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78 /100 VORSTADT 13
“Locals eating with a selection of 5 draught beers and numerous bottles from Meinel. Pils and Zwickel outstaning good quality. Friendly waitress which smiled and understood my broken Deutch. Quite a deroute from Franken middle-center Bamberg, but worth the trip. Short distance from Plzen as well!“
Dedollewaitor 2005 days ago
70 /100 VORSTADT 13
“Great place with nice beergarten, 5 decent brews and good food. Enjoyed it!“
Sokolov 2337 days ago
80 /100 VORSTADT 13
“The brewery is up Alte Plauener Straße and the gastette is not far away, but it’s on Vorstadt down the hill and across the river. Basement level old restaurant cluttered with Hof memorabilia. Filtered Pilsner is poured from keg, bottles are available for take-away, but the real reason to visit is to drink the Zwicklpils poured from gravity barrel.“
3fourths 2561 days ago
“Large industrial brewing complex not far from Meinel-Brau in the middle of Hof. They sell bottles to go but you can easily find their stuff at area groceries and getränkemarkt, and since the quality of what I tried wasn’t so good, there’s really no reason to make this a visit when Meinel, a truly great Franconian brewery, is a couple of streets away.“
3fourths 2567 days ago
76 /100
Der Landbierdealer (Internet-based)
“Ordered online twice: the first order, about five years ago, was smooth and fast, no problems; the second, just recently, had a hiccup with DPD (I was away from home and the deliverer didn’t even leave notification) resulting in the package being returned, but we did get things worked out with DHL. So I’m not a fan of their choice of shipping company, even though it can offer a lower rate, but the customer service has been very good and the packaging itself is superb. Overall, a positive experience.“
ganache 3688 days ago
68 /100
Der Landbierdealer (Internet-based)
“Good beer store in the busy centre of Hof, specializing in beers from small Franconian and Oberpfalz breweries. Friendly service from the owner, low prices, wide assortment from the smaller breweries. Parking space is limited, but available.“
bierkoning 5203 days ago
84 /100
Der Landbierdealer (Internet-based)
“Beer store not far from the center of town, specializing in rural franconian beers and in the brews of the town of Hof. A good selection of beers of small and very small franconian breweries, bottled and also in barrels, is offered by the friendly and helpful owner. Worth a visit! ( There’s also an Online Shop)“
pivnizub 5648 days ago
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