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78 /100
Bottles (Beer Store)
“Bottle Shop in der Innenstadt. Es gibt einige lokale und regionale Crafts. Dazu nochmal ca 200 Flaschen aus ganz Deutschland. Wenn man in Göttingen ist und aus demSüden kommt lohntder Besuch sicher.“
DrNosha 1606 days ago
54 /100
Bottles (Beer Store)
“Eher Standard Craftbeer. Sehr hochpreisig. Leider war auch die Beratung eher durchschnittlich. Gerade in diesem Markt sollte man alle seine Biere kennen...“
Craftakt 2421 days ago
74 /100 GOETHEALLEE 13
“One of my favourite Bars in Göttingen. They usually have the very tasty Maisels India Ale on tap plus they serve a couple of more craft and regular beers. If you are hungry, you can get a crêpe. I can really recommend their craft beer tasting events. The last time I visited one of those, they offered about 150(!) different beers at a really fair price range. Also the owners are nice people and might just share a beer with you under the right circumstances.“
flaschenpost 2703 days ago
68 /100 THEATERSTR.8
“The Nautibar is one of my favourite 3 Bars in Göttingen. Since this is where Scholar, the only commercial brewery really brewing in this city, operates, you can get their beer here. I tried about 6 kinds of their beers and to me most of them are solid. None of them really blow me away though. But this is a question of taste, as I for example enjoy rather hoppyier IPAs and theirs could use some more hops.“
flaschenpost 2703 days ago
86 /100
Bottles (Beer Store)
“Very nice, small store for a lot of beer styles. They have about 6 shelfs of which 1 every time I visit is restocked entirely with new kinds. The owners really know a lot about beer and you only need to describe what you want - they can usually point out a couple of beers that might suit you. As every craft beer store, it is a bit expensive but usually worth the money.“
flaschenpost 2703 days ago
72 /100
Bottles (Beer Store)
“Modern and quite new bottle shop in the heart of Göttingen. They have at least 200 bottles I guess. Mostly beers from the bigger German craft breweries. They have also English and Belgian beers. They do also have Duderstädter Heimatliebe and the beers from Schinkels Brauhaus.“
rhoihessegold 2785 days ago
40 /100
Getränke Quelle (Beer Store)
“Definitely the best shop in Göttingen with only german style beers.“
pantumnuss 3423 days ago
58 /100 THEATERSTR.8
“I think it’s the only bar in Goettingen where IPA is served. It’s not the best IPA I ever drunk but it’s OK omitting the high price. The bar has a perfect location, near to the marketplace. Once in a while you can try new beers from the tap. The list of bottled beers is not small, so you have a good selection when you won’t drink from the tap. It’s a must see bar when you are visiting Goettingen and must try ,,Tiefseetaucher’’ Cheers.“
pantumnuss 3493 days ago
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