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60 /100 NAILAER STR. 20
“Bottle shop by brewery. Toatlly disagree with my colleagues post below - I drinked 8 of their beers (brewmaster said that he maked 10, but 2 were not available at the moment) - and all ranged from drinkable to pretty good - despite the fact that I rarely drink bottled beers, as draft is my best choice...“
Sokolov 2341 days ago
50 /100 NAILAER STR. 20
“Production brewery along the main road into town from Hof or Kronach, with a small unused gastette and a walk-in cooler with price sheets hanging on the door. One of the dudes running a forklift happily paused what he was doing to let me purchase bottles. Unfortunately, the three bottles I tried were some of the worst beer I’ve had in all of Franconia. Each had a massive DMS signature of tomato and cauliflower. Dirtiest beer I’ve tried in a long time. If you can find their bottles elsewhere, buyer beware, but surely don’t waste your time making the trek out to the brewery unless you’re a masochist.“
3fourths 2571 days ago
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