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“Very cool tap room, big semi-circular bar. Lots of EOD memorabilia. Decent selection of taps, all pretty good. runs the gamut of styles. Pretty fun place.“
stevoj 1364 days ago
52 /100 11100 N. AIRPORT RD.
“Tap room a bit of a shambles, 4 taps coming out of a dilapidated kegerator. Hosted an event and didn't show up on time. Some bottles fro sale at various times. Open sporadically. Good beer, but the rest of the operation is lacking.“
stevoj 1364 days ago
“Cozy little strip mall brewery founded by former Army EOD soldiers. The décor of the place is full of cool military paraphernalia and all their beers are named after things related to their experiences as military explosives experts. The beers range from decent if unremarkable to very good. One of the best local breweries in North Idaho. I wish they would try their hand at some more experimental things other than the Americanized British styles that they do quite well, but maybe that’s not their thing. If that’s the case, then that’s ok, I’ll still drink whatever they want to brew up.“
poisoneddwarf 2346 days ago
“Visited last weekend. Lively place compared to the previous stop. A couple of TVs showing the game. 10 or so beers on tap when I visited, with a generous sampler tray available. No food, but looks like food can be brought in. Brewing equipment is packed in right next to the tasting room if you want to have a look.“
Prufrockstar 2378 days ago
“<<NOTE: this review is from the early spring of 2015, predating their system upgrade>>One of stops on TvM’s bachelor party on the PNW Ale Trail. The server/hostess (part owner?) was the best part of our stop here-- she made us feel very welcome (despite some downright unfriendly stares from regulars seated at the bar), and she was very proud of the brewpub’s theme and what it stands for. The beers showed an odd mix of quality-- some were really quite nice (the Silver Lane IPA and the stout were both solid beers), while others were utterly undrinkable (Charlie Don’t Surf). It may have to do with their cobbled-together plastic brewing system, as I can’t see it being easy to generate consistent results. In any case, their heart is in the right place, so hopefully they can invest in a set-up that allows their true talent to shine.“
DuffMan 2489 days ago
“This was founded by former Army EOD solders and the place is along that theme. They just upgraded there equipment and now their volume and consistency are much better. They currently run 8 taps which are rapidly rotating from their 40+ recipes. A pint is $4.“
stantoelle 2559 days ago
82 /100 1658 E MILES AVE
“Nice craft beer selection at this laid back restaurant right on Avondale Golf Course in Hayden, Idaho. There are other beer bars in North Idaho with more taps (Capone’s has 32; this place has 16), but the selection here is much more adventurous. There are no macros on tap, only craft and quality imports, for one thing. About 1/2 to 3/4 of the beers are mainstays, always there and very quality craft beers. The rest are constantly changing. This place gets beers that no other bar around here will stock. The bottle selection isn’t nearly impressive, devoted mostly to bland macros and imports. They clearly focus their attention on their tap selection. The wine selection here is pretty good, too.“
poisoneddwarf 4326 days ago
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Lagunitas Maximus Colossal IPA
Capones339 days ago