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80 /100 FREYUNG 26
“Zum Waldhauser is a short walk from Brucksaler, if you can find both of them open then good on you, but Waldhauser alone is worth the trek (if the beer is assumed to be consistent). At the time (Nov 2012) it was in remarkable shape, near 4.0 in quality, rustic and herbal lemon Noble hop character and sumptuous malt. The hallways are narrow, the locals are packed in tight and good beer and good vibes flow. Antlers and beer mugs and other such stuff adorning the wooden rafters as you expect in the countryside here. It was a cozy experience and I didn’t want to leave. The beer "Waldhauser Zoigl" is supposedly the Schoilmichl Zoigl from Nuehaus, which has been one of the best in Oberpfalz across three visits to the area.“
3fourths 2952 days ago
72 /100 FREYUNG 26
“Visited April 2012 with my parents. A traditionel Zoigl place, very local place and great atmosphere :-) The landlord served the beer for us, very keen to tell about his beer. At some point he wantet to know if we were local :-). Being easter they only served fish, which an elderly man was heating up on the bbq outside. Lots of stuff decorated the rooms, great deco. Easy to park nearby, go there if you are in the area, but you need to check if they are open, when you are in the area.. “
Brugmansia 3250 days ago
“another typically warm Zoiglstube experience. many-roomed interior with a boisterous local crowd. the Brucksaler zoigl was juicy, frothy and a little bit grainy. decent stuff, but across and down the street is the real winner in Neustadt an der Waldnaab: Zoiglwirtschaft Zum Waldhauser.“
3fourths 3429 days ago
72 /100 FREYUNG 26
“An old house on the Freyung, a wide and busy street. Several small rooms, lots of atmosphere. The Zoigl comes from Schoilmichl in Neuhaus, food is as always simple but good and cheap. Five minutes walk from the railway "station", bus stop almost in front.“
TreinJan 3499 days ago
“Newly refurbished Zoiglstube, in the house of the last brewer of the Neustadter Kommunbrauerei (demolished 1961). Zoigl from the Wolframstub’n in Windischeschenbach. Close to the station of Neustadt, the end of a branch line from Altenstadt, remnant of the line to Eslarn, now a cycling path, the "Bocklradweg".“
TreinJan 3810 days ago
78 /100 FREYUNG 26
“My first Zoigl experience - walked by at first not sure it was open, but luckily decided to come back. A group of local men were standing out front - I kind of expected them to give me a "Who the hell are you?’ reception but they greeted me warmly. The place was packed - luckily I was alone. Two stories consisting of 3 tiny rooms downstairs and a slightly larger room upstairs. Very community oriented atmosphere with everyone obviously enjoying themselves. I was served very quickly which was greatly appreciated due to my wife waiting for me at the shops down the street. Just a pleasant overall experience.“
shrubber85 4572 days ago
80 /100 FREYUNG 26
“Tiny stubl oozing character and country charm. Is the family house, opened the public when the Zoigl is ready. We sat outside in the small patio, but inside looked warm and welcoming. Gigantic portions of food for less than 5 euro were witnessed but we were unfortunately not hungry. Local hard water leads to a minerally, flavorful Zoigl.“
Beershine 4669 days ago
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