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74 /100
Western Proper (Restaurant)
“Taproom and restaurant and entertainment center, located in downtown close to a lot of other places. They even have a bowling alley! Combination of bar seating and tables. Table service. Reservations recommended during busy hours. Pretty much the same tap lineup as the brewery.“
stevoj 61 days ago
64 /100 409 S. 8TH STREET
“Stopped by on the way back to the hotel, not quite a hole-in-the-wall type of bar, but pretty close. Tap list was respectable and prices fair. Only one person working up front (she had her hands full with my group of co-workers, but handled us like a pro). Didn’t have any food, but a few did and it looked like standard pub fare. A little on the loud side, but I’m sure that too depends on the crowd.“
jake65 101 days ago
82 /100 402 3RD ST
“Brand spanking new location downtown, near Boise Brewing. Simple cinder block structure, lots of roll up doors, space for a large patio. High and low tables, plus seats at the bar. Rotating food trucks. 12 taps and cooler case. Pretty nice vibe.“
stevoj 151 days ago
64 /100 420 N. ORCHARD
“Pretty place in a strip mall setting, parking is limited. Inside is a mish mash of seating from long high table to lounge area. There is a bottle shop here also. Only 2 of the taps are their own, about 8 guest taps. Usually kind of quiet, I've yet to run into a crowd here. Servie is good, beer is hit and miss.“
stevoj 152 days ago
74 /100
Diablo & Sons (Restaurant)
246 N. 8TH ST
“Finally made it down to 8th St to check this place out. Went for the tacos, but they ahve a nice beer line-up too. Taplist favors lagers and pils, but has a few beers from other styles as well. Seating option inside and out. Inside is a bit dark, speakeasy decor, music at good level and no TVs. Food was good, loved the pork belly tacos. Service was good and di not appear to be suffering too much from the labor shortage. Yet another great place on 8th St, the place to go to find tons of taps.“
stevoj 274 days ago
72 /100 521 W BROAD ST
“Solid enough spot if you’re in the Bois. Good selection of taps with cans including some singles. Brewery feel with fermenters and such around, being a brewery. Low key and chill. Nice outdoor seating for the Covid era. Great pizza place (Wylder) next door that you can order in. Reasonable pricing.“
nickd717 288 days ago
84 /100 1104 W FRONT ST
“Visited July 2017 as part of RBSG. Ticked the taproom as the Grand Tasting was being held in the back warehouse/brewhouse area, so it only made sense. Pretty small place with a nice bar and some high tops. Pinball machines and some other games on offer as well. They were pouring 12 beers during our visit. Thought they generally made some pretty nice stuff here and the service was very good, even with it being extra crowded. Definitely a must do in Boise, particularly given its downtown location.“
brokensail 291 days ago
80 /100 760 W MAIN ST
“Visited July 2017 as part of RBSG. Stopped in during the free time before the Grand Tasting because I obviously didn't get enough ticks that weekend. Has kind of a sports bar vibe to it with a lot of TVs showing various sporting events. However, they have a really good selection of beers. Was kind of empty on a mid-afternoon on a Saturday. Looked like they had pretty typical pub food as well, but we didn't eat. They offered taster pours in addition to full pours and the prices were pretty good. Solid place.“
brokensail 291 days ago
80 /100 274 8TH ST.
