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“This place is huge indeed. Set in a beautiful little castle, it has a big patio and the lackluster Koblenzer Brauerei opposite, across the Rhine, in an amazingly ugly rectangular building. The outward aesthetics of both breweries stand in stark contrast to each other and so do their beers. Which is not necessarily a compliment for Lahnsteiner Brauhaus, as it would be a strenuous task to forge brews that manage to surpass the Koblenzer stuff in terms of a lack of taste. Anyway, Maximilians Brauwiesen is your rather typical, wood-laden traditional German Gaststätte, only that it is bigger than most other places of this type. Curiously enough, much of the staff as well as many patrons were Italian. I did not like the way we were treated though - while I do understand that covid guidelines have to be followed under penalty of law, nevertheless it is possible to make this happen without making the patron feel like an intruder. The food was heavy, sturdy and good. Traditional German fare that is suited best for farm workers who toil all the surplus calories away while working on a field. Since most farm workers don't work on fields anymore and there are far fewer of them left anyway than in times when this type of cuisine was invented, this kind of food has become a guilty pleasure. The beers were not as good, with the schwarzbier being the only truly tasty offering against a backdrop of mediocre brews. It was a fun place to go though and you won't likely find anything more appealing beerwise in the near vicinity.“
ElDesmadre 1342 days ago
“Huge brewpub at the river rhine. Easy 20min cycle from Koblenz. 3 regular and one seasonal brew. Public holiday today so it was really busy. Service was still attentive and friendly. Just oredered two beers which came pretty quick. Will be back for more seasonal beers.“
rhoihessegold 2201 days ago
“Real nice place. Light, dark, weizen + seasonal. All brews of fine quality. Place is better enjoyed in summer.“
Sokolov 3354 days ago
“If you go through this area, and do not eat and drink here you are missing out. Their food is plentiful and absolutely fantastic. Their beer is also a perfect compliment to the atmosphere and food, and tastes sublime“
LordBeerington 4054 days ago
“I go here all the time with friends. The food is incredible. Seriously, some of the best in Germany! Make sure to have at least 4 people and get the big pan (if you have 10 people you can call ahead and get a roast cool is that?!) They always get the food out quick (lightning fast for Germany) and they have English servers and menus. The inside of the place is really cool. They have a huge bar with two big copper kegs behind it, and there's hops and beer glasses hanging from the ceiling. They also have a huge Biergarten right on the Rhein! The prices are fantastic for the portions and quality. They only serve the beer that they brew, but it is some of the best you'll ever have! Very German, very delicious, and extremely fun every time I go. Don't pass this place up!!“
MartinVanBeer 4058 days ago
“It is indeed a Gasthausbrauerei in a small castle on the banks of the Rhine. There is a newer building attached to the side that houses the brewery. Huge garden that stretches all the way down to the river. Three standard beers, six seasonals. Not bad, not outstanding. The food is quite OK also. Great place in good weather especially. About 10 minutes from Niederlahnstein station.“
TreinJan 4543 days ago
“Still going. Amazing building, amazing location topped with good fresh well brewed beer. Loved the Blond/Kolsch-esque, Braunes. Well worth a stop!“
Phil 4645 days ago
“April 2001: Yes, this place is in a castle on the Rhine! They offer the standard 3 for German brewpubs (Helles, Dunkles, Weiss), but what a setting.“
Braudog 6402 days ago
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