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64 /100 203 BERG STREET
“It wasn’t easy to find, fortunately I knew the address before we went. Good selection, I think they offered 12 different options, I tried the Hickster (American Cream Ale), Giant Killer (IPA), Rugged Coalminer (Robust Porter), and the Seahorse Jockey (IPA). They were all decent, but not great. No food offered, but there are alot of great places nearby to grab some food and take in with you. I’d go back if I was in the area“
randy1969 2625 days ago
60 /100 203 BERG STREET
“Stopped by on the way to CCBW - actually, we took a completely different way to chicago just to stop here. Super cool brewery, loads of old bar wood and a relatively open brewing setup. NOTE: I saw zero advertisements for this place. Buried off a main road in an industrial park. Absolutely nothing you would accidentally stumble upon, it takes a bit of searching. Good selection, all their own beers. Service definitely lacking - bartender seemed more interested in chatting up buddies than refilling drinks, and they were not even that busy. Not sure if they have food here, nothing was offered. Not to mention, the growler that we bought leaked all the way home, even with the electrical tape they threw on it. I would stop here again mainly for the beer, but I wouldn’t go out of my way again to make it happen. “
jmagnus87 3322 days ago
70 /100 203 BERG STREET
“Probably my fourth visit, had a flight of 4 and a growler filled. I tried the Chocolatier, Cascadian Dark Ale, Foraging Swine and Public Servant. All four were very good, I especially enjoyed the Cascadian Dark Ale.“
mfhennig 3367 days ago
86 /100 1800 S. RANDALL RD.
“Find all the things that the local grocery store doesn’t carry.“
mikehops 4414 days ago
88 /100 844 S. RANDALL ROAD
“Great selection of beers. Very knowledgeable staff.“
mikehops 4414 days ago
96 /100 844 S. RANDALL ROAD
“The look is typical of most big box stores with an exposed ceiling and harsh fluorescent lights. That is pretty much the only place this Binny’s loses points. Talked to their "beer guy" for about an hour about all the stuff I was looking for (I made a special trip 6 hours to grab a load of stuff). All kinds of of great stuff I found here. Some Dogfish, FFF, SA Barrel Room beers, Bruery, and Boulevard. They also have the foreign beers broken up by country so it’s a lot easier to tick them off your list. Prices tend to be a little higher than I’m used to, but only .50-$1 at most. Overall, I can’t wait to come back for a visit.“
jmagnus87 4549 days ago
80 /100 844 S. RANDALL ROAD
“Binny’s has the best pricing in the area. Very solid bottle selection. fine mix of 6 packs and bombers.“
JoePeesie 4659 days ago
90 /100 844 S. RANDALL ROAD
“This has become my local binnys and thier newest and now protical store they are said to have over 2000 beers second next to the south loop store, Jim the beer guy is real good about getting what you want,if he can some of the beers never get out of the south loop store though and one of the best thing about this store is that they use ratebeer shelftags not that other site who shall be nameless when ever I go in here I am always greeted and served I just wish they would have a build your own sixer“
TheGuy 5320 days ago
82 /100 844 S. RANDALL ROAD
“The Binny’s has it all - selection, customer service, special events and did I mention selection!? One of the largest foreign beer selections I have seen in the area. More American micro and craft brews than you can shake a stick at. A lot of the special 22 oz bottles tend to end up here rather than at the McHenry location. A very large selection of Macro cases in a huge freezer area. Prices are the same as all Binny’s, high but you pay for the very unique brews like Flossmoor, Fort Collins 22 oz just to name a few. Seem to have all the new brews out as soon as they hit the shelves. If your into wine they have a ton in that area, as well as rare spirits and a large selection of common and more unique spirit brands. Service is fantastic. A short, heavier set gentlemen works in the beer department and can recommend some damn fine beers, give you a heads up new brews they are getting soon as well as talk about beer as long as you want too. Overall a fantastic place and well worth the once (or twice or thrice) a month drive to see what they have offer over the local small Binny’s here in McHenry.“
Narnad 5449 days ago
72 /100 1800 S. RANDALL RD.
“Typical Trader Joe brews offered here with a few extra single bottled large brews. I love the fact that you can mix and match any beer they have offered. Really allows you to sample the Trader Joe’s unique offerings. Staff is very helpful and friendly if you need help with anything. In fact, the store manager saw me gawking at the beers and told me about the mix and match ability they provide. The 1967 Mission St. India Pale Ale is by far one of their best beers there and one I highly recommend due to the extreme cheapness for a good beer. Overall a good place but the selection is specific, pretty much to Trader Joe’s contract brews.“
Narnad 5449 days ago
76 /100 844 S. RANDALL ROAD
“Great store! Not much ambience, kind of the big box store of alcohol but the selection is phenomenal and the staff knows a lot about their products. Brand new!“
IDunno19 5506 days ago
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