has a little seating/eating area, and whilst the middle of these two places are sort of connected they appear to operate separately, though the menu here does say Lila Haus Speisekarte. Food is mosly cold meats, cheeses etc but they do soups, the food was good and very reasonably priced. The beers are all from the Paulaner stable, and despite the café appearance it does seem to have a few local types who are happy to just come for a beer. As already mentioned we visited here twice, it was really busy on the Saturday, there are about 6-7 tables and a few stools by the bar, amazingly the one lady was running around doing everything. Mostly middle class and middle aged folk, it was friendly, easygoing and very relaxed half a litre of Helles was 3.30 Euro.“
Fin 1658 days ago
68 /100 RITTERSTR 6
“We visited here Saturday 23rd November after a lovely but rather long walk from Campingplatz Bannwaldsee, via the bottom end of Forggensee. This is a hotel-restaurant and was quite a busy place, very cosy, comfortable and easy to find. It is relatively central on Ritterstrasse just along from an outdoor shop, in fact there are outdoor shops a few doors along either side. The food is very reasonably priced and offers typical Bavarian meals at very reasonable prices. The beer was from Atkienbrauerei which I understand is a brewery north of here in Kaufbeuren. They had at least a couple of taps and a few bottles, I had the Kellerbier Anno 1308 and Loz had the Hefeweizen Anno 25 both were pretty good. We liked it here, the service was good, it was a popular place and nice to see a local brewery and one that I don't see that often. I would happily recommend this as a beer and food stop, however I get the impression that they would be quite happy to let you sit with just a beer if you didn't want to eat.“
Fin 1658 days ago
66 /100 RITTERSTR. 7
“We visited here Saturday 23rd November 2019 after a good walk from Campingplätz Bannewaldsee via a stroll around the bottom of Forggensee. This is the smaller one of the two outlets in town, it's also very centrally located and easy to find The beer range is pretty much exactly the same as they have in their other shop which is just a couple of minutes around the corner, however this place is smaller, it's a simple square layout. Despite the similarities to the other store I did see and purchase a Hopfenbrau barrel aged Imperial Stout that I hadn't seen in the other shop. I like this place better, staff member was fine, prices reasonable, a tiny bit on the high side for that one particular beer but otherwise ok. They could easily carry more stock and if I lived in town after a few visits I would run dry on new options and wish they did, but for casual visits and tourists its fine.“
Fin 1663 days ago
“We visited here Thursday 21st November 2919 after a good walk from Campingplätz Bannewaldsee. You enter vis the right hand side of the shop, I seem to recall a couple of steps the serving counter is directly ahead. I spoke briefly with the lady serving who confirmed that the beer range is exactly the same as they have in their other shop which is just a couple of minutes around the corner, however this place is slightly bigger. It's interesting that they are able to sustain two shops selling exactly the same products and seemingly thrive, which makes you wonder how a store with a much bigger and perhaps more international selection would cope, pretty well I guess? Their own literature suggests all Bavarian beers and a range of 70 . It's laid out in styles on the right hand side, towards the rear. The rest of the shop is given over to gift packs of beer, some local spirits and some limited edition fancy bottles from a brewery that I am unfamiliar with that are priced at €25+. All in all, it's okay, you'll probably find something, many of the key styles are covered, and the prices are ok, but you'll not be excited by anything I suspect.“
Fin 1669 days ago
60 /100 RITTERSTR. 7
“Small store, not only selling beers, but glasses and signs. Mostly small local brews, so nice visit.“
Nordcore 2043 days ago
66 /100 RITTERSTR. 7
“Decent little shop in the middle of Füssen which was luckily open on a Sunday (the other branch isn't). Around 60 beers, mostly local ones. Friendly and helpful service. Prices were quite high, but picked up four bottles anyway.“
CH-303 2128 days ago
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