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“Picturesque biergarten in a beatiful valley. Nice inside as well. Great service. Only one beer on tap, but a good one.“
ekstedt 687 days ago
“One pils from gravity barrel + 4 other beers in bottles (tried only weizen, which was decent). Because of rain had to sit inside, which is a pity as local beergarten is quite spacious and looked very comfy & inviting.“
Sokolov 1829 days ago
“Visited with my parents. A typicle village brauhaus, not far from Bamberg. Easy to park close by, if in car. Traditionel deco, rather local, but also friendly staff that served the beer with a smile. Beers served in OK condition. They do traditionel franconian food as well. Worth a visit if in the area...“
Brugmansia 2668 days ago
“Around noon we come in to try what they have... the Pilsner was on tap while the rest are in the bottle. Friendly and talkative locals at the Stammtisch and an easy going publican, no surly attitudes in attendance. Beer quality decent to good, above average for the region, especially on this trip. The Pilsner is clean, juicy and quaffable (3.5), the smoky and meaty Posthörnla Spezial from the bottle I later opened was amazing (4.0) and the lagerbier at the brewery from bottles was quite good as well (probably 3.5-3.7). Hönig doesn’t seem to make beer that changes your world, but in a region of surprising variability, they may now be a standby for me along with Reh just down the road in Lohndorf.“
3fourths 2788 days ago
“"Last pub" in the Ellertal (Schammelsdorf, Lohndorf, Tiefenellern) before You a have to use a road that winds its way up to Huppendorf; simple village Gasthaus, very simple and not too tasty meals, but decent beers. Worth a stop…“
pivnizub 3292 days ago
“We hired pushies in Bamberg and rode out here - wholeheartedly recommended. You can do a bunch of other nearby towns easily too, notably Holzlein just down the road. It isn’t obvious when you’re riding but it’s actually subtly uphill the entire way from Bamberg, but you only realise it when you head back and realise it’s 10x easier. Lagerbier barrel sits on the bar, dispensed by the suitably gruff but efficient landlord. For some reason there’s a bottle of Kaggen Stormaktsporter behind the bar and the guy didn’t know too much about it so if you feel like trying it it might be worth making a trip to sunny Tiefenellern. Anyway the beer’s really good, the beer garden out the back is really lovely and there’s absolutely nothing happening in the entire town. Lovely. Good food. Not sure I’d have liked it quite so much if we were stuck inside with the couple of regulars.“
mullet 4210 days ago
“Small, old-fashioned place in a bit of a run-down town. Service was serious but good. Not exactly a place I’d linger but on the bicycle circuit from Bamberg and worth the stop for the rauchbier from the barrel, it’s a very nice one.“
Beershine 4421 days ago
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Hönig Pils
Brauerei Hönig347 days ago
Hönig Lagerbier Ungespundet
Brauerei Hönig347 days ago