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86 /100 111 W TOLEDO ST
“A clean bottle shop with an above average selection, good prices and very helpful staff. Beer, wine, and other liquors in stock. Excellent selection of Indiana breweries. Good stock of 3 Floyd products.“
Onslow 2897 days ago
78 /100 111 W TOLEDO ST
“So I asked the hotel desk manager how to get to the liquor store, figuring to get a six pack of something not-awful to relax with that evening. The directions were bang on, except that she neglected to mention the place was 8 miles off I69, and I spent a solid ten minutes on a dark two-lane road wondering where in in bumfrack Indiana she’d sent me. Then I saw the place was not "Gabe’s" as I thought I’d heard her say, but Gay’s. I laughed at myself. Of course the liquor store in Bumfrack, IN would be called Gay’s. But, lo. Entering through the automatic door, I found the interior well-lit and scrupulously clean. My pulse quickened as I started towards the coolers in the back. Perhaps tonight would prove more fruitful than a six-pack run. And indeed it was. I must apologize to Gay’s Hops-n-Schnapps for my premature flippancy. Far from rough trade, Gay’s offered me sweet tender loving on a cold Janurary night with a solid selection of excellent brews.“
Probiere 3393 days ago
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