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84 /100 5725 MILLER AVE
“10/26/18 (Gary, Indiana): Took the South Shore to the Miller stop, and the brewery is a block north, very convenient. Nice sized bar with a back room with stage for music events. Wide variety of patrons, everyone friendly (staff and locals), nice bar to relax and enjoy good food, good draft beer and an excellent whiskey/bourbon selection. Came down specifically for the Hunter Vertical series (Maple Coffee - a very good pour), and also enjoyed the IPA and Pale Ale. Food menu solid and I really enjoyed the Buffalo Chicken sandwich and tots. Several to go options, I have too much beer (hope I don't get banned from BA for that statement) but definitely want to return after clearing my current stock to grab some four packs to go. Draft and to go prices are very reasonable, especially in light of the quality of the beer. Glad I made the trip, looking to return and also hit their Hammond location. Cheers!“
ChicagoJ 897 days ago
68 /100 5725 MILLER AVE
“Visited in July 2015. Small garage space with a fresh coat of paint on the tasting room half, a nice bar and some additional seating. Came on a Monday about 15 minutes after they opened and there were already some people seated and having a few beers. Another place with an odd disconnect between the service staff, the customers, and the blaring loud death metal. Maybe someone in the brewhouse was listening to it as well, but it certainly seemed out of place with the 30-40s moms who were having beers and lunch, and the the trio of young trendy mid 20s ladies who were doing the same. Beer prices for things on tap were very good. Bottle and can prices were reasonable for most, high for others in comparison to their own prices, but right in line with everywhere else. “
j12601 1385 days ago
66 /100 5725 MILLER AVE
“Bar area is small, but it’s not too bad. They usually only have their own stuff on tap plus a couple random locals. Service is good as long as it isn’t too busy and their small food menu is worth a look as well. I’m not sure why anyone would find themselves in Gary, Indiana on purpose, but if you are in the area it is worth a stop inside.“
Dfonorow 1893 days ago
70 /100 5725 MILLER AVE
“A unique (for lack of a better word) spot in Gary that’s pretty small. Service is neither good or bad (indifferent has been my experience), and the same can be said about their tap list. They do have food, but I haven’t eaten here. They also sell carryout, which is really the only draw for me at this point. Worth a stop if you’re in the area, but not a destination in and of itself.“
b3shine 1938 days ago
82 /100 5725 MILLER AVE
“Small taproom. Pretty basic with nice wall art. small taplist of home grown brews. Releases are run well just get there early. Nice laid back place.“
charule 2003 days ago
64 /100 5725 MILLER AVE
“I stopped by for Sunday lunch. Surprisingly busy with take away and growler fills. Heavy heavy metal music played in the bar,which I found really annoying. The selection was limited as most of the beers on tap were sours. Very creative food menu and a had an excellent pork belly pita. This is an odd little place.“
jsquire 2003 days ago
90 /100 5725 MILLER AVE
“Well I go here here often and am an Local One Eight member so not much to add except check the web to see if front room is open if bringing children. Chef Virgie rocks a great cheese sandwich.“
BBB63 2152 days ago
80 /100 5725 MILLER AVE
“Well I picked up my obligatory "I went to Gary and survived" T-shirt. Haha. Just kidding. This is place is great. Quality brew here. Friendly service, great food, awesome value. They brew a mean beer here. The only reason you ever need to come to Gary.“
cards04 2270 days ago
72 /100 5725 MILLER AVE
“Cool small garage pub that overlooks the brewery. Solid selection of taps and some cans and bombers to go. Little pricey which was my only issue.“
mikem409 2293 days ago
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