“Visited July 2017 during RBSG. Stopped in after wandering around the state capitol building to get some AC and a break from the beer. Small bierstube with an L-shaped wooden bar and about a dozen stools. Some other seating around as well. They also have a little beer garden out in the front, but it was hot as hell so we sat inside. Decent list of German beers, though nothing crazy. No new ticks for us, in fact. Good service and ambiance. A nice place.“
brokensail 291 days ago
74 /100 521 W BROAD ST
“Visited July 2017 during RBSG. They let us in before opening to try their beers and put on a good spread for us with about 10 beers for us. Really large warehouse facility with a big open tasting room and plenty of patio space. Some patio games like cornhole, too. Unfortunately wasn't a huge fan of their beers, but thought they were mostly okay (at least above average). Solid spot.“
brokensail 294 days ago
78 /100
The Basque Market (Restaurant)
“Visited July 2017 as part of RBSG. Another place that really welcomed our group in as they hosted a Basque cider tasting for us in the store and let us take up quite a bit of space during the annual Basque Festival. They carry a bunch of different Basque ciders as well as wines and all sorts of other food products from Europe. They also serve food here (pintxos). Due to the festival, they were also making huge batches of paella (very tasty) out on the sidewalk. Though obviously not beer focused, this place is worth a stop as it's very unique to this area and you can find a lot of stuff you won't see elsewhere.“
brokensail 294 days ago
80 /100 733 S PIONEER STREET
“Visited July 2017 as part of RBSG. Another place where we got special treatment. Very large brewery and tap room near the river and not too far from downtown. They set up a tasting for us in the brewery area with all the different draft beers. At this point I was feeling a bit worn out and not like hanging in a 100 degree warehouse, so I took my pours into the tasting room to enjoy some air conditioning. The place was pretty popular with a decent crowd on a Friday afternoon/evening. Lots of different beers on tap and most of them pretty well done. Certainly worth stopping in.“
brokensail 295 days ago
80 /100 12542 W FAIRVIEW AVE
“Visited July 2017 as part of RBSG. These guys really rolled out the red carpet for us. Cool tour of the brewery/production side of things with some beers along the way. A pretty impressively large operation here. We sat out on the patio area and were poured all the different draft offerings for us to try. The beer quality was generally pretty good, though nothing that really blew me away. Didn't eat, but seemed to be kind of your standard brewpub fare. Seemed like a cool place and would definitely head back here if I'm in Boise again.“
brokensail 295 days ago
92 /100 246 N 8TH ST
“Visited July 2017 as part of RBSG. First official stop of the visit and it was a good one. This is easily THE place in Boise. Incredible selection of drafts and bottles with knowledgeable and friendly staff, good food, and fair prices. We actually came here a couple times. First visit we got the red carpet treatment with a private tasting down in the cellar area. Later sat out on the patio. Both trips were excellent and I would put this place up there with the best beer bars in the US.“
brokensail 300 days ago
74 /100 830 W BANNOCK ST
“Visited July 2017 as part of RBSG. Pretty damn crowded on a Thursday night, but we had a private room reserved. Hard to judge the normal service given that, but the staff we dealt with were super friendly. Just a ton of beers on tap, which I guess mirrors my experience at the Portland location. Beer quality was kind of all over the place--some where quite good and some...not so much. They do serve food as well, but I didn't eat. Worth a shot as it's right downtown.“
brokensail 300 days ago
66 /100 525 N STEELHEAD WY
“Visited July 2017 as part of RBSG. Kind of a shotgun trip, but that's what happens when you've got a bunch of degenerate tickers that want to hit every place they can. Large tasting room and bar with plenty of seating. Kind of has a sports bar feel to it despite being a brewery/brewpub. Had about a dozen offerings, and of course we split flights of everything. Beer quality here was lacking, but the people were friendly and the place itself is nice enough. Wouldn't make it a point to come here, but if you're nearby, worth a quick stop.“
brokensail 300 days ago
80 /100 816 W BANNOCK ST
“Nice shiny taproom in the heart of downtown, joining Meriwether Cider and 10 Barrel as neighbors. Sidewalk seating is available, not too bad today as construction has stopped, but could get noisier when traffic returns. Inside is open and airy with a variety of seating options. Dim but welcoming, thus place is a nice addition to the downtown beer scene.“
stevoj 390 days ago
68 /100 18651 N STREAMS EDGE WAY
“Boise's newest brewery, a little bit out of town, but not too far. Brand spanking new, all shiny, simple wood and steel decor in an alpine lodge like setting. Food is available as well. As they are just startiing up, the taps were limited, but the pale ale was decent. Service was a bit slow, but his may change as they get their operation running.“
stevoj 617 days ago
70 /100 205 N. 10TH ST.
