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“Found out about this place through a friend. We live about 30 miles away, and I was in the area one evening, so decided to see for myself. The staff is very friendly, offered some suggestions based on what I was looking for, and then talked a little while about some good beers we’ve had. I have almost made a point to stop on when I am in the area (and sometimes even find a reason to be) to see what they have. The craft beer selection is great for a store of it’s size. Variety of beers, breweries, and styles. But the big selling point for me is the staff. They’re doing it right.“
TheBeerBulldog 2010 days ago
“The nicest and friendliest employees around. They make it a pleasure to do business there. Been a customer for over 15 years.“
wdooley 2093 days ago
“Stopped in on my way to DLD from NKY. Plenty of FFF and craft beers but nothing extensive. Great selection considering the location. Clerk knew about DLD and I found that shocking in a jingoistic way.“
Chudwick 2906 days ago
“If your looking for a pretty good selection in West Harrison. Look no further. Sure they don’t have the inventory as say Jungle Jim’s or Party Town, but take your location into consideration. They have a commendable selection of micros and imports. They carry 3 Floyds, Ommegang, Chimay, Samuel Smiths, A’ Chouffes, Bell’s, Stone, Boulevard, and some various items you wouldn’t normally find in a neighborhood liquor store. Even several Lindemans Lambic’s. I am adding some of their stock to their posting, so make your own decision. I stop in a lot, because it beats driving all the way to the larger distributors. Check them out if your in the area. It is the closest place I can get New Albanian Hoptimus and Hoosier Daddy.“
HopFilter 3162 days ago
“The only real reason that I go here is for beers that I can’t get in Ohio. It’s an ok store for micros... But it isn’t really something that should be bragged about.“
GnarlyGnome 3534 days ago
“Right on the border of Ohio and Indiana. The closest place to get Three Floyds if you are in southern Oh or northern Ky. They had a pretty damn good selection of Three Floyds beers, including newer releases. The overall selection was pretty decent. However, the worst thing about this place is that it is the home of the most annoying sound in the world. The loudest fucking door buzzer is in the back of the store right next to all the beer. I thought Belmont in Dayton had an annoying door buzzer, but this place is 100x worse. It’s a high pitched screeching sound that makes your ears bleed and induces vomiting anytime anyone opens the door. Or even better is when someone at the front of the store stands with the door open so the people in the back looking at the beer get blasted in the face for 5 straight minutes of pure audible hell. I almost literally had to leave the store without buying anything.“
Bigmmartin 4291 days ago
“In all honesty, this place isn’t very impressive, the selection of beer gets a decent amount of sunlight and the service is not upto par. That being said, in Cincinnati you can no longer get three Floyds and this is the closest place I have found to pick it up. I also walked in one day to pick up one of 4 cases of Double Crooked Tree from Dark Horse. So if you can’t find it in Cincy, take the 20 minute drive to hit this place. If you go, and are looking for help, ask for Jason, he will do what he can.“
Alkiser 4646 days ago
“It’s a short jaunt over to Harrison from my home so I thought I would take a ride. This is a corner liquor store in the middle of historic Harrison. Lots of liquor and BMC. There is a section of the store that hosts the micro and imports. Mostly just your standard fare for the area. I guess it’s possible to find a nice older beer here, however on my trip I found nothing to peak my interest. Nice selection of singles in the fridge if you wanted to give something a try. Competitive pricing compared to other local shops. If you live in the area, then it’s nice to stop in and check out every now and then, but not a store that I’ll stop at regularly.“
AllAboutStout 5223 days ago
“Full liquor store and a very respectable selection of macro, micro, and import beers (including ones such as Samiclaus). Many single bottles also available - probably a better singles selection than Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield. Prices are even slightly better than larger stores such as The Party Source. UPDATE 8/16/2006 - Selection and quantity seem to be fading out a bit. I am seeing a lot of space being consumed by macro beers now...“
shigadeyo 5377 days ago
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