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“Ik was hier kort na de opstart 1ste keer in 2009 en terug in 2010 met William. Aanrader als is er ondertussen veel veranderd.“
Jerre 22 days ago
“Visited on appointment, but you are generally welcome on Saturday afternoon. The brewery is traditional in two ways: family run and a no-fuss farm location. Those are great and it adds to the appeal and, dare I say, to the beer. But it’s the general approach of honesty, straightforwardness and taste-driven drive that shown in their beers, style and the atmosphere of this place. Extremely low key, yet with beers that are unique and characterful, whether you like them or now. No working taps, but about 20 beers ready to taste or buy (at low prices). Had a great chat about brewing, yeast, Belgian beer culture and English premier league. Very warmly recommended. Perfect for a craft nerd, the opposite of fancy, bustling or hip, but warm and personal. Give them a call or mail so they know you’re coming. I will certainly go back again myself to have a chat, a (sour) beer and buy some of their new stuff.“
erickok 2992 days ago
“Visited a while ago. The place itself looks a bit like a trainwreck. Its not exactly the most clean brewery as it is literally part of a farm ( where they grown their own ingredients ) and it got partially destroyed in a fire about a year ago . We were toured by Jef, the brewer / son of the owner. he is a fantastic guy that has the passion it takes to run a place like this. Truly unique, as -like I mentioned above -they farm all their own ingredients. It’s a small operation, but has a certain international following. We tasted some beers, and visited the barrel room, elsewhere in town, where we had a tour as well. Mighty things to see, even though I’m not sure FAVV would give it the same rating I have given it. Next to the farm/brewery, there is a small ’bar’ , completely vintage, where they serve some HTD beers. Probably not really public, but perhaps open while visiting. We tasted some HTD beers, and again Jef has proven himself to be a great host. Recomended, uncomparable, and probably unforgetable as well.“
kraddel 3033 days ago
“The most idyllic place you can imagine. A frog pond, bartley and hop fields for the beer, ducklings and (working) horses. The brewery is on the family farm, and there is a small bar where you can sit inside or outside enjoying their beers, or you can buy to take away. The whole barrel aged range is for slae at moderate prices. The place to go for a Saturday afternoon, groups should enquire for special opening times.“
KnutAlbert 3642 days ago
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