“New downtown location for Edge. Same menu, good food. Patio on the sidewalk available. Small but comfy. Nice to have this closer to my house.“
stevoj 941 days ago
80 /100 224 N 9TH ST
“Right across the street from 10 Barrel, this place is all things cider. In addition tot heir own product they featurea ciders from across the region and some international. Neat and modern, cozy, sidewalk patio available. Check the cold case for even more cider treasures to go.“
stevoj 979 days ago
66 /100 2417 BANK ST
“Nea little sci-fi themed place. Inside an arts center. Games, puzzles and comic books available. Nice funky vibe.“
stevoj 982 days ago
74 /100 760 W MAIN ST
“Nice layed back place. Good tap and bottle list. Lots of TV's with different games playing. Fast and friendly service. Good food.“
Sledutah 1001 days ago
70 /100 1620 N. LIBERTY
“Newest kid on the block in Boise, placed in an underserved neighborhood. Packed on a Saturday evening. Bar, tables & booths make for a variety of seating options. 11 of their own taps, 1 euro, 2 cider, 2 wine. Average pricing, decent service.“
stevoj 1241 days ago
58 /100 420 N. ORCHARD
“Brand new place on Orchard. Seems modeled after Hops & Bottles, taps and bottle shop combined. Taps reflect a heavy local influence, so nothing new for the home crowd, but a good jumping off spot for a visitor. Cans and bottles also reflect the local scene, cans sold as six packs only. Few bombers. $1 corkage fee. Room for growth here.“
stevoj 1243 days ago
68 /100 350 NORTH MILWAUKEE #1017
“Second best option in this part of Boise (edge being the first), especially if you're at the mall. Always a decent selection of taps, some bottles and the pizzas are pretty good. Not too expensive and plenty of parking.“
stevoj 1246 days ago
76 /100 2OO N. CAPITOL BLVD.
“Basement bar filled with old video arcade games and pinball. They even have a Nintendo for Smash Bros on the big screen. Usually good music playing, vibrant and laid back at the same time. Rotating taps offer a decent selection.“
stevoj 1299 days ago
74 /100 525 N STEELHEAD WY
“Quite busy on a Tuesday evening 6pm but there was a table for us available. Kid friendly place. Flights of 4 available. 12 beers and 1 cider on tap. Tasty tacos and friendly service. The beers were quite alright as well. I could visit again.“
rosenbergh 1409 days ago
76 /100 733 S PIONEER STREET
“A new Taproom with lots of space inside and outside. Looks really cool. It's located close to Boise River and next to Boise River Greenbelt. 15 beers on tap. It's dog and kid friendly. As said here many times, they don't serve food but they have frequent food trucks. I would like to spend a bit longer time here.“
rosenbergh 1409 days ago
“There is nothing wrong with this place. It was quite cosy, kid friendly, the service was rather friendly (a bit slow though), the food tasty, the beers okay and the prices very reasonable. But still I didn't like it that much. It felt like we were not suppose to be here. It's like visiting a distant relative who you don't have anything in common and nothing to talk about with. They had nine beers on tap. Flights available (4=$4, 5=$5 and 9=$9). “
rosenbergh 1410 days ago
72 /100
Hops & Bottles (Beer Store)
1420 W. GROVE ST.
“Newest bottle shop in town, nut much new here, nothing I couldn't find at the Co-op or Brewers Haven. They do have 20 taps, but also had trouble finding anything new there. Location is great for me, as it will save me some time, but was a bit underwhelmed by the selection.“
stevoj 1421 days ago
72 /100 5467 N GLENWOOD ST
“What used to be a C&W bar called Shorty's, now a urban hipster type place, with stage and dance floor. Long bar, decent tap list, still managed to find 3 beers I hadn't had before. Food menu available. Connected to Beardsmith, so come and have your neckbeard groomed while sipping a cold one.“
stevoj 1439 days ago
64 /100 5120-5 OVERLAND RD
“Ok, so they're brand new, so I'll give them a chance to get some of the kinks out. 50 taps and only 2 were new to me. Will be hard to compete with downtown establishments (or Growler Guys), if they can't bring in new beers. No tap list online either, another knock. Pricing seems to be that you have to ask. Crowler marking is a piece of tape. Like i said, room to grow.“
stevoj 1517 days ago
74 /100
Eureka! - Boise (Restaurant)
800 W IDAHO ST #120
“On the 8th street restaurant row, place with decent tap list and really good burgers. Server knew some of the "bigger" beers. Taps cover a wide variety of styles and seasonals. IMpressed. Overall quality of everything.“
stevoj 1645 days ago
80 /100 705 W. FULTON AVE
“Pretty much the same old feel, this is the 3rd brewery in this same location. They did a nice little renovation but nothing crazy. The tap list is nice for a ticker but I am guessing the tap list will not turn over a lot. Overall a nice place and worth a visit.“
BuckeyeBoy 1663 days ago
74 /100 1026 S. LA POINTE ST.
