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60 /100 DACHINGER STR. 27
“I visited here Friday 18th November 2022 en route to Freyung to sign the contract for our new house, this was just off the autobahn so close enough to drop by. The brewery is quite a size for a regional brewery with a large Gasthaus next door and a Getrankemarkte on site, this is where I visited and what the rating relates to. It was a simple building with two rows of crates, with beers mostly their own but an Augustiner and one from the brewery in Landau, also soft drinks. Prices were excellent, under €5 for 6 beers, I just picked 6 random beers which amounted to almost everything that they had available today. There is also a large unmissable Getrankemarkte at the Autobahn end of the village which I m guessing would Stock all these beers and more of course if you didn’t want to just pick up their beers.“
Fin 580 days ago
64 /100 DACHINGER STR. 27
“Beer shop on the premises of the big (for a rural producer) Egerer Brauerei in the village of Großköllnbach (not far from Landau/Isar) All the Egerer beers are available; friendly service. Recommended.“
pivnizub 5111 days ago
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