“Boise's newest kid on the block, shabby chic, rustic industrial. Very open and airy. No TVs, a nice touch. Only two beers on for now, give :em time to get settled. Accessible via the Greenbelt, another nice touch.“
stevoj 1690 days ago
82 /100 246 N 8TH ST
“Excellent place. Big outside seating, great food. Had a really solid taplist. Cool to sit outside at 9am and watch the farmers market with a beer! Haha. Really impressed by the taplist. Excellent place.“
douglas88 1691 days ago
74 /100
The Basque Market (Restaurant)
“This is a great place. Not really a beer or cider destination, but they do have a ton of Basque ciders. Great food it seemed. Great service. Cool place.“
douglas88 1691 days ago
78 /100 733 S PIONEER STREET
“My first visit to the new location downtown Boise was with the RBSG crew. Huge and new space is pretty impressive. We got to see the brew area from the upper deck and sampled a whole bunch of their draft beers; they even brought out a couple special release bottles for us too. I can’t believe they don’t offer food here, but at least they have regular food trucks. Overall a cool stop and I should come down here more since they are constantly rotating through new small batch stuff.“
jake65 1697 days ago
64 /100
The Shed (Bar)
“A bit hidden in a brand new neighborhood, going for the rustic cabin look and feel, except for the screaming loud televisions. Lots of 'em, too. Sports bar in a different skin. Very noisy (but it was a Sunday). Small tap list, nothing too exciting. Menu also kind of small, a step above normal pub fare. OK, but will not be a regular stop.“
stevoj 1702 days ago
76 /100 521 W BROAD ST
“Visited during RBSG17 and sadly this was my first visit here… has a very nice neighborhood feel that is consistent with the laid back place to hangout and drink good beer while playing a game or trivia. Very open space to see all the equipment and enjoy the old building. Beer is good and keeps getting better. Service was excellent, but they were expecting us and I think we got the red carpet treatment. I need to come downtown more and its places like this that make it fun.“
jake65 1703 days ago
80 /100 2800 W. IDAHO STREET
“New neighborhood brewery, happens to be in my neighborhood! Starting small, with plans for many more taps. Open environment, friendly, new and shiny. Wishing big things for these guys! Continues to provide a nice gathering spot for the hood, Food trucks available later in the week. Filling all of their taps with their own beer. Kid and dog friendly.“
stevoj 1705 days ago
74 /100 705 W. FULTON AVE
“Another downtown taproom, filing the old Table Rock / Post Modern space. No kitchen, but dedicated food truck available. 6 taps to start, room for growth, plus a throwback to the old Table Rock, using one of their IPA recipes. Nothing too impressive, but let's see how they grow.“
stevoj 1722 days ago
76 /100
Lulu’s Pizza (Restaurant)
“One of my favorite pizza places in town, good new York style with lots of different toppings. Small but good bottle selection, rotating taps, about half local.“
stevoj 1736 days ago
76 /100 1022 W. MAIN ST.
“Another place to add to downtown’s already full plate of beer bars. 24 taps, about half sours. Food wagon out front. Much more seating, but not as intimate as the Brewery taproom. Opening crowd was loud, so I can see where a full house might make it difficult to talk. Longer bar, proximity to lots of other places a plus.“
stevoj 1740 days ago
88 /100 1104 W FRONT ST
“Visited with the RBSG group from Saturday around 3 PM onward. Located right in downtown Boise. They have a small parking lot that could accommodate 20 or so cars. Kind of a funky place from the outside. Inside they have three or four long picnic style tables and a bar that seats 10 or so folks. Self Serve water (good idea). They are also connected to a kitchen that is a separate entity. You place your order in the adjoining building, and they bring it to you in the brewery. The food is really good, too. For beer they had 12 on tap with a lot of variety therein. They had just done a special release of a Schwartzbier and with it they released some drafts of other German style beers. Glad I was there for that! The only downside was that a third of the draft beers were IPAs. That is something I don’t care for, but most people seem to like. Probably the best brewery in Boise, so worth a visit.“
JStax 1740 